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You give 20 years to lowes 8 to 10 even 12 hrs days.From loader to puller to C S A them move up to department Manger then ASM. 2 maybe 3 call outs for deaths or births.Wright ups only good ones. All for a better life for your family to watch the store grow, sales get higher stocks rise customer return to spend more to raise everything you have sick or not each and every day.then to find out CEO does this who wins upper management. Store mangers and higher all safe secured jobs.still getting top dollar while people with families. Who depend on one or both working are out stepped down or walked out lose medical two maybe three ASMS go.What would you do if your wife has terminal cancer and you work to keep the medical insurance.Your an ASM or department Manger your get walked out or stepped down cut in pay your the soul provider medical bills kids house payment insurance you've lost everything. Yet store mangers and above still have it all. We all have to wonder all lowes employees are the ones that got them and the CEO there.And we're the ones that lose !!! While you get a higher salary. ..

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It is all about stock price, we the lowly sales floor worker put our lives on hold to serve them ;-(

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If your a share holder then lets use our proxy votes to boot the higher ups

As stock holders you get a say in who runs the company

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I truly believe any person going into the Lowe's corporate world and those already in the corporate world need to at least work in a Lowe's store for 1 to 2 yrs. on the sales floor as a CSA. Interact with the customers an do the daily task that the rest of us do. and see how some of the ridiculous ideas and changes not only affect us but he customers!

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The best thing to do is jump ship and go to your nearest Home Depot. There's never a shortage of jobs and It's not going anywhere but up.

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Time to shop more at the local hardware store. When will the people at the tops of companies stop treating themselves as if they are royalty?

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Wow...your spelling and sentence structure is pathetic. You MUST be a manager!

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Cutting pay in the top positions (manager and above) is the honorable thing to do. I worked for a company that did just that. Top positions took a 20% cut, and middle managers took a 10%. Everyone could still pay their bills, kept their insurance and NO ONE got laid off. That is the way it should be. Lowes new model is going to cost them in employee loyalty and customer service. In fact, it already has.

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Welcome to the decline of another retail giant. One in a long list of good job providers ready to take the back seat once again to corporate greed,(Sears Roebuck, J.C.Penney,Montgomery Wards,etc.) with the sole intent to make a buck for the upper tier management and appease the ever restless dollar choking stock holder.

With the damn the torpedoes,(hourly employees),full speed ahead attitude, it is inevitable, that "another one'' will bite the dust, leaving in its wake the same destruction of the former american way of life which was promised my generation through hard work, pride, and dedication in the workplace.

The Lowes I currently work for,(starting to turn blue), has been praised by retail and commercial customers, as a" customer driven" location, worth driving the additional distance, to remain satisfied repeat customers. This era will sadly end. Why sadly you ask? Because it took that hard work ethic, teamwork, and pride, to achieve that reputation. But there is no such "reputation" entry on the Lowes beancounters spreadsheet, only how MUCH!!!

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This cut will only impact the customers, creating a domino effect of bad service. Instead of cutting 1% of employees nation wide, how about the top 1% take a pay cut to keep the needed employees engaged with the clientele ?

If anything maybe the CEO should be fired for several bad decisions ( red vest ready, Sterling etc) programs that went no where!

Lowes corporate I dare you to work a week undercover and discover the truth... It's not easy to deal with many issues on the sales floor. You see things through the blind eyes of a corporate building .

Continue to make bad decisions Mr CEO, I hope the the stock holders recognize it and move to remove you,,, oh and without a Golden Parachute.

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The best thing to do is organize a strike at your store, you have nothing to lose

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