Thread regarding Pearson PLC layoffs

3000 Layoffs with a focus in managerial positions

Pearson Plc made good on a pledge to cut costs, slashing 3,000 jobs and cutting its interim dividend to preserve cash as it works on a turnaround of its struggling education business. The stock advanced.

The staff cuts, about a 10th of the company’s total work force, will have “a particular focus” on managerial positions and office locations will also be reduced, Pearson said Friday. It lowered its interim dividend by 72 percent to 5 pence a share, a move signaled last month.

The staff reductions are part of Chief Executive Officer John Fallon’s plan to cut annual costs by 300 million pounds ($394 million) by 2019, as he tries to create a leaner company more focused on digital education. Fallon has had to accelerate savings initiatives as the business faces challenges in the U.S., where college enrollment has fallen and online learning and rentals are putting pressure on textbook sales. On a call, he said he’s cut 10,000 jobs since 2013.

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I wonder when there will finally be a class action lawsuit.

Pearson can't prove numbers to the reps, they constantly changes numbers/bases, passbacks, sales goals, manipulates leadership council winners, upper management bullying and lies. Who wants in???

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"Driving results" through bullying and intimidation may get you a gold star at our company, but it doesn't change the fact that you are a terrible human being that nobody wants to work for.

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Can someone fill me in on who Vacuous V is--maybe hint where they live and i might be able to get it.

The flamingo/unicorn/pirate manager drives results so is a golden child of the organization. Executive leaders don't care how they treat employees, but as long as there are financial results. They allow bullying, intimidation, toxic poison, or whatever else so the company looks great in the eyes of the shareholders. A great example is a few years ago they hired a rep with no industry experience (was a dental assistant). She brain washed this gal and taught her how to bully others, be fake/ingenuine, throw co-workers under the bus, and learn as little as you can. This rep later became rep of the year and now gets to preach the wisdom of the great leader. This rep will be promoted soon and bully others like the way they were trained to bully. Executive management sees this and wants other leaders to be just like her to aspire other great fresh minds. You will continue to see people dress up in pre-school like costumes or have regional "sleepover" meetings in the near future.

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So true about HR! My manager has been turned in for multiple violations by multiple people -two of them major violations and they should have been immediately fired or put on a plan. HRs response is always "do you have this in writing?"

How are you supposed to have phone and in person conversations in writing.

Have also had many managers say we are not allowed to put out out of office on OR take vacations August-May. HR is a complete joke at this company. Just like the mangers and products.

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Posting on this site has more of an impact than reporting awful people to their managers or HR. Until the company figures out ignoring employee concerns is probably not wise, expect it to continue.

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C'mon? Are you serious? The red flag has been raised.


She rules her little kingdom like a caste system. Lowly Reps and their opinions mean absolutely nothing. They are disposable.

Everyone eventually understands this, so they s--- it up until the hypocrisy and attempted brainwashing is too much. (YOU WILL TRUST ME, OR ELSE...) At that point, they are so beaten down, they don't even bother sharing with HR, or certainly not her enabler and Central Region King, BS.

She really should be proud. Things are exactly like she wants them, but what the hell is with HIM?!! Head in the sand? Just enamored by Alpha Females? Seems like a smart guy?

No?? Someone PLEASE explain!

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Another flamingos, unicorn and pirates casualty this week. Seriously how many people have to quit under her before the red flag is raised?

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Hope they finally layoff "Vacuous" V

Total waste of salary on that individual

Complete dodo

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People that have talent and true leadership qualities don't need to manage with fear and intimidation. All of these behavioral traits come from a place of real weakness.

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Bullying and intimidation by the DMs and RMs is rampant at Pearson. Yet they offer zero help or guidance. Very toxic culture. I've worked with all the regions and the central region is by far the worst.

All the good Pearson people left 2010-2013 which is why so many people got promoted to positions that they were never qualified for. Not to mention Pearson has zero leadership development. It's like the Wild Wild West of management since no one holds these people accountable.

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Regional Manager C.A. should go next. She is a huge bully and rules by fear and intimidation. That's why so many people under her quit. She picks one or two people and makes their lives an absolute living hell. She is the meanest, most unprofessional person I have ever worked with. She comes up with catchy little themes and games to try to make herself look like this positive leader, but she's really just a big bully with no regard for anyone but herself.

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The job cuts will play out over 2 1/2 years and focus on areas like technology, as the company shifts to fewer, more scalable systems, Fallon said, as well as finance, HR and general management. He said the higher-education courseware business that has struggled is still strong and has opportunities, and investors would be “wrong to assume” it would shoulder a large part of the burden.

Played out over two and half years? WTF?

Pearson could be bought up before that, for their IP not their sh--ty tech/digital.

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You forgot the part where they layoff people, but 80% of them are retained for newly invented positions- they never cut the fat. At least that's how it goes in US HigherEd. Every region has completely different divisions. I would LOVE to know what the H channel partnerships is in the central region, what these new super RMs are etc. there is no continuity between the regions and they create the most random jobs with 100k salaries plus 50k bonuses. If it truly is going to take 2.5 years to layoff 3000 people, Pearson won't survive.

Take a note from big pharma- let them all go at the same time (like now) and give them severance . Rip the bandaid off and right the ship asap!

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Pearson cycle

  1. Lower earnings expected

  2. Annual 3000 layoff

  3. Restructure

  4. CEO get pay increase and bonus

  5. Repeat

Eventually there will be nobody left.

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Cuts will never be completed at Pearson, but the 3000 layoffs most recently suggested haven't even begun.

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have cuts been completed or still to come?

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Are there 3,000 people left? What a joke Pearson has become.

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I'm skeptical that they'll actually cut managerial positions. My department in Boston is so top heavy that, with all fiolettsk.rus of non-managerial positions and people leaving, there are almost as many middle managers as non-managers.

Yet, I bet anything that come layoffs, people like me will be the ones to go and not any of the managers.

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I interact with professionals at Pearson Education India. I hope all those professionals do come under these 3,000 cuts and I will be very, very happy by not seeing their face in PEI.

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She is THE WORST and has no business being in upper management. Funny how many openings she has and when her people quit she specifically tells them not to say they are leaving because of her.....when that's exactly why they are leaving. I hope she's enjoying her chicken biscuit this morning.

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They need to start with that fake, self-promoting Unicorn chasing Pirate RM, with a new made up title. Is it lost on her dwindling cult-like following that Pirates are THIEVES?(Self esteem, peace of mind, quality of life, sanity...)

"Look, y'all!!! I got all my people to wear a hat and get on board with my whimsical management philosophy of:

I will call you you a flamingo, sprinkle you with glitter before I rip you apart and ruin your life."

The worst are the genuinely good people, who are blatantly adjusting their moral compasses to stay on board that ruthless Pirate's ship. (Good people doing very bad things)

Upper management appears up be buying it. I gave them way too much credit.

I hear those Titantic musicians playing, as I TRY to fall asleep at night, so I get up and

continue my job search.

Folks, snap out of it and get your a** on a life boat!

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If the cuts focus on dead wood management and useless middle management, then GOOD

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This is also on top of fiolettsk.rus that they did in March/April of 2017. Way to go.

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This is crazy. It is a brilliant example in history where you clearly see how weak and incapable leadership can destroy the strongest army and force.

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Number one job cut candidate: John Fallon!

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This used to be a strong and forward thinking company. Leadership is running the company into the ground. No wonder sales and revenue are lower. Every year new systems, worth millions of dollars, are announced and rolled out. Good spending plan.

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Again- why does it take 2.5 years to layoff 3,000 people? Rip the bandaid off and onward with the new Pearson- asap! This is a sinking ship! Does he not know taking that long is just going to put Pearson behind even more?

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5,000 roles in 2014; 4,000 announced in January of 2016 and now another 3,000 announced.

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The Evil Empire strikes again.

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