Thread regarding Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) layoffs

Job offer at HPE or DXC Technology

I got a job offer at HPE and DXC Technology this week after several months layoff. Should I take the HPE or DXC job . I have heard both companies are solid in their space but also read bad things about them especially about Megtonio.

What should I do?

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"I got a great offer from Apple today. "


Congrats and good luck!

Work harder and faster and longer and later and cheaper, and I am sure that you will go places!

Tell the Ghost of Steve Jobs "Hi" for me...

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I had the onsite interview at Apple and things look good to get an offer.

The hiring manager was impressed with my resume background and skills.

Should know more in a few days

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I took neither job.

Kept looking and got an interview at Apple.

My second interview is next week so wish me luck people.

Appreciate the checkin guys.

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OP took a position at the local morgue teaching aspiring PAs how to circumcise a corpse. More prestigious than ‘working’ for HPE or DXC, and provides much more value.

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Just curious, what did you (OP), do?

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Go with DXC, they have managers that know what they are doing

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I would go with -fzi's advise. Good Luck to All!

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These HPE posters are very angry and full of hatered for any real discussions. Don’t know how the company keeps going with so many dysfunctional people there.

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Never thought I would say this but I would go with DXC. A number of people who went there with trepidation feel that things actually worked out better than expected and DXC sees former HPE people as having something to contribute. DXC health benefits are not subsidized so they are expensive. You could take the job and look for something else. DXC, since, it is in services and customers expect consultants to have some gray hair, if you are older you will do better at DXC.

But- don't lose track of your network and keep your skills up - with either you will probably be looking again soon.

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Keep looking, there are better companies with a future out there

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People, this is a troll trying to anger those who are laid off and cant find work. Go to "Latest Posts" where you will see lots of these type posts in the past few hours or so.

Always keep an eye on Latest Posts, not just your own board. You'll get a much better perspective and easily see when the site is being trolled.

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Only you can answer that question. But here are my guidance for you.

  1. Are you currently unemployed or to be unemployed and your choice is only between HPE and DXC?

  2. Are you under 40 years old? Sad but true but both companies have a silent age discrimination. If you are between 40 and 50, I'd recommend DXC. If under 30, take HPE. If over 50, you better be offered a job at the executive or master architect level.

  3. location, location, location. Is the HPE or DXC site at a core location? If the job is at a dying site such as Roseville or Houston, expect to be out of work within 2 to 3 years.

Whatever company you choose, dont expect to ...

  1. hang around more than 2 to 3 years

  2. get pay raises or bonuses

  3. better benefits (HPE and DXC benefits have been declining since Carly. In fact, benefits during the Carly years were heavenly.)

  4. good coaching from management. You are entering a Wild Wild West environment. Take and you shall receive environment. Take as much as you can to beef up your resume. HPE courses at are free.

HPE or DXC, look at as a temporary journey or stop gap solution to whatever is your current situation.

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This is a troll post and its so obvious...

1) Meg is gone so why say its a risk

2) Neither company is solid in their space

3) Your a punk b--ch

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You are really a piece of work, your rude and extremely sarcastic remarks are super helpful to the person asking for advice. And it's funny, you are quick to point out that you think everyone who posts on here are a bunch of losers who can't find a job anywhere else, yet here you are on the site reading and posting your nasty comments as well. If you don't like reading the posts here and you don't agree with comments being made, STOP coming to the site, it's your choice.

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I guess I wonder why people like come here. Probably compensating I'm guessing. 2 companies have made offers for the posters services and you deride him. If I were going into a company with track records like HPE or DXC, I would want all the information I could get before joining.

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You should take the job and then come to this post every day and complain about it and act like you had no choice. Of course, maybe you don’t and aren’t enployable elsewhere, in which case you’ll still fit in nicely on this web site.

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It is a huge risk, and not one many are willing to take. I would look elsewhere.

1) Constant layoffs

2) Reshuffling management

3) Nothing in the way of training that you would have to pay for anyway

40 Will never be on any best places to work list - ever

4) Dying companies. One is a re-seller and the other one is getting crushed by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.

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Toss them both in the rubbish bin

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