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Posts being deleted?

I know I read some posts on here recently about a blog/article from Tony Thomas on Stream, now its gone. What’s up with that?
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Manager Meeting in Atlanta in February

Anyone have any information on the meeting in ATLANTA in February? I have heard that the upper management will be there as well as HR. I have also heard that the network has been for sell as well as everything connected to it, and if it is sold the... read more
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Employee Engagement Survey

Just wondering if everyone is being 100% honest on there surveys. The people in my group were brutally honest this year about upper management and the way the lower people are treated. Just wondered if this was the way everyone commented on the... read more
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Windstream has gotten worse each year

I've been working for this place for over 10 years. We were bought by Windstream in 2010. Since then, our company has gone to "sh--". Has gotten worse over & over each year. Every time we've had a layoff it has caused more pain and grief for our... read more
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So what if the company bankrupts

It'll be Chapter 11 and will be business as usual for most employees until it can come out of it. For those of you who think bankruptcy in the corporate world means doors closed and no more company you are sadly mistaken. Chapter 7 may occur in the... read more
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Here is what analysts are saying

Frontier and Windstream bankruptcies could be coming in the “not-too-distant” future, said MoffettNathanson financial analysts in a research note today. “The market anticipates that both these companies will go bankrupt in the not-too-distant future... read more
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I keep hearing about several discrimination lawsuits from the Sept layoffs - any info out there on what attorney firms may be handling ?
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Sinking Ship

The ship is sinking and the experience is matter how the CEO, VP’s, staff managers try to encourage the worker bees that things are beginning to turn around...the worker bees who are in the know ...know that this ship is sinking! So sad... read more
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What does Motley Fool say about Windstream??

This is not an easy company to love. Under pressure to settle its Uniti-related finances and other massive long-term debt agreements, the telecom has produced negative free cash flows across the first three quarters of 2017. That leaves no room for... read more
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Happy Turkey Day

We all who have tried to work for Windstream, are the turkeys :(
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Greenville location closing?

It was mentioned in a couple recent previous threads that the Greenville location is being closed down. Anyone have any information or sources for this rumor?
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11 laid off by Windstream! /
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“This is not a prison.”

Y’all remember that time Tony Thomas answered an employee concern posted on Stream by replying “This is not a prison. You can leave anytime.”? Folks seem to be taking that to heart. Employees are leaving voluntarily in droves. I don’t see much excess... read more
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Slide 25 for all hands call target date Nov 18th

Slide 25 on all hands call, target date Nov 18 says "Launch renewal program to remaining care agents" "Define offer reporting, positioning adherence (QA), incentive design, performance metrics and inspection points." So layoffs maybe on Nov 16 or 17?... read more
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Layoffs Nov.22

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Voluntary separation packages at Windstream

Last 4-5 years they have offered voluntary separation package and I doubt this year will be any different. Whether or not there will be involuntary layoff is likely but not a foregone conclusion. I was wondering if anybody heard anything about these... read more
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Network tech and business tech groups were decimated

To the poster who said not many network layoffs you must not of paid much attention. That layoff in August decimated the network tech and business tech groups. Anyone who put in for that buyout got it. There are areas that had 6 or 7 down to 1 or 2... read more
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Windstream buyout rumors

What do we know so far - please share if you have any info?
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Severance package

Sorry if this was posted already, I tried the search option but something seems to be out of whack with it. Can anybody please tell me what is the severance package at Windstream? I am trying to be prepared in case I am a part of the next layoffs... read more
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Windstream as a Career

Bottom line is don't depend on Windstream to be a career oriented company anymore. Nothing wrong with working hard while you're taking a paycheck from them. But don't fool yourself into thinking that they need any one person. There has been a lot of... read more
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We are headed for bankruptcy

Windstream can last for a couple more years, when some debt comes due, unless Aurelius forces them into Chapter 11 bankruptcy sooner. The FCC and various state public service commissions will weigh in during bankruptcy since they need to maintain... read more
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Windstream Layoffs 2018

My husband is working for the company and he's very concerned that job cuts might be coming and that he may lose his job. He works in Little Rock.
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How much longer will windstream last

Just curious how much longer windstream gonna last since they have had declining revenue now for 3yrs and by looking at this board ive been here a short time thinking I had a pertty secure job as a cst but I’m not too sure bout any of it no more... read more
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Waiver & Release Agreemnet

Has anyone impacted in Sept layoffs received the release agreement ?
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October 12th next round?

An all hands on deck email just went out scheduled for Thursday Oct 12. I dont want to fear monger but it seems these layoff events are always scheduled near these conference calls. Also this day happens to be a Thursday which all these layoffs have... read more
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