Thread regarding Bank of America layoffs

Load of Cathy's BS along with her Circus Leaders

What a load of BS...

Good to know Cathy and her circus leaders have this whole thing under control... I can't leave this place fast enough!


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"Transform the workplace" is coded language for "Let's bring in some more *". I wish that Botox-riddled * would go enrich some other corporation.

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Responsible transformation simply means more Indians that can b$llsh!t well - which is almost all of them! It's that simple and any high level executive knows this. To succeed in these fast paced modern times knowledge and experience is not important, anything can be googl'ed in a few seconds. It's now a matter of how diverse you are in comparison to your competition that keeps investors interested. Productivity and innovation are not important as everything that can be done, has already been done so there's really nothing to do other than just fix what we already have or re-code in the latest fad language as part of some super platform that can do anything and everything. And if you actually believe all this, good luck and get ready for some really uninteresting, backward times.

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Albany NY

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She is a walking shyte storm that is for sure. New languages that apparently seasoned employees can't keep up with. That statement alone shows how full of shyte she is. Question Cathy, how many languages can you fluently code in? I'm pretty sure if the answer exceeds >= 1 that is a bone faced lie. I've demonstrated an ability to code in more than a dozen for sure over the years but I'm sure in your mind it is convenient to say I can't pick up a new language or new framework or whatever bull shyte your handlers are stuffing in your earpiece on any given day. Responsible transformation of the workplace? Give me a break. In your mind that means replacing anyone who has shown an extended history of adaptation to technologies of any kind with a cheap foreign replacement who has a couple current buzzwords on their resume. How much value should I place on some bozo who can ramble off a few key questions on Angular 2 compared to someone who has proven experience on things ranging from mainframes to distributed sun systems to windows desktops, which have all sorts of differing needs to code in to make them work. Ok, you're right, someone who has had to write interrupt 10 driven code on an 8086 platform and write a windows based service that operates on boot surely can't qualified to write a bootstrap on spring. You're an idiot Cathy, and anyone who has a real working of technology knows it. I am astounded someone with your lack of qualifications draws the paycheck you pull down. How do you sleep with yourself? You're kids admire you? OMG, they surely must not be the brightest bulbs in the box. Guessing your doding unearned pay funneled their way goes long way to their admiration. Fuche you Cathy you tool.

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Old news

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Unions are for communists ...

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Why don't you guys unionize instead of constantly whining ?

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