Thread regarding Intel Corp. layoffs

Lisa Su and Jensen Huang schooling BK at CES

No surprise there, you have MIT and Stanford grads vs. a San Jose State BS.

Guess who's smarter?

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You are wrong BK is technically dumb trust me he is the homeboy Gump joke in the inner technology circle gossip. It’s a regular topic both in US and abroad, totally embarrassing if he is your boss

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School attended is but one of many things that determine things. It naturally screen for a persons innate capability, thinking, and experience. Is it absolute on determining true smarts and experience and future prediction of performance, no.

To the posters that say it doe a matter, I assume your thoughts are

Grades don’t matter

Test scores don’t matter

Accolades in sports, arts or school don’t matter.

Anybody who truely believes that I am sure most have kids who become plumber or technicians for the most part, LOL

Yup look at the world leaders in politics, science or business. Is there a common theme that the most iconic Presidents, scientist, judges, leaders have? Look at the lineage of Moore, Noyce, Grove. Now Barrett and PSO both credentials and intel were well correlated and now we got BK!

Now BK has had an illustrious career from being a good process engineer, GL, AM, Factory Manager, ATM, TMG blah blah blah. He works hard and has compulsive behavior that has made him sucessful that BoD deemed him worthy enough to be considered for CEO. The other candidates rumored for the corner office had far better credentials. Many examples in this in athletics but for the most part chances and odds for success are better if candidate has innate DNA and experience of the classical technology CEO.

Look at GE for or HD what could happen if you choose poorly and most certainly Intel BoD have

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BK is not technically dumb - he just has absolutely no street smarts. Which isn't so swell for the CEO of a company with deep-rooted issues. Or for their shareholders. Which I am not, unless you count shorting the stock, which I did today. Wheeeee!

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I love the American obsession with which school people attended. People actually believe that the school some went to actually has any relation to how smart they are. Funny.

I would love to put OP in a room with BK for ten minutes to have a discussion with him. I bet he won‘t manage to get more than three words out while BK struggles to adjust down to the level of retard to give OP a chance to understand him.

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Why does it matter if it is SJ state or stanford

Or berkley ?

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich today as he delivers the official CES 2018 pre-show keynote at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas at 6:30 p.m. PT

Good New: CFP National Championship Starts 5PM PT; Everyone should be well lubricated by then

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Chart AMDs rise with who was running the show.

Chart Intels fall with who was running the show.

👩‍🎓 vs 🤡

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