Thread regarding Halliburton Co. layoffs

Halliburton culture change for the worse

Hal has become a liberal left company

They are not interested in being the industry leader in the oil and gas industry

They want to be the leader of diversity to show the world that they care

They have replaced the working class Americans with low paid help from around the world

They have become the safe haven for the trans-gendered and homos

They have become the company that has meetings about meetings and try to brainstorm with their think tank mentality, like a bunch of zombies that can't think or fend for themselves.

This is what all the college idiots are taught and they bring these views and are infiltrated in to our companies. They hate conservative values, but they like getting a paycheck!! And, while doing so, are ruining every company and business that they come in contact with.

Halliburton has become a company of incompetent idiots

Halliburton is proof that once you let the liberals take charge of something, they will f--- it up.

Just like they have done to our Country

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I agree with every said here. I worked there for years, then layed off. Left to do my job is a no working lazy set of 38DD.

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We need to focus on our customers and provide them with the best product line, support and service. PERIOD!

We need to remove all of the milk rooms, coffee bars, snack bars, daycare, gymnasium, prayer rooms and all thother stupid crap.

We need to fire all personnel that do not directly support the product, support or service that we provide.

If you are not directly involved with what the company provides to the customer, get rid of them.

No think tank meetings for stupid ideas,

No more meetings about meetings

If you can't get an answer or find a solution to a problem within the first 14 minutes of a conversation, then you shouldn't be here

We don't need to have meetings scheduled all week long, nothing gets done or corrected

I have sat in these damn meetings and they are stupid. The first 10 minutes are about some stupid safety moment about someone's wife stubbing her toe while going to take a piss in the middle of the night or some other stupid thing that has nothing to do with our business.

Then the rest of the meeting is listening to some idiots explaining something that they know nothing about, meanwhile the one person comes up with the solution either to be isolated from the rest or we agree upon the solution

Stop stupid meeting where travel, time and funding is counter productive to a real solution

Video conferance, call in or email, meetings are much more productive.

Maintenance of the facility, we don't need a Real Estate Services department, get rid of them and hire a management firm to handle those services, this RES guys are stupid as f--- and they should at least take the services name from the name because the service s---s

We can cut half the employees right now and pro inky not even know that they wet gone, that is how nonproductive we have become.

Out of a 40 hour work week, we are only productive about 10 to 15 actual hours of work.

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and when they move the balance of the psl's in they can give them the dank old fann bldg !!

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I agree with comments from top level management to lower level management especially in aberdeen it's a b token relationship with my manager at bss ask a question get a negative reply this being on lack of investment in equipment to pay structure to working offshore xmas and new knowing your the only company that pays no extra for working this period.

This Toby Dixon yes the main man wants to listen to the people and get it sorted out we work hard for the cause and get treatment with disrespect

Many people are sick of the saying it's them and us

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Incompetence is driving Hal's competitors down the sewer also. Nowadays, they just put anyone in any job and it doesn't matter if he knows what he's doing or not. What a mess and it's only going to get worse.

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Management must change from the top down and they need to re-evaluate what a manager/management actually is. Management directly impacts all aspects of a company.

They need to get that under control if we are going to succeed!

Otherwise, we will continue to spiral down to another low... As a company.

We can be a great company again, but it is going to take drastic measures from the top down to make that change.

I try to be optimistic about this, but, the future of oil doesn't look good.

Just my opinion, I see more layoffs, facility closures, and the possibility of most if not all PSL's to reside at the North Belt facility in the next couple years.

I just can't see the Halliburton of the past and don't see any real future in the oil field service.

It shows on our paycheck a, the quality of employees that are hired, our management.

And it really shows in the employees that have been here for any length of time. Nobody seems to care about anything, they have bad attitudes and I everyone that I know thinks that the management and their supervisors and leadership are stupid.

Things gotta change man!!!!!

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And it shows up in the quality of service, and the attitude displayed by the field hands towards the customer.

Halliburton seems to forget that we ARE a SERVICE COMPANY.

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Man o man, and I thought that I was the only one that noticed this crap!

So true......

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You are correct, they started this process years ago.

Just like the 3.5 BILLION $$$ give away, WTF.......

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