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Blocking transfer requests?

Several in my area have attempted to move elsewhere in the company, yet despite being qualified, applications are being routinely denied. I’m talking about associates not even being offered the chance to interview. If it were only happening here and... read more
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A way to placate us?

So, we are getting some advance money. This is not a bad thing in itself, but frankly, it feels more like a way to placate chronically underpaid workers instead of actually paying a proper living wage... read more
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Jim Walton selling WMT shares

When the largest shareholder and family owner is dumping shares like the world is going to end, there might be a problem. /
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Any information on big changes in February?
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Doing away with return centers

I've heard rumor that the return centers are going away. They are supposed to start sending all returned merchandise to the liquidators
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Firing is the new layoff - Wal Mart

When someone is laid off, if they qualify for unemployment, the employer actually pays part of that money (to the government, which then includes it in the check). If you're fired though some governments will deny the unemployment claim. In a similar... read more
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CVS Health Corp. has agreed to buy Aetna Inc. for about $69 billion in cash and stock, a deal that would combine a large insurer with a big provider of pharmacy services and transform the U.S. health-care landscape. Walmart associates can now only... read more
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You seem to be here for the same reason! Complaining about other people that come here. Brilliant!!! You seem to be butt hurt also! Take your pro Walmart and go back to Bentonville!
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Let go today

15 year associate, position purged. Have a little time to try and find another position internally. Never heard of this site until today. Entire career was in ISD. Countless times have i KT’d information over to Infosys/cognizant/H1bs... never saw... read more
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How many managers does it take to build an end-cap? Do we really need that many managers at store level? The stores look like crap anyway.
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January layoffs

I keep hearing January from supplier friends. And you know how suppliers always know before we do. Anyone else hearing anything?
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Today they let 15 people go

Heard they are pushing out a ton of associates and managers and asking whoever is left work 6 days / week for Christmas season. Lol nice job Wal-Mart Canada.
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Co manager layoffs

fiolettsk.rus never happened. Was it fake News? In AZ we heard about it but was never put in place.
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More layoffs coming before bonuses

I have been with Walmart over 20 years and I served in the military for years before that. I can tell you with the way things are going the handwriting is on the wall, I would say prepaid for impact and be ready for what is coming Unfortunately I... read more
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So now what?

Will the battered and abused former Walmart workers ever get their just due for years of dedicated service or are we all just satisfied and content with having our lives turned upside down and eviscerated by ML? Pulling our kids out of school... read more
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Black Friday?

Anybody else finding their store not even close to the usual Black Friday crowds? Not sure what's going on, we are usually packed, but today other than this morning, we barely have more people than we do on usual days. I'm afraid that if we are doing... read more
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Fake Leader!

I like it when Walmart uses other retailers and grocery store programs and call it their own. It makes Walmart a very confused company with no real direction. Every year the have their meeting and store managers come back and unload the "new" program... read more
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Walk away on your own terms if you get put on PIP

If you know you are competent in your job and your manager presents you with a bogus PiP DONT sign whatever you do and just walk off the job. Yes you are fired but you would have been fired anyway. The Dirty secret of PiPs is that in most cases the... read more
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How are expenses up?

With all fiolettsk.rus, expenses for third quarter still reported as being UP?!? Where is all the money going?
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Every store I have ever gone into nobody is smiling. They look mad or sad and some look frustrated. What happened to that place?
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To the folks at WM HQ

You thought they just treated folks in the stores like dirt, didn’t you? It looks to me like home office is starting to get a taste of the treatment store associates have gotten for years. But hey. The stock price is up.
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Walmart’s Toxic S-xual Harassment Culture

Some say it’s just the way men are I disagree not all men are the same and not all men harass women. But after a decade of service at Walmart I can’t tell you the number of stories I have heard about what other women like me have endured. Am I the... read more
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Goodbye maintenance!

Walmart has quietly begun testing an advanced, autonomous floor scrubber during overnight shifts in five stores near the company's headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., a move that could free workers from hours of drudgery, but that has already raised... read more
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Walmart Labs in India to power the company's future: Jeremy King

It is about time we expand our India operation. I have to assume this will create some reductions in California but the talent in India is very good and cost effective. "Walmart Labs in Bengaluru to power the company's future: Jeremy King"... read more
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Lots of good guys leaving

Just saw a post on Facebook from a friend announcing today was his last day at walmart after 10 years. He was one of the most talented and friendliest developers/engineers I’ve ever met and had the honor of working with during my 15 year career at... read more
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Nepotism is astounding

Whoever described the current situation as "looting" wasn't exaggerating. Walmart is infested with NEPOTISM and FAVORITISM at all levels. A lot of us on these forums, what we have in common is being overworked while being held to impossible standards... read more
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Performance Improvement Plan(PIP)

Seems that a couple of people I know of have been PIP'd instead of getting laid off. Seems a little fishy in that if you don't agree to the plan apparently they fire you. Not sure if they are doing this to save money on severance packages, but seems... read more
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Explanation of why so many h1bs in technology at Walmart.

Can someone kindly please help me understand why there are so many foreigners being hired for the tech jobs in technology here... please also help me understand why the vendors in general literally are 100 % Indian. Infosys for instance in my 10 year... read more
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Any word on when personnel offices are getting the boot???
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Bonus eligibility when leaving Walmart

Like most people here(it seems), I'm looking to leave Walmart. Is it confirmed that staying through the fiscal year, January 31st, will secure the yearly bonus? Honestly, I'm at the point where the thought of staying until mid-March for the actual... read more
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Here’s a clue! You RUN them off with your dated Programs! I almost need counseling after I left that place! 17 years good riddance! Non decision making company!!!
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Walmart losing talented people

Here’s a clue! You RUN them off with your dated Programs! I almost need counseling after I left that place! 17 years good riddance! Non decision making company!!!
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If you like 50 million bosses!

Walmart is the place for you if you like a “ top heavy “ company at store level this is the place for you!
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Goodbye Walmart

I left Walmart after almost 10 years of service. Leadership lives with their heads in the sand, oblivious or unwilling to see what is happening around them. I survived multiple rounds of layoffs over the past 3 years in my area and eventually just... read more
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Latoffs confirmed by leadership before fiscal year end

It was confirmed today rather openly in the finance quarterly meeting.The scope is unknown. Anywhere where process automation is being leveraged... merchandising, logistics, transportation, shared services, etc. Is my guess
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Retail break

/ If the link doesn’t work copy and paste to search engine.
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Robot scanners in stores

I believe they do more than scan shelves. Live cams, picture capabilities, voice. New programs!!! Brace yourself!!!
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