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DTR Tecs layoff??

Anybody hear of this today? Just heard that DTR Tecs got laid off and it was base off GPS score. What a GPS score???
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The executive shuffle continues

Lots of exec changes in merchandising today. A couple more European execs are bumping out the Walgreens folks.
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Terrible! America's company no longer.

Wow! Walgreens was America's company. What happened to them? I've always considered Walgreens looking from the outside as a place to work for; with pride. From the cycles of layoffs and comments in this site, they seem to be a terrible organization... read more
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It's a SAD, SAD day in Corporate

That's all what I have to say, some folks let go were with us 20+ years
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Heart breaking

The scenes in Corporate are heartbreaking. Very good and competent people we worked with for years are being tossed out.
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poor communication from management filled with cliches

Senior Execs thinks they can continue to progress and improve Walgreens systems by having offshore / contractors from India support the systems. Is the goal of the cost cutting to boost stocks in the short term??? Yes. Good luck with that greedy... read more
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IT Layoffs

Most of the 370 IT cuts will occur in Lincolnshire and Deerfield office. Most cuts will probably occur on 8/18 - HR has blocked out several conferences the whole day for the slashing to occur in both locations.
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More layoffs in Walgreens

Walgreens CEO just announced that 370 employees, mostly from IT, will be let go in the next 2 weeks.
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Walgreens pharmacy

I don't know how every Walgreens pharmacy operates and how busy they are, how much staff they have, etc. But I work in a pharmacy in Michigan and it REALLY bothers me that it seems our pharmacies have to operate like a fast food joint. Get the... read more
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At least 15 let go from pharmacy it

Pharmacy it divided to two legacy and new pharmacy 15 developers were let go. All support or at least some of it are being rebadged. Most teams will have answers by the end of the month
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Corporate layoffs

Any idea if there are more layoffs in the near future. I work in IT and there have been lots of folks in my area jumping ship.
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ALL Walgreens stores to close effectively in 2017!!!

If you work for Walgreens, you have a better chance of winning the LOTTO than keeping your position. QUIT NOW, QUIT NOW, QUIT NOW, QUIT NOW, QUIT NOW, QUIT NOW. All Walgreens stores will close effectively in 2017. Also note that Walgreens is NO... read more
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List of Walgreens stores closing

Do you have a list that outlines what Walgreens stores will be closed in 2015? If you do not have a list, do yoyu maybe have information about a store or two that might be on the chopping block.
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ALL Walgreens Contractors Laid Off

ALL CONTRACTORS at Walgreens Corporate offices in the Northern IL area will be laid off for a minimum of 2 weeks. No guarantees were offered if anyone would be asked to come back. Effective 4/13/15.
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Massive Layoffs in 2 weeks

Expect massive corporate and field layoffs. Corporate layoffs will hit in 3-4 weeks. Field layoffs will be done by 7/1.
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Service Desk Layoff

They laid off quite a few Tier 2 Service Desk folks today. Guess Mexico and India are cheaper even with their documented service shortfalls. Good luck to you all.
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Central Pharmacy Operations in Orlando 2015 Layoffs

250+ Folks in Central Pharmacy Operations in Orlando will be laid off. Central Fill to be closed, Central Utility and Support to be hit hard. Here is the damage: 52 order production operators, 14 process adviser central fill positions, 45 dispensing... read more
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Walgreens Corporate Deerfield Layoffs 2015

Rumors have it Walgreens corporate in Deerfield will eliminate mass positions starting this Friday. Law Department and others in many areas will be obliterated and many great worthy people will lose their jobs while only keeping some worthless high... read more
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Inversion - A Tax Move

Is this Boots business just a tax move to avoid taxes by shipping accounting entries to Ireland and overseas where taxes are lower? Also, moving the corporate offices to Delaware, another tax gimmick? Playing with thousands of lives, cheating our own... read more
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Most Stores.

Most stores that will close either have had other Walgreens locations open in the same area, have seen real estate values decline since they’ve opened, and/or underperform.
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Stores Closing

Flagstaff, Arizona distribution center will SHUT DOWN completely in April 2015. There are currently 8,207 stores. The word at Corporate is that the new WBA will only shut down underperforming stores. March of 2015 should indicate the first phase of... read more
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Cyclone Changes in 2015

All 24 hour stores to convert operations from 6 A.M./8 A.M. to Midnight. All 3rd shift (overnight) pharmacists eliminated. 2 staff pharmacist with 10 hour shifts each and 1 technician. Any pharmacies filling less than 500 scripts a day will be closed... read more
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Walgreen Alliance Boots (WAB).

Once Alliance Boots acquires the remaining 55% stake in Walgreen, or vice versa, you will see major layoffs. Inversion to Switzerland, get rid of half of the 8,200 stores by selling them to CVS or Mini-Walmart's, eliminate the Walgreen Alliance Boots... read more
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2015 Layoffs at Walgreen's

I see that many of you are talking about 2014 layoffs, I think we will have a large cut in 2015 as I believe that there will be a big reorganization and that some folks will be redundant.
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IT Shop

All is good and there are no layoffs here
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Cuts across divisions

Walgreen's will be having layoffs for year to come, online stores are cutting into our margins and sales volumes
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2014 Cuts

Is IT going to have cuts in 2014 or 2015?
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Leigh Valley Cuts

In September of this year (2013) we announced closing of the Valley Distribution Center (Hanover Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania). If I remember correctly we said we’ll be letting up to 500 people go, it’ll be a phased layoff, we’ll keep... read more
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