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All these uncertainties

With all the uncertainty at Sh!tstream about whether you have a job today,tomorrow or next week it just makes me want to go take a p--p right on top of my bosses desk, then throw him the dueces and walk out. Has anybody else had those feelings? Lord... read more
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Will there be another layoff this week??

I’m hearing there will be another layoff this week?? I wish this company would drop the axe once and for all and be done.. they get rid of the good and keep the lying mgrs who do nothing but shift job responsibilities, slid under different depts just... read more
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Project Manager

There is no positive feedback at Windstreamwindstream They've work their employees in a stressful environment and never gives positive reinforcement. You come to work in the morning thinking today I'm going to make a difference I'm going to get... read more
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Not a rumor

Yep, it happened, on Thurs Jan 18th, via a conference call.. It happened to my husband, after 11 years, just like that, Bye!
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No loyalty

Get used to it..there is no loyalty in the corporate world..the only one who cares about you is you..just sock it away while you your best work always keep looking for better pay..oh and document.document.document all your work and... read more
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Severance workings

Ok so my HR papers clearly state lump sum payout for 6 weeks. Is this the case? Or will I stay on payroll. My plan is to stash the lump sum and immediately start drawing unemployment. But if I stay on payroll I cant get unemployment and I will have... read more
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I don't know if any of you have noticed but WS is positioning itself to be sold off to anyone willing to pick it up. This is why they are prioritizing the acquisition of other companies (network coverage) over employee morale and before they can get... read more
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Phone notifications?

I was just wondering, after reading several posts on this board, is it true that Windstream really lays off people through a phone call? They don't really bother to even tell people in their face what's going on? If this is true, it seems utterly... read more
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Employee of 34 Years Gets a Phone Call

I am the wife of a dedicated employee of 34 years who lost his job 3 days ago. We have been married for 41 years, and it broke my heart to see him so crushed and let down. His pride and feelings were deeply hurt. He feels that he was never... read more
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Only 2 options left for this company bankruptcy or selling the company ! Not sure any company would want to buy this company with no assets and a churning customer base with low margins !
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1,000 more to be laid off?

Found an article that speculates that close to 1,000 more will be on the chopping block at Windstream. It refers to "sources" for the information without naming them, so I'm really not sure what to think... read more
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So glad I left when I did

After working there just shy of 10 years & in multiple departments, I grew more & more fed up with WS. There would be layoffs of great employees & then they'd practically drain those that were left by piling on the work (with no training btw). I... read more
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Union or non union areas

I think hit all non union employees not heard any of the union areas being hit, unless someone else knows otherwise I think the only ones safe for time being is cst n network techs until they hire our replacements at a cheaper wage
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What was criteria?

I was just wondering if anybody knows what kind of criteria was used for these layoffs? I'm pretty sure it was not meritocracy, since we've lost one of our best employees while somebody who is barely doing anything day in, day out is still here. Was... read more
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CH CLEC test/dispatch

I got told today 14 more days. Glad I was getting ready to retire anyway. Been there almost 17 years
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Metrics drive everything at Windstream

Nowadays literally EVERYTHING has to be quantified in metrics. That's all they care about. Even if you did say an absolutely mission critical project that didn't show up on some metric spreadsheet somewhere it doesn't count and no one cares. All that... read more
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It's not over

About 150 were walked out and a total of 400 were laid off. About 600 more to go in the coming weeks. it is not over. From a viable source from high up in the company on a basis of anonymity. Total savings from all rounds, including 2017, is about... read more
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Stop the bleeding

The company has to be hemorrhaging somewhere, to have the need to let so many people go so frequently. With the new tax laws in place now, they should be seeing enough savings they shouldn't have to do this. I heard on the news today that Apple has... read more
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Bright side

Look at the bright side, colleagues. The money saved through today’s human tragedy will fund our world class insurance benefits and annual 0% raises. Heck, you might even get a cookie for all the extra work you’ll do cleaning up this mess. (tip:... read more
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Such a Shame

What a sad day. It’s a bloody shame Windstream leaders don’t get it - a successful company always values their employees as their most important asset. Treat your employees right and they will take great care of your customers. Instead they are... read more
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Good things ahead

For those who lost your jobs today, I’m sorry. I was also part of a RIF ( not this one) along with my entire department. When it happened I was more angry than sad. My manager was an inept ninny who could not have handled the process worse if she... read more
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Possible 1000 layoffs

Is it possible? I'd hate to see such a high of a number... Sources have told Arkansas Business that the total number of layoffs is in the hundreds, possibly nearing 1,000 over the coming weeks, but spokesman David Avery said the company would not... read more
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Only better from here

I'm sorry to everyone that has been laid off. Your life is going to get better! Leaving Windstream was the best thing that happened to my husband. The day he was hired elsewhere he changed so much. Windstream was like a big black cloud that polluted... read more
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Has everybody been notified yet?

It's been a crazy day here, but things are starting to wind down. It feels like the worst is over, at least for now. Anybody knows if this is it? Has everybody who was supposed to be notified been notified? Or am I starting to relax a little too... read more
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Just laid 500 people off today, this is so sad
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Windstream severance

Can someone please post the details of the severance package? Is it two weeks pay for each year of service or something else? What's the max you can get? And can you get it as a lump-sum?
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I know in situations like this, people usually wonder about severances (I know I do). Here is the link to the latest Windstream Severance Plan in PDF form for those wondering what is being awarded. My only question is, is Windstream honoring this... read more
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Performance means nothing

I was the guy always volunteering for off hour jobs that had no coverage and no else wanted. Always fixing people’s basic mistakes that they kept making over and over and not learning from. Available on chat and email even if I was off. Spearheading... read more
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Age of those laid off?

We've lost three people in our department today, all of them are over 50. Considering that all of them were exemplary employees, I can't help but wonder if their age had something to do with this. Anybody else noticed that the age of those laid off... read more
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Never Seen Before!

Nobody is safe anymore. I hope The CEO is one of them that gets RIF’d. Directors have gotten the boot today as well. Windstream is tanking. I wish the best for those that get hit today. I have been here 20 years and have never seen anything like... read more
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Spec I ERC Transport Tech

Frankly, I am glad to be out - I've seen it all here from poor management, to bad training, to VERY misaligned organization and broken processes... To be frank and open most people are good but some bigots - it all depends on how much tolerance for... read more
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