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We can't do jobs of five people

Since fiolettsk.rus in 2015, they have been stretching some team members to their very limits while firing others to save on labor. One person can't do the jobs of five people well. This is what annoys me the most, and it keeps happening. People get... read more
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What Whole Foods might become...

Ruh roh.../ Amazon didn’t waste any time changing up Whole Foods Market after officially acquiring the organic and natural foods retailer on Aug. 28 and lowering prices on several items, including... read more
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Strategic Priorities

Got an email from John Mackey about changes coming in Marketing. Way to go John! For bringing the holiday cheer to everyone right before the holidays! How are you going to reenergize the Team Member experience? Personally, removing crappy team... read more
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Are things really that bad?

I'm considering changing jobs and applying for the new Whole Foods Market opening in January in Exton, but reading all the posts here and on Glassdoor has me reconsidering that idea. Is the situation really that bad at Whole Foods? Should I stay... read more
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Marketing, Sign Making, & SSS - Still have jobs?

Marketing and sign making regional people have been extremely quiet. They put a freeze on spending and we were told to cancel our events to cut costs. There is no talk of January or planning for January. Does anyone know if these jobs will even... read more
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Regional update straight from the horses mouth.

Found out today that there is an emergency meeting tomorrow. They will do to regional what they did to demo and concierge. The new full time status is 36 hours. No more. This is region wide and tms will have no say in this. The release of MSI, GA... read more
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Mystery Regional Meetings Dec 4th

Rumor has it Regional folks are scrambling to get a Global position. Do we really need 13 or 14 Presidents? 13 Executive “this & that” unnecessary positions? 13 Coordinators (for each team), 13 Regional Buyers (For each team) and the whole lot? It’s... read more
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AMZN gets desperate! Gives away $500 worth of designer products.

Amazon gets desperate and gives away $500 worth of designer products for customer feedback. All of this is a part of an aggressive marketing strategy. People in United States will be shocked to hear that Amazon is running a special customer... read more
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Oh how I wish it would end already....

I've been with WFM for over ten years. The past two months I keep hoping they will lay me off. I can find a better job. I'm stuck until they kick me out. I get disappointed every time I see nothing new posted here about layoffs.
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Whole Foods closings in 2017

Frankly, compared to many others, we didn't really do that badly throughout the year. Now, what's about to happen once Amazon finally figures out what it wants to do with us in the long run is another story... read more
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If you are SSS & GA, please start looking for another position now. You are next. With Demo and Concierge eliminated they are going to get any available positions and you are going to be stuck with nothing. Don’t wait to see if I am telling the truth... read more
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Diestel turkeys sold at Whole Foods

Ecowatch.com-Turkeys sold at whole foods test positive for FDA prohibited drugs.
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Whos next????

Who is next to go and when? We need to start doing something now. When do buyers go? Is ga and sss going to go at the same time?
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The Future Has Arrived

Amazon Prepares to Launch Its Physical Store With No Cashiers - FORTUNE /
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New Hires Everywhere

Holy crap!! Our store has 20+ new hires....and signage in front of the store that says we are hiring! I'm a long-timer and I'm starting to think my time is coming to an end. Why else would Amazon hire so many people?? We'll see but I'm sure after... read more
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Electric Cart Wrangler position

Does anyone know if they’ll be eliminating the Electric Cart Wrangler position in the Southwest Region. I heard it was eliminated in the other regions, but it’s unclear what the fate is here in Houston. I would cry if there was nobody specialized to... read more
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Concierge Is Gone Too

The same day they dropped the axe on Demo, they dropped it on concierge. If the store doesn’t have an unrealistically high amount of sales in personal shopping, no more concierge. Everyone’s knows Instant Cart and Amazon Fresh has replaced personal... read more
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Demo Officially Gone Company Wide

They dropped the bomb on SW Demo yesterday. They have until January 15 to find a position or they are unemployed. Get ready to welcome third party drones that know nothing about our stores or products. The demo specialist in our store is sick to her... read more
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Store Artist Position?

Hey all, ex-SGA here. Just curious with how things have been with the artists and all. I was recently in the new Bryant Park store and saw there was a whole ONE chalk illustration. Any hope for the job continuing as at least a graphic design... read more
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WFM hiring 6000 people?

What’s with the hairbrained national hiring day. How are all sores hiring if many missed their labor budgets last period? Sounds like a PR sham...
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National Recruiting Day

Whose brilliant idea was this? The store I am in doesn’t need to hire and the store itself is not making labor. All TLs have to be in that all day wasting labor. Amazon must be impressed.
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Future of SSS job? Walmart is testing robots.

/ "...autonomous devices in about 50 stores next month that are programmed to scan store shelves and identify things like out-of-stock items or products incorrectly... read more
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Layoff package

Any idea when packages are coming ? TLs I hear new pay structure is coming, enjoy while you can
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Amazon are you listening, our TMS team is running out the door

Everyone is leaving or trying to leave TMS The team has been leaving as fast as they can get out the door. The head of TMS disappeared all of a sudden HELLOOO?? Is anyone in charge? someone needs to get worried . This is strange. someone with some... read more
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How many of you love this complete waste of time they call OTS, just automate ordering and buying and let TM do their jobs.........
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SW Demo

I wonder when they are going to let go of Demo in SW region? I know it a waste of a program, but they need to say something to these people so that they can at least find something differant before the holidays. Lot pf good people...to bad Austin do... read more
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Regional Structure

Looks like all the RP's are scrambling for Global positions- looks like the Regional structure will finally be addressed- can you say 11-2 Regions..................................
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Whole Foods W2

I need to download my W2 for 2016. I left in January 2017, but I need it now for legal purposes. Do you know where I can download that W2 now.
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How is Amazon Locker working out in your store?

We don't have one yet and I'm wondering how this works. Does your store have an Amazon Locker? Is it inside or outside the store? If it's outside, do customers complain they can't get their stuff until you open the store?
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