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McKesson Layoffs 2018

Just relax, focus on work, focus on delivering things, stay positive stay productive - making things happen and you will be safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in San Francisco.

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Were your jobs recently eliminated or are you former employees from years ago?

If you were recently let go, what dept did you work for?

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I agree with the last post. However, I was flushed down the toilet after 15 years of outstanding service. I could not stomach the vile management, and spoke up against the system. Do not trust your manager, do not trust HR, do not trust the executive level. What a horrible place! But, this seems to be the norm in any corporation. Bless the top, and stiff the low end. McKesson is absolutely, undeniably, the worst company to ever work for.

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18 years I work hard and focused on the corporate goals and objectives. Not only did I work hard, I never called in sick, always was positive and was more professional than most of the C-level executives (who think they are better than others). Oh, they talk and teach diversity, they do not practice it. The ICARE principles are to keep employees who are not executives in control. The C-level executives do not abide by these principles. In the end, I was treated like a box of Kleenex. They used me up and tossed me away for a new, cheaper box. I guess it could have been worse, they could have flushed me like toilet paper. One thing for certain, you cannot trust McKesson’s HR department. The EVP of HR is there to support the CEO’s agenda, in fact this is what all EVPs do. They do not care about you. It is all about their bonuses, their stock options. They retire rich while other employees that retire from Mck have to work just to pay for health insurance.

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Makes sense. That would be a more aggressive timeline than other big moves that have happened, but not outside realm of possibility.

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: It's not such a crazy timeline if they've been planning it for a while (which is highly likely). By the time things start getting noticed by the peons below the C suite, it's already a done deal. It's unreasonable to assume that just because they signed a lease for a set time that that lease can't be broken, or arbitrated. It's something that just requires a cost-benefit analysis. We are nothing but pawns being used by the players.

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The last wave of Pharma employees based at 1 Post are contracted to stay on through June 2018. But after this, there will no longer be any US Pharma employees based in San Francisco. The business unit will be fully transitioned to Las Colinas.

Corporate is still at 1 Post, along with 2 floors of Specialty Health employees, and there has been no formal announcement for either of these. But you are likely right that within a few years, there will likely be no MCK employees left in San Francisco (perhaps McKesson Ventures might remain?)

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Yes it is possible. Look at the skeleton crew now compared to this time last year. Plus with fiolettsk.rus starting Dec 1 and voluntary resignations. This is just Pharma I speak of, not sure of the other BU's, but eventually they will ALL be moved out of One Post

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No way they move everyone out of SF by April 2018. That’s a flat out crazy timeline.

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"perpetually unstable" is the key here.

I have worked for McK for just a few years but can confirm everything described in your posts.

I am leaving on my own terms soon, because I can no longer work for such an unethical company with inept management and a handful of soulless employees in my BU.

I have been in the adult workforce for 30+ years (yes, college educated) and have NEVER witnessed this activity in another company. My days of fast food in my teens couldn't have prepared me for the drama and trickery that goes on here!

The greed. The money, MIP, so sickening. Combined with the opioid crisis, refusing to follow DEA rules, etc.

Via a reputable HR source, One Post will be completely moved to Las Colinas by April 2018.

Along with more jobs being handed to India as well & several being "laid off" or terminated before the move. This source is prepared for lay offs to begin 12/1/17.

I do value and respect my coworkers, so if I hear or see anything else [concrete] I will report it here.

My best advice, update your resume, network, take classes, pay your bills and prepare. That applies to any job, not just McK. There are a few more tidbits of info I have, but I won't post them to avoid unnecessary worry until I have confirmed them.

As another poster said, " the purpose of this board to inform the employees of upcoming information that Management is withholding from us." --Very True

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Maybe San Francisco has a different model than Alpharetta, GA. Here our motto is work hard, unpaid nights and weekends whenever management makes a customer an unrealistic promise, and we'll fire you the second we can outsource your position.

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Safe from layoffs? Keep dreaming. I spent 20 years there, was a top performer the entire time and was laid off twice. The place is perpetually unstable.

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Your reading comprehension skills s---. You mis-read the original post, which is why your comments didn't make sense in the first place. One can only assume that you are from the South. Perhaps West Virginia? It might explain how McKesson filled those insane pharmacy orders that triggered the opioid crisis in the first place.

Comparing McKesson's employment practices to the Nazism entailed using the literary device of hyperbole. If you had any historical knowledge, which you clearly don't, you would see that the Company is asking hard-working employees in San Francisco to pull out all the stops for them to be productive/profitable with the ultimate intent of terminating everyone very, very soon. If you can't see a historical parallel between the callousness of McKesson and the Nazis in how they treat workers-then, I can't help you. Human life for McKesson as an employer and as a drug pusher has very little value.

As for your feelings, you are so narcissistic that you don't see that the purpose of this board to inform the employees of upcoming information that Management is withholding from us. It's not about you or how thick you are. It's about being able to make an informed decision and provide a proper venue for employee speech.

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Oh, also, the person here comparing a poster to the Nazis? That’s unhinged. How about we recognize that human beings are writing these posts. Invoking Naziism is a cheap tactic whose only effect is to shut down rational dialogue.

Before you rail against me, please remember I’m a human too. This post may be anonymous but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.

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Never said you’d be safe from layoffs. Said you could either accept the unstable situation and do your best, or move on to another opp.

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Responding to the poster who called us a bunch of whiners:

First of all, Hello HR-hope that you are having a good weekend since God knows what exactly you do accomplish during the work week.

Secondly, the retort back was moronic. "(You will be) safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in San Francisco." Where's the logic here? Even if you work hard and are productive in San Francisco-that is not going to save your job. The Company is moving to Las Colinas, TX. There is no direct relationship between working hard in SF and keeping having your job. Regardless of whether you work hard or not (like HR), the jobs will still be moving.

Let me guess-you got a C- in Logic during college, if you went to college.....

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Y’all are some sh---flinging whiners. The OP was saying that you should do good work wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, and you’ll be fine. Who cares if it’s HR? That philosophy is right.

McK exists to make money; if leaving SF or laying off a bunch of staff improves the bottom line, then that’s what they’ll do. As long as you’re in the corporate world—even in the stablest, best run org—then you’re at the whim of shareholders and the bottom line. The way to “control” your career and wellbeing is to work hard and keep adding value. Shut up and do that, or move along to your next opp. Pretty sure you’re not endentured.

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That has to be a member of HR trying to get us to work hard for a job that will no longer exist in 3 years in San Francisco. LOL. You guys are a joke. The only function that HR does is stroke the egos of the insanely compensated C-level executives. Anyone looking forward to watching "60 Minutes" this Sunday to see our part in the opioid crisis? McKesson has a starring role.

Work hard and stay productive? For what? It's like getting the best seats aboard the Titanic. You know that the ship of 1 Post is gonna go down for f*ck's sake.....

The author of this post must have been the reincarnation of a Nazi official doing ramp duty to the

poor souls who just embarked off the trains at Auchwitz. You might have as well as uttered, "Arbeit Aacht Frei." Work hard here and we are still down the count.

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This kind of naivete is so sweet, even when it's so totally wrong. Whatever makes you think that we work in a merit-based company? Look around and ask yourself: Are my upper managers actually qualified for their positions. No. Most certainly No.

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