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Why are people here so resistant to change?

Seriously, why is change such a bad word here? Why is it still acceptable in this day and age to continue doing things that can be improved so easily the same old way just because those near the top who've been with Teradata for several decades... read more
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Bonus in times of reductions?

So hear that there was "good" bonuses for upper CS leaders. Best in years...?? Does this make any sense? Is it even bonus time?
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Hearing more layoffs are coming before year end

After several "re-orgs" that included recently terminating multiple highly successful individuals in Sales (something most companies would never do), the word is that there is yet another round of layoffs coming in the next 45 days ahead of the New... read more
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New Unlimited Vacation Policy

No more accrued vacation time starting on January 2018. The new business strategy is to keep the teams perpetually understaffed and so it will be difficult to take vacation.
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Is virtual CS area going to see some reductions as well?
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Teradata Layoffs 2018

It's hard to see things getting better - are we going to have job reductions in corporate in Dayton.
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Did Teradata hire a career counseling & placement agency?

I got a mail from this career counseling and placement agency to help me in my transition. Its surprising to see this is happening after about 3 wees of firing. Teradata never told about it. Agency is directly reaching to me. Is this a genuine thing?... read more
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Severance Package Violations?

Disclaimer: Per severance package agreement, this post is not focused on either disparaging or negative remarks regarding Teradata, nor is it intended as legal advice or expert comment. HEADS UP: The most recent, personnally received payment,s per... read more
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Incoming CA layoffs at Teradata

Get ready, rumor is there are more reorganizations (aka layoffs) coming. Teradata has a big footprint in California. In CA, if a company lays off more than 30 (more or less, not sure of the exact number) in a month, the company has to pre-report the... read more
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PS management can't sell even the best

PS management is lead by a guy who is opportunistic.. he stabbed his own boss to get this previous job.. then he threw few more guys under the bus and then he got his current job.. his track record is so bad that the only reason he has a job is... read more
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Think Big silent layoffs

More silent layoffs happening at Think Big. Another not so silent round planned for end of month?
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People who read these posts should share their experience with others

If you silently suffer and take the abuse then you are part of the problem. I read some of the posts and it is heart wrenching. It is important for some of the existing employees who are still part of Teradata to share their brothers and sisters who... read more
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Teradata severance package

The package given by Teradata is a joke... Hope few of the laid off employees get together and go after them... When you look carefully at the list they have gone after people who are older and have been with them longer.. I wish VL had gone after... read more
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Rampant employee abuse at Teradata

This company is a sinking ship. When I started with the company I was told I was doing a good job. But I still got abused, every time they need someone to travel I was told I needed to go. I missed out on birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. So... read more
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Sick and tired of reorganizations

Anybody else noticed how they no longer use terms like layoffs, instead they just announce reorganizations and start letting people go. I guess it has a better ring to it, and it keeps employees from getting too worked up about it. I will not even go... read more
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Fire all the VP

Teradata should fire all the VP's who haven't produced anything for the past 20 quarters. For a company that has less than 2.5B in revenue we have too many VP's.
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What do you expect?

The company is run by management who have no clue on how to change with the changing times. Never came up with strategies to be in Cloud or to acquire good company. We bought Claraview which was a disaster.. then the "think Big" which was over priced... read more
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Layoffs occurring this week

Ongoing layoffs occurring this week. Re-organization occurring again.
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Do we even have a chance?

Do you think we'll be around in 5 years. Be frank.
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PS Reorg

All of PS is being reorganized, anyone here anything about job losses? With ThinkBig losing some team members in their reorg, thinking PS may be a target as well.
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June 2017 - More Layoff s

Tuesday - June 27 ~25 associates were laid of from the new ThinkBig Analytics organization of Teradata, There was suppose to be a place for everyone in thew new organization....guess not
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Thread missing

There was a thread about some layoffs in Pune here, and now it's gone. Is this site administrated?
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Teradata Layoffs 2017

How about a bit of healthy growth for a change - I do hear that we may have layoffs in Dayton.
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Who the $(#! is Cranton?

He posted some documents a while back on the 2015 thread that I hadn't seen before, and he's said some other things that make him look like an insider. Does anyone know who this person is? Some of those documents never made it to rank and file... read more
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He hadn't even read my resume

I interviewed at TD in San Diego about a year ago and it was the most chaotic, unprofessional event I've experienced in the last decade. I was to meet with 4 separate hiring managers. The first guy didn't understand why he had to be dragged into the... read more
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Why would Taradata post jobs?

Why is Taradata posting sales jobs in the O&G market? We are still stuck in the low $40s with no change insight?
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The business continues to decline

Most infrastructure layoffs are complete, but expect additional layoffs once TMA is sold. The business continues to decline, so don't be surprised if more RIF's occur (unfortunately not at the leadership level)
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AIP Payout?

Does anyone know if there will be a AIP payout in March? If so, any idea of the percentage?
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