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Massive layoffs coming soon

The massive layoffs are definitely coming soon (after holidays). Bob couldn't start his "reign" with layoffs, but now that there's some positive momentum with Jim G and better ratings at MTV/Nick, he's developed some goodwill with shareholders. Big... read more
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Reorganization with no end in sight

We've started the process of the latest reorganization over a year ago, and while we are supposed to be done with it we seem to be anything but. How long do they plan to keep this uncertainty over our heads? If we knew more about what's going on... read more
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A layoff situation

We can't support our old lifestyle and don't offer any value outside of Nick and a little bit of Comedy. Disney and Netflix are monsters. Other TV competitors are all owned by cable providers or about to be. We don't hire from the competition, so... read more
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What's with the consultants on the inside of viacom massive layoffs? acquisition?
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MTV Creative/Programming meeting

So I am curious how a creative and programming meeting goes here. Let me take a stab: MTV Exec: We need content. Landscape has changed and teens are all about mobile. Any ideas? MTV Exec 2: Well, we had success with TRL and Jersey Shore 10 years ago... read more
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Viacom missed out, now we are paying for it

It's a shame when anyone gets laid off. But after 15+ years I have seen how this company works. Sumner and his over-paid minions missed the boat BIG time over the years and we're all paying for it. Channels will either get sold or a big video or... read more
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Viacom Layoffs 2018

I spent last 5years with our company and it'd be a real shame if they were to decide to lay people off from our offices in NYC.
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Tech Ops

Three people from Studio Tech/Ops at 1515 received their walking papers last week.
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"Our culture is back..."

Really Shari? You mean the culture that lays off valuable employees due to inept strategy and vision? The culture that is fat at the top with lots of bloated egos and nothing to back it up? Or is it the SVPs and EVPs who got where they are because... read more
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NOC, Ad sales, velocity, traffic copy...layoffs are so frequent it's not even shocking anymore. 10 years or more at viacom and you are holding out for your package...
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Advertising Sales Team Layoffs Begin

2 laid off in Detroit today.... heard more to come in LA, NY and Chicago this week
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Next week

I heard more are happening Monday the 18th. Terrible for all affected, just hope the lousy HR dept. handles it with a little more decorum and grace than the other purges.
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Layoffs - 20 employees let go

I found an article that says that the number of people who were laid off in this round is under 20. Is it just me, or does this number seem really low compared to what we have seen take place in the past few days?... read more
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What about VIMN and international?

More bloodletting? What about Brexit? Why not handle everything out of the US given that no original productions are produced outside the US except for maybe South Africa.
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Layoffs at CMT today

Several staff employees let go today in multiple departments.
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Face it Viacom - your brands are NO LONGER RELEVANT and you have NO strategy!!! Dauman RUINED the company years ago!!
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Wednesday layoffs?

Are there layoffs this Wed? Viacom is way too top heavy so I wouldn't be surprised. WAY too many SVPs and EVPs. Get rid of some HR and "talent acq", they're useless!!!
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PBE conversions en masse?

Why were so many PBEs converted to staff this week? I havent seen 25-30 conversions at once ever.
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Viacom in talks with Scripps

If they do it or not it's looks good that Viacom is looking to expand.
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Creative services and marketing, laid off...

supposedly 70 of 200, laid off... with 55 in dc, laid off... lots in creative services and marketing, laid off...
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Netflix earnings call today

Nothing more to add: “Our long thesis remains fully intact,” Mahaney said. As cord-cutting continues, there will be a “dramatic secular shift” away from pay-TV services, which have some 1 billion subscribers today, to internet streaming TV. “Netflix... read more
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more coming in july??

more coming this month? yes? to which departments?
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mtv news...all gone?

is mtv news all gone or just a portion of it?
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remaining VH1

Basically got rid of most of the remaining VH1 staff from the previous leadership. This is what frightened leaders do at MTVN now. Wouldn't be surprised if they continue to combine the networks until only the barest of staff and yes peoples remain.
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Layoffs are justified

Layoffs are justified. Productions have come to a screeching halt. Moreover, you have upper management and other associates just sitting around doing nothing other than having personal phone conversations, and surfing the internet all day long... read more
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Are these layoffs?

While I don't want to see anyone lose their job hearing one or two people go every other week is not really layoffs. Everyone agrees the company needs help. Getting rid of upper management people responsible for the plight we are in sounds like good... read more
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just do it already

everyone knows a big restructure is coming why wait? its killing morale and productivity just do it
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whats happening on thursday 2/9??

some big changes are coming supposedly what is it? nick being sold vh1 and mtv combining? vh1 and bet combining? paramount tv channel coming??
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Layoffs today 1/4/17

Doug Herzog team and music
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Bob Bakish and Cost Cutting

It's a major event for employees, he's been known to move swiftly and he's a great proponent of cost cutting. 2017 will be painful and I do not see things turning around before late 2018 or early 2019. We need to wait and see how his tenure will be... read more
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Viacom Layoffs 2017

Just focus on work, focus on work, work, workl, add value and make your best effort, knock it out of the park… I know that people are concerned but there is pretty much nothing major you can do about it - yes, I did hear about layoffs in NYC.
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New layoffs to come?

I heard that there's another round of layoffs coming soon. Has anyone heard who's being affected?
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