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NetApp Buying Pure Storage

I don't know why, it's a total crap company and product. Heard from multiple sources since the NIMBLE sale, Pure is going for pennies on the dollar and NTAP is putting them out of their misery.

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LoL some really astute investors on this forum. Pure clearly going to the wall with their share price surging to $18 and likely to reach profitability at the end of their FY. Haha you guys called it.

I guess its the same peope saying blockchain is also some fad. :-)

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Pure Storage works to dumb down storage and make it like Apple. It's basic and lacks a lot of features. Part of performance is due to it not having those features but as it grows over time it will then become bogged down with the rest of them. Additionally Pure Storage needs the high revenue in order to keep working towards cash flow positive.

It isn't likely or a good idea to purchase a company which has no substantiation or basis for actual growth. Hence why they work so aggressively to troll competitor's products and trump up their own product. Issues arise but what Pure lacks or doesn't state is the fact they too do have layoffs but just quietly in small numbers all the time so tomorrow you might not have that coworker sitting near you as they will be canned but it's below thresholds.

Their SAN FlashArray product lacks features competitor's have and long term to grow this will lose out on performance. NAS FlashBlade has performance but lacks a lot of features such as backups, replication which will need to be added over time (and even then will be behind the competition).

While in theory it is possible for a company to buy out other companies it's probably a result of disinformation that causes people to believe a company is doing well or not. Due to Pure Storage not being cashflow positive; they're rated to have a financial bankruptancy concern of 40% in the next two years. Their stock or portfolio unless complimentary to other companies' portfolios, marketing/networking contacts on sales and potential for expanded growth is the determining factor and choices for this are low as primary companies that could consider this either have overlap which will not work requiring products to be merged and layoffs (sales/HR first) or selloffs to proportions to look at.

In the same case; NetApp has assets and is cashflow positive. So in this case, NetApp at least puts itself in a position to be able to be stable with confirmed growth/income vs. no income and entirely reliant on expanding, future products and keeping sales prices at the highest costs possible (which Pure Storage lacks the capability to compete on large storage spaces at better prices).

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Pure Storage is actively looking for their out. Best case scenario is Oracle buys them. There is Zero chance they can pay for all the free controllers they have promised as they are losing money left and right. They have to pay double now because anyone with a brain knows it's a sinking ship. Why do you think one of their top guys has dumped over 25M worth of stock at a big loss?????

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Isn't Pure going to be successful? Why they're paying double more than other competitors?

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Pure will fold within next 24 months (if not acquired)

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I hear the Violins playing for Pure... If you have shares that are not restricted, SELL SELL SELL!!

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Pure is going the way of Violin, no one wants to buy a company which makes their own hardware. They all want some kind of white box OS. Cisco would be fools to take on a new Fab factory. Same goes with NetApp, we already have enough storage products. Besides why would you want to pay $2B for a company that come this summer will be half that value and continually shrinking in marketshare. How do you go from IDC #1/#2 and fall below IBM? My guess is that they are worth $8.00/Share see what happens at that point. If Cisco buys anyone it will be Nutanix but that will be for $12.00/Share but only after it dips below $9/Share.

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NetApp isn't buying Pure. This comment is by some ignoramous at a competitor. If anything, NetApp is going to be acquired by a firm. I'm putting my money on Lenovo. Everyone says Cisco. Cisco is clueless when it comes to storage. It would make sense, but it will never happen. It's clear to me from the inside there is a pending buy. NetApp accountants are cooking the books. If only the share holders knew what was really going on. We aren't hitting our numbers. Someone is simply playing a shell game.

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Not now and Not until Pure's stock gets to ~$5. It'll happen this year.

NetApp doesn't need them

Dell doesn't need them

HPE doesn't need them


HDS might

Oracle might

Huawei might

Cisco? Nah, they are too inept to make any decent storage decision

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I hear Oracle is buying them. That would surely stunt their already dying off growth

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What ??? I could see a good reason HPE bought Nimble as there was a gap to close, but how would Pure come into the Netapp setup with FAS, AFF, Solidfire and EF ??

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