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SolidFire has been impacted significantly

Both frontline sales and managers have been given 60 days to find a new position within the company or receive severance pay equal to 1-month salary for every year of employment.

I smell another failed acquisition by NetApp. The sad thing is that former NetAppers like myself want to see the company succeed they just keep coming up short and dropping the ball. Maybe HCI will save them, supposed to be GA in Oct, but even that will be how many years late.

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Sales and SE all over the Globe enjoying at SKO, while contract employees and few badges were asked to leave the campus

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If you didn't walk away from SKO convinced in NetApp you should just quit now. Best portfolio in the market, and excellent Leadership. The rest of the market is a joke right now, so if you aren't convinced you can make a killing selling NetApp, you should look in the mirror, because that is where the problem is.

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The irony! Storage was a critical bottleneck in delivering business value. One could argue that once virtualization eliminated the compute as a bottleneck storage became the center of attention for investment.

Now with all the really clever innovation, the bottleneck has arguably moved to software development.

Find the bottleneck in the value chain and innovate there. The trap I fell into for a long time was thinking of myself as a storage guy. Everything we know about complex systems is extremely useful for problems not strictly in the storage arena.

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This site is full of mostly ex-employees bitter because the company didn't recognize their perceived value and removed them from the business. I attended SKO and did not sense the attitude of some posters here.

The industry is going through a major change. NetApp needs to change with it. Some old timers struggle changing from selling speeds and feeds to selling business value. There is an argument to made that no independent storage company will ever again reach to heights of success of NetApp past. But of the current storage options, who has a better offering ? Dell/EMC is a mess, Pure is a one trick pony. Nutanix struggles to reach the scale that is needed in the Enterprise.

I for one am optimistic !

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SKO was an effing joke. No partners invited. Employees only. 99% of our reps can't sell anything. They sell products not solutions and it shows. 50% of the partners don't even have basic Netapp storage fundamentals down. It's just a matter of time before Netapp implodes.

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I still don't understand why so many people i thought were smart, purchased this steaming pile of technology. The shortcomings were so clear it was embarrassing. As long as you kept to "the story" about the 5 things SF was great at, you had a clear swim lane. But, I you have a modicum of technical knowledge, the shortcomings were clear as Saint-Gobain glass. Can it be blamed on Colorado high?

Another failed technology purchase to add to the list...ESG/E-series, Altavault, Bycast/StorageGrid, etc, Coupled with a cool-aid drinking company ethic. WAFL is a OLD technology that even it's parent ZFS is overcoming.

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I'll take one month a year severance any day.

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Revenue from SolidFire was well below the goals for FY18. In fighting between sales teams and mixed messaging to the partner community was a major impact. It's hard to succeed at anything when the rig is getting pulled out from under you. The acquisition did not/has not gone swimmingly. NetApp is full of reps who cannot sell and rely on partners handing them orders.

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One month severance for every year of service? My severance worked out to one week per year of service.

The sad thing is that former NetAppers like myself want to see the company succeed

Speak for yourself. I want NetApp to die.

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Define doesn't work out? Why would NetApp keep a salesforce that only sells one product? NetApp needs more salesforce, perfect solution, move into a role and sell everything. If you aren't good at sales, move on... Nothing to do with Solidfire not working out, simply smart business

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So, Solidfire acquisition did not work out as expected . What about Altavault, expensive OCI, Spinnacre?

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