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don't worry if they hire one eyed Cambodian and don't they that person off 2 eyed people should be ok except they logic for layoffs doesn't include experience or schooling you figure out the rest i'm sure you know
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Thermo Fisher Layoffs 2018

It's all OK when it comes to executive bonuses, but at the same time there are many rumors about layoffs in Waltham.
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Horrible office politics at Thermo Fisher Scientific

They harassed me at work as the sectional head was a horrible woman who undermined her subordinate who happened to be my line manager. This put me right in the middle of horrible office politics which I did not want be a part of. It was like my line... read more
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Inventory audit company wide

Lots of people are saying Emerson has bought sites. If it is fine, if not, just shut up! Rumors mill is flying high and the audit is fodder for the "Emerson" sale. Anyone know anything?
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Thermo fisher Tewksbury Ma no manufactury job posts

I noticed Thermo Fisher Tewksbury has not posted any manufacturing or technicians positions for a long time does anyone know why sent in several resumes heard nothing are they closing?
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Hard Workers Need Not Apply

If you're a hard worker who takes pride in your work, this company is not for you. Management seems to promote their friends to higher positions rather than the people who are more qualified and get the job done. As other posts have stated, this... read more
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Ugly Company!

I am a former employee and I was there for 20 years. I was forced out. I was thrown underneath the TFS bus by people who have no intelligence and were frightened by all that I knew. I feel for those who work hard and are not appreciated. I have... read more
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Former escapee

So glad I got out a few years ago. Shandon was a lovely company to work for. Then taken over by the giant that is Thermo who ripped the arse out of it and employed idiots such as Guilio Chironi (shows what a long lasting effect he had, can't even... read more
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Thermo Fisher Layoffs 2017

Are you really telling us that things will be OK - how come that there are many rumors about layoffs in Waltham.
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credit and collections

Thermo Fisher Scientific has outsourced their credit and collections dept to Costa Rica. Shame on them. Any U.S. company that moves American jobs out of the country I have no respect for.
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Staff laid off from the cramlington facility

Staff were laid off earlier this year. The way it was handled was completely unprofessional. Thermo is all about corporate figures. There is absolutely zero chance of progression within your role unless you brown nose your way into a job.
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Big business, few staff.

In trying to dominate Thermo have let go experienced people to cut back, but now not enough staff to keep the business running efficiently, namely Microbiology.
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Not the best place to work in

I was so glad to start working here, and then I realized that this company lacks a vision, no innovation whats so ever, and no place for improvement at all. Opportunities for career improvement at Thermo are at least poor, if not non-existent... read more
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Confusion everywhere

They are trying hard to catch up with times, but with this old-school top heavy management, in which a who has which title means more than a getting a job done right, not working at all. Plus the Thermo is so segmented, that you literally get... read more
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more layoffs in Tewksbury.

R&D and manufacture of all XRF instruments will move to China Innovation center and CMC. Only ITAR controlled products will stay in US.
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Closing Chelmsford any Tewksbury news

Does anyone know if Tewksbury will be affected too slowing economy Engineering student thinking of applying but heard they are laying off need stability student loans
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Chelmsford MA to close.

Chelmsford MA to close. They made lab instruments. If you support a thermo business that is not the leader or not very profitable then get out quickly. Thermo has cheaper places than the US to conduct low end work. If anyone can do it then someone... read more
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62 Let go in Houston 2016

Our last day is April 1st 2016, this was announced a week ago...
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Why do they need you?

Answer this: are you performing a job that can be done cheaper elsewhere? If yes then you are on borrowed time at TFS. Thermo management are all numbers people and are enthralled with globalization. There are millions of engineers and scientists in... read more
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they laid off over 600 people just to buy another company so yes I believe they will lay off in 2016 didn't care about the people they let go to just another company or there families
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Thermo Fisher Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Thermo Fisher layoffs in Waltham in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Any updates, I am pretty anxious, things do not look good right now for TF. I hope the economy turns soon.
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600+ were let go in the first half of 2013. 2014 will be brutal.
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Rumors never stop..

Rumors never stop... Thermo is stronger than ever... Haters will hate, TFS will remain...
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