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Northbelt office flooded?

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I'm really late to this but....does anyone know what buildings had 1st floor flooding?

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Let me tell you something you pathetic britches

You won't get anywhere there at Halliburton

You will not get anywhere in you pathetic cubicle or office

You are where you are, and will not get any higher in the food chain. PERIOD!

Keep hangin on to you little escalates

You own and have no control over anything!

All you support groups like HSE, RES, HR..... Well good luck to you losers when Halliburton shuts the door on your employment, because it will be very difficult for you to find a job screwing people over the way that you do. Good luck!

Jobs in the real world are not like the magical kingdom where you can do what you want and there are no reprocusssions.

Trust me, when you lose your job, and you will, you will actually have to work for your paycheck.

Good luck with that,

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atdi is a tad but grumpy.

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Now just hold on there Skeeter, abq ain't hurtin' nobody. Just getting some things off mind that's all. Does ramble on a bit, but abq is no different than the rest of us. Hey ! what was that. I think the floor moved, it did. Surely a sign from above.

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Well, abqb, you are obviously a dumbarse or to damn ignorant to understand reality.

First off, there is no whining, secondly, the person below was just stating the fact about the repair that was made, and it is correct, they should have made a better decision on this repair rather than put a bandaid on this.

Our so-called HSE should have stepped in and made them do what is right.

Everyone flaps their mouth on the easy, stupid issues, but when something comes along that matters, our so- called leaders, do not have a clue how to correct or properly address real issues.

You, are either one of the dipsticks that assisted in this or you are just too stupid and are just making an ignorant statement.

I read on a past post here about some Real Estate Services folks and Manufacturing folks making comments that the reason RES is here was that we didn't know how to mow the damn grass......

Well you dumbarse, if these RES idiots are going to take care of our buildings in this manner, then they don't need to be in this position.

There seems to be a bit of frustration and bad decisions on both sides, but don't come on here talking like a jackarse.....

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suk it up buttercup, go down to th hardware store get ya one o those masks if you are so delicate, quit your whining, i'm tired of the lot of you that became so jaded and spiteful in the wake of events of the last few years to the point tht u jus don't give a s--t no more and consequently putting in your time doing the abs solute minimum. you are suking up space and resources those of us who do care enough to put are pants on everday stand in the same line as you, maybe we could ackually get a nicer raise or focal pint if you didn't have your hand in the jar. yeah, that's you, look ay ya. yeah the system sux and chocacunks happen, some count furniture some get whacked, go do something wurthwil you fence siter

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disgusting, e

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Yes, and we only changed out the rubber molding.

We had the janitor crew clean the floors and carpeting and placed fans to dry out after wet vac'd...

It was recommended to cut the Sheetrock out and replace it and any insulation.

Well, our brilliant management didn't feel that this was necessary.

So, in a few months when you fine folks start smelling the nastiness and I am almost certain that there will be some sort of "mold growth" very soon, please feel free to thank our Brilliant Real Estate Services morons for making this decision on your behalf!!!

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Hey ! Who put the chest high waders on the lifesize image of uncl-dave ? and if that's w

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HAL dive team went in on horseback but were driven back by crocodiles and aggressive mosquitoes. Consideration now being given as to how water can be piped to where needed to support fracking operations and how much to bill for that service.

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Benefits are for execs only

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Turn it into a water park it might be the case when the unhappy employees get free entry as this company are greedy to staff no only on wages but benefits

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P0nO2cM-1qpv Can you post a link to those Pics of the NBT flooded.

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Was Uncle Dave's monument to himself saved?

It showed the wisdom of making his stature larger than life, otherwise the water may have covered him, instead of only coming up to his knees.

There are unconfirmed reports of Little Jeff, braving the high waters to save Uncle Dave from being blown over and drowning.

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Tewksbury has plenty of capacity to help with tools until the weather is better

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We will rebuild. We will be better. And we will begin by making the duck ponds deeper, much deeper and increasing their overall surface, while maintaining the integrity of the secret tunnels connecting the buildings.

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what cost center will all this repair and lost time charges come out of - my dept has cut to the core already

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who really cares ?

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I heard about 1 foot of the ground floor is flooded. I saw pics today of the parking lot and surrounding area, and it was under water.

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Ground floor

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