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Your efforts will never be appreciated

Time to leave halliburton you fools. Your work will never be appreciated. Only the upper management will climb the hierarchy while you look at your pathetic pay.

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Most, if not all of the larger oil & gas, service companies management are funky.

Largely in part of the liberal mentality that has infultrated all aspects of our business.

The differance however is still, the fact that BH was able to make the deal and HAL lost the 3.5 BILLION $$ bet.

WTF, it still amazes me that ALL of the managers involved, are still employed..... WTF!!!!

3.5 BILLION $$'s man!

That's a lot of capital and expense money that can surely be used for our advancement.

Now our competition is using the 3.5BILLION $$$ to advance their company to the new big bambino

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So, Transocean bought Songa offshore for 3.4B (7 semi Subs) and Hal just writes a check for 3.5B and gets nothing?

Too Bad the BoD is in bed with the Executive Team.

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The management at BH is just as bad if not worse than HAL . Look at the mess in stoneywood Aberdeen due to bad management.

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No sh--. Brutha, WTF.....

Yes, everything was big time when they thought that we were gonna take over the BH facilities....

Yup, should have seen the arrogance, I saw it!!

The HAL Management thought that they owned BH

Was hilarious when the deal failed

The arrogance is still there, it is hilarious to see all levels of our management in denial and utter failure....

HAL management at this point, at all levels, are an utter disgrace to the word, "management"!

There is no management

These people are a joke

Non educated imbeciles to say the least.

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Hey the only thing we want from HAL is another $3.5 billion so we get another big cash handout. Thanks boys

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uh, wow ! Hey, what ever became of the integration team/member who were sent to assimilate Baker into the fold and have them walk the HAL walk. Not much use for them after the deal went sour.

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CTUW, you know the answer to that, what are you implying?

I know any questions like that would mean immediate termination.....

I am gonna sit here and collect a paycheck like everyone else.

I will say what I want, but only a dumb--s would fire themselves....

This company is run by a bunch of democratic liberal brain dead dumb--s's.

I think that the destiney of this company is already planned out and there is no future involved.

I'm gonna get what I can out of it before they either run this ship aground or I decide to leave.

What is happening in all, most of our big cities around the country that is run by liberal democrats, they f--- them up because of their stupid ideas.

That have done the same to HAL.

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Bui, you need to ask that question at the next town hall meeting.

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hypothetical question and you don't need to respond, but IF you or I had scr---d up to a cost of, say 350k, do you think we'd be round a year later ?

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7rnq you bring up a lot of good points....

That 3.5billion dollar deal provided money, our money, to our competitor...... Wow,

And these employees complaining about the pay, well, the company can't legally cut wages, but they will certainly perform layoffs and hire new faces for much less wages and benefits package.

No, we haven't even begun to see the results of that 3.5 billion dollar f---up

I doubt that we will ever recover from this

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No-one interested in this mess of a company . They are yesterday's nothing nobody and going nowhere but crash 'n burn.

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HAL shot themselves in the foot big time and now in decline. Stupid move jack and one of the big c--k ups in corporate history.

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the major investors/holders must be pie-eyed 'bout somethin' and that somethin' may be the stiffie they get at night dreaming 'bout that .18 cent-a-share dividend, judas i don't know, but you'da somebody would'a gotten canned over this sh--. h--l, get rid of the whole bunch of 'em, even the VP's.

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HAL will never recover from that loss it's too big. It's the beginning of the end for this once good company.

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And that 3.5billoin dollar debacle, BILLION.... That everyone seems to be forgetting about, do not realize the extent of that..... Man, I don't know what to call it, but everyone that was involved in that decision shoul have been fired a looooooong time ago.

How long will it take us to recover from that????

It can take years, if ever!!

Some idiot said in the below post that BH is incompitent.... Well, I say diddly to that because they just took 3.5 BiLLION of our $$$$ and are investing it in our own demise..... WTF

People are stupid, we need to keep this the topic of conversation until all that were involved are gone!

But, just like politicians, these parasites never really go away, do they..... They always seem to get rewarded for their utter incompitance!!!

No, we may never realize the actual damage caused by that 3.5 BILLION $$ dibacle.....

We will only see people getting laid off, and new faces arriving at a lesser wage and benefits package

We will only see our once great company slither to a new low, due to the lack of knowledge and experienced employees that we once had

Times, they are a changing, and the once proud company will be reduced to a company of incompitent idiots that sit around in daily meetings giving each other hand-obs explaining how yesterday's was much better.

Yup, 3.5 BILLION, to our competitor, WTF

But these idiot employees want to keep bit him about a pay raise.....and more money...... Let me tell you something, you got what you got, if you want more and actually get it, you will be on list for sure, because there are thousands waiting to take your job for much less!!!!! And HAL management is very well aware of this......

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people have seemingly gotten over the grief of the 3.5 billion dollar spend, haven't seen any comment of that. 3.5 billion is a huge amount of money, especially when invested in one's competition.

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5wms is chain smoking doobies 2 at a time ! Bro' how 'bout passin' that dootchie to the left man. Pass it round.

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Baloney. USA is second biggest oil producer because of shale oil and they've cut extraction costs since the downturn. Shale oil is king and Saudi Arabia /OPEC are dancing to its tune.

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Shale is f---ed. It's turning over revenue but not actually making money. As soon as the bankers grow some balls they will cut the money and the US land market will become sub prime 2.

Hal needs to pivot to the international market fast or SLB and BHI are gonna clean up.

RIP shale and 100 doller oil.

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what ? now this ? dam, Daimler's electric short-haul city trucks are coming to the U.S.

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a behemoth of incompetence

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The incompetence at baker is staggering. They won't hang on to many contracts too many f-ups.

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Baker Hughes: The New Behemoth on the Block

One analyst contends that recent contract wins show that the combination of Baker Hughes and General Electric's oil & gas business is working.

Just think, a year from now, you will still s--k, and your exec's will still be awarding themselves bonuses

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we are gonna need to staff up with people to account for empty desks and chairs.

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Can't see how any deep water expensive projects won't be canned when all Saudi has to do is open the taps. Few years from now any oil in the ground won't be worth much so may as well use it to kill off the competition. Shale oil is cheaper as well so the conventional oil industry is heading for a rapid decline.

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In several years this won’t matter any longer. The demand for fossil may be limited to key areas such as shipping, transportation, oil executive limosines and air and space travel. Whatever, demand will be diminished, so follow your CEO’s lead and grab as much money as you can while you can.

Saudi and Russia will be looking hard for customers and may shift their focus to North Africa, The Middle East, countries still operating old Mercedes cars and Toyota pick-up trucks with bed mounted machine guns as well as nations whose name ends in ‘stan - Gaderkastan, Gaderkaderkastan,Shaggystan, ineedtoshavestan … . But once China slows down, that’s a significant blow. Houston may become the next Detroit or simply the home of rich folks looking for that winter of life, life-extending health care or maybe it will just quietly slip off into the Gulf or be swamped by it. Now, with that in mind, relax, whatever you are woking on now is practically obsolete now anyway, that deadline? may be a mute point, but have a great day. Be sure to visit the gift store in the Admin Bldg lobby, Battle Red Harvey shirts are now 20% off and imported coffee cups made in China are 2 for 1. Stay for coffee, a snack, a beverage or just people watch as the rich and elite scurry back and forth in an attempt to make the company great for a change.

China aims for an industry-changing ban on fossil fuel cars



It's not just European countries planning long-term bans on fossil fuel cars. China's vice minister of industry and IT, Xin Guobin, has revealed that the country's government is developing a timetable for a ban on sales of fossil fuel vehicles. The official hasn't given a rough estimate for when a ban would kick in, but France and the UK are both aiming for 2040. …

Whatever the motivations, the eventual ban is likely to have a tremendous effect on the automotive industry. ….. it likely won't matter what politicians elsewhere believe about the environment -- China's shift could dictate a switch to EVs around the world.

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The same applies to all service companies not just HAL . The execs at the top are only out for themselves making millions and feeding crumbs to the rest who are nothing nobodies as far as they are concerned.

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