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Does anyone understand why google ran this pixel contest. They gave away a sh-- ton of pixels. Is Verizon setting themselves up for a buyout or merger? Seems they are pushing google a ton. Last thing and it's sort of funny. We have to report google... read more
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Super Secret Employee Training Next Week

Next week we have a training for some new “store experience” that’s only being done in 6 districts company wide and for a 6 month period. Managers won’t say a word of what it’s about, I’ve asked if it’s team commission and they keep saying no, but... read more
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Anyone notice all the coverage issues since when we had beyond and go unlimited launch? Verizon did something to the towers because where my phone used to work, it stopped working in certain spots. Customers come in non stop b--ching as well. Any... read more
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Pension Waiver

General question - a good friend of our family was among the November 16 terminations and everyone is wrecked in the family - PARTICULARLY as there was a waiver signed for PENSION some years back. Any details would be appreciated.
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Pension Waiver

General question - a good friend of our family was among the November 16 terminations and everyone is wrecked in the family - PARTICULARLY as there was a waiver signed for PENSION some years back. Any details would be appreciated.
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Put on your fake face

Watching my managers attend a kick-off and pretend to put on happy faces like they enjoy their job makes me laugh. There is noway you can find joy in following someone around making sure they carry a hum until they sell it. I can't wait until vesting... read more
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Severance Pay

Well now, just checked the VZ portal and see that my severance will be deposited tomorrow with a whopping 29% in taxes....
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Network operations layoffs

Union members, If your manager sets a quota of number of orders needed to be completed a day etc, do not meet their quota's. You're only helping your manager justify another layoff to his/her managers,while he/she gets awarded a bonus. I'm yet to... read more
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4Q Results are Jan 23, 11am!

Went through the questions being asked by employees (most likes get answered during the webast). Saw a bunch asking about how the tax reform will be spent (customers, shareholders or employees). What do you think?
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It is to late for wireless to unionize. The company beat the workers down 20 years ago. One store won't get the job done. In order for unionization to work you need to be united. A critical mass is necessary, probably at least 50% of the stores. The... read more
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Laid-off w2's and old paychecks website

I hear there is a website for laid-off employees to view old paychecks and w2's I was on it before, but cant remember the url. Anybody know? Thanks
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Temp Hires

All we seem to be doing is hiring temp workers. Never adding any real staff. What gives.
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Snow day

Wonder if we will have a snow day today. Got an inch so far.
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Wireless here. What benefits would my store get if we unionized? I've been with the company over 10 years and I'm a solutions specialist in an A store NE area. Quota is hardly obtainable, moral is low and my coworkers are concerned. The micromanaging... read more
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No work

There is very little work now in copper or fios in NJ. No new fiber being placed as far as I know of. Maybe with the temps (30 month hires) getting in some training and the lack of work now, the company will decide that this is a good time to offer... read more
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Team Comp

How many people will stay through months of little to no money while we are guinea pigs for the company?
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Last Paycheck

Did not receive my last week of pay for December 25th-29th. This should have been deposited in my account today as today is the normal payday. Anyone else not get paid for their last week. I was part of the November layoffs but still employed to the... read more
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All these Verizon people drive around in their cars to show they have some cash when they don’t have two nickels to rub together anymore lmfao!!!! Escalades......Mustangs.....Jeeps.....Mercedes.....Cadillacs....none of all ya all have sh-- cause none... read more
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When is the EISP for SST's??
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I can’t surive with this quota and base pay!! My manager seems like he doesn’t care!! My rent is due and I can’t pay it. Who do I have to call????
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New Commission trials

For everyone trailing out a new commission plan comment about likes/ dislikes etc I know there are a few and would like to hear some perspective. So far I'm not a fan but it's still early
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Who is up next?

All reorgs are done Kickoff meetings this week Earnings soon Got to be some good things coming out of this.
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GLE Retail Needs help!!

Since everyone is talking about the director, she’s awful!! I think she is very childish, and does not care about her employees development! To start, this market has very weak DMs. I never see mine..ever. Now we have a new director, and she has... read more
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Team Commissions is a joke so far.

6 days into the new team based commission structure and it is pretty much more of the same. Out store's sales dollar bucket/quota seems incredibly high and not obtainable. 6 days in and we are on pace to hit 70 percent of the bucket. Last year at... read more
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MLK Holiday - deducted 1 personal day.

Has anyone noticed one of our personal days was taken away for 2018 - used to get 56 hours (7 days) and now only 48 hours (6 days)? While we are given an extra holiday for MLK day, we lost a personal day. Anyone else notice this? The loss of a... read more
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All centers are hiring except for 1- Huntsville

I checked out the external career page, and every center has postings except for Huntsville, AL. The GCO section is still empty, and Care is down almost 100 Advocates/Specialists since July. Wouldn't be shocked for a closing during the 1st qtr.
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Vldp discontinued?

Someone say they're getting rid of the vldp program? Anyone hear the same?
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