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Why again did we buy Yahoo?

/ Timmy Armstrong's strategy to generate advertising revenue is "to build global brands people love, build global brand platforms partners love" and... read more
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San Jose Layoffs - 190 Laid off (375 and 397 West Trimble Road)

Not my group and a bit cryptic, here it goes anyway (source link below): Verizon Communications Inc. is cutting 190 jobs in San Jose, but this time around fiolettsk.rus don't appear to be related to its acquisition of Yahoo. Layoffs will occur “across... read more
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As an American, I hate this for VDSI

We found it way too easy over the years to hate on India because Dey tuk ur jurbs, but the way that so many of them lost their jobs was painful even by Verizon’s standards. Things will get better.
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Can we expect any more surprises before next year?

Just when I thought we were safe at least until next year, Friday happens and we see VDSI layoffs happen without any previous warning. And if it can happen to VDSI, then it can pretty much happen to any other department anywhere. Anybody knows if we... read more
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Good decision executed in the worst ever possible manner

good package - fine. insurance extension - fine. relieving letter - fine. execution of process - no words to explain this. benefits does not matter. the way in which they treated long term loyal employees of 10+ years, who sacrificed their time and... read more
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I don't blame VDSI...

I blame the new management.. vdsi now ran by a group where they will grow their close network only.. and fire anyone. Worst thing is they thrown loyal employees by stabbing thru leg who worked day and night, weekend by sacrificing personal life... read more
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Black VDSI Friday - the worst day in history.

Many VDSI people got termination call today and all final formalities finished just like that. Worst management decision. Surely in near future VDSI management ( whoever thought this layoff will achieve some goals) will fail and realize that you made... read more
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Gaslighting Older Employees?

Is anyone else hearing stories about gaslighting employees over 50 on their reviews so that VZ can cheat them out of raises and bonuses or scare them into not suing for age discrimination if they are RIF’d? Several people over 50 in my group or who... read more
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All the good sales people are leaving

Every rep I have spoken to has lost $5,000 to $15,000 this year and not a single one will have a year over year increase. The pay is only one aspect of this debacle the other is store traffic because Verizon wants everyone to process transactions... read more
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New Mesh Network Center work?

Where will the Center work be for the new Mesh network take place??? Specifically, the provisioning of the Satellite and MSC portion of the UT turn-ups? There has been discussion of the Center work and I want to know who will do the Center work? I... read more
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EMEA, again (Enterprise)

just heard a conversation, as I understood again big reorg and RIFs hitting EMEA by january; anyone else heard this as well? soon there will be nobody left here.
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Alternative Workplace Strategy?

...or office desk hoteling. Can ANYONE cite a source where this was successful, improving productivity, communications AND morale? When I need to talk to someone face to face in the office its nice to know where they sit, novel I know. This may work... read more
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Does anyone know of any lawsuits going on related to race and/or disabilities or retaliation for taking family medical leave? If so please respond with the lawyers name here. I'm trying to get this group of people together. Thanks.
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I wanna hear...

I want to hear about how stores are doing with this new "no setup" devices. Any feedback? Any differences?
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VLDP program being discontinued

there was an office going around my office that vldp is stopping. I'm sure that's a good sign of the times to come... :(
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Top solution for data transfer push back, it's genius

" Sorry Mrs. Customer we no longer have WIFI available in store to transfer all of your content, here are instructions on how to do it at home." CASE CLOSED !!!! If a customer needs to do an early dpp upgrade then they should come back when they... read more
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Epic fail

So in my store in the southeast, none of this new crap that was rolled out today was working, phones were not activating after 30 mins, nobody knew what to do, even some of the phones to that were to activate at time of purchase weren't activating... read more
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Question about DDP-time

Question to all CLG Retention and Downstate Retention call centers. It’s been slow but we have had no DDP-time when were able to leave early. Any call centers getting DDPtime?
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There's an uptick in the number of retail millennials able to navigate to the proper site. Baby Steps.
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Whose excited for the new " here's your bag of stuff, see ya " roll out, I'd hate to be in the gm's or sm's shoes for the next month or so....
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Store layoffs incoming

We got a list of staffing levels for each store in our district. Several stores are over staffed by a couple of reps. For managers two of our stores have too many managers per employee. They changed the staffing model. We were told to PIP out... read more
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Team commissions confirmed.

5 pilot/trial districts in the company start January 1. 6 month pilot program with Nationwide rollout in July. Individual multiplier based off off phones only (new/upgrades). Team sales dollar bucket based off assumed values for PT/TMP/Accessories.
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details of group commission?

ive read that there are stores that have group commission in the midwest, is this true and can the details be shared, thanks
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Putting in a notice?

So, I am about to accept a job offer and I am curious as to if Verizon accepts notices anymore. I had someone put their notices in a few months ago and they worked til their last day. But I have also read that people are let go once they give a... read more
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What is with all the retail store security updates?

They have installed new surveillance cameras, took away all the door stops (we even have to keep the break room door closed) now the manager had an announcement that we can’t use the back entrance at all. Also we were advised that “they” are... read more
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Store commissions coming and confirmed.

Entire districts in TX will move to a new store quota commission structure starting next month. GMs are having their webinars this week with all the details. If anyone in Texas has more info, please chime in.
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No commission?

I ( 13 years w big red) had asked my useless manager (8 years w big red) if he's heard anything about vz getting rid of the commission structure. He gave me the "oh naw, naw. You know we don't play when is comes to da checks ya heard". (Wtf?) I... read more
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Leaving VZW - question about benefits

I've been making sh*t money because of the quotas in retail so I have found myself a new job. It does not start until mid January though so I'm sitting on my hands waiting to put in my two weeks. Does anyone know how long your benefits last after you... read more
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You're kidding, Right?

Hey, retail store people who seem to have a penchant for complaining and complaining, could you weep and complain somewhere else, like on the appropriate section of Your endless 'woe is me' stories have become tiresome, and are totally... read more
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DM calls employee “Hot Chocolate” keeps jobs for 18 months

DM in Dallas who called African American employee “Hot Chocolate” is gone after 18 months of investigation. We should all email HR and ask why it took so long and who is responsible. He was white male.
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December quota

How is December quota looking out there. Everyone post this year to last year. I will start 56 new 108 renew. Last year 32 and 55 wtf
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If you get laid off

If you get laid off, fired or let go from Verizon will your new employer know during the background check ?
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The facts about retail transformation

Okay, I saw the webinar today, and everyone in my store is freaked. Including management. They tried to spin it as great for us, we’ll be selling and making more, etc. it’s extremely obvious they are just going to make us totally obsolete. So what’s... read more
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401k payout

I am a-- 9 years in wireless and dec 23 is my last day. Does anyone know the amount of time after last day you recieve your 401k payout? Im investing on my own and wondering anout time frame. Thanks for any info
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