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Hello, this is Tina Terry with Channel 9. I'm doing a story about the Lowes layoffs today. I'm looking for someone who can share their thoughts with me. We can hide your face and voice if you'd like. Please call me at if you're interested. Tell them why you're calling and to transfer you to my cell phone. Thanks!

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Hey guys! Tina Terry with Channel 9 News again. it's been about two months since the initial layoffs. Is anyone willing to talk to me now that some time has passed? I'd like to know your feelings on fiolettsk.rus and what life is like for you today? Please email me if you can talk at Thanks! -Tina

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I read also where if u apply for a new position that when they put u in pay rate advisor they are putting you in as an external canidate which means your experience is paid less than if u had the same experience as a lowes employee. Also under the bumping act in WARN I think it's a clearly unlawful act. Those that do stay with company are going to end up take not only pay deductions but hour loss as well as most if not all positions will be posted at part time

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It was a way to hide age discrimination without making it obvious.

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At my store,just about every manager over 40 was demoted. I have been with this company going on 21 yrs, a DM for 16 of those yrs. I was replaced by someone with less than 2 yrs experience as a manager. Where's the logic? There are not enough words they can speak that could make me understand this decision. They could have just told me they pay me too much & that would have been an easier pill to swallow. Definitely not part of this family anymore.

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I sure hope someone does a story on this. The truth needs to be out there and then let the public decide if this company is where they want to do business. I feel if you would promise it would be anonymous they may be willing to talk. To fire employees that have worked for your company the longest (20 + years) and keep people that have only been there 7 is disgusting to say the least.

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Lowe's is claiming they provided 60 days paid leave out of the kindness of their heart. However, the WARN act requires 60 days notice if laying off more than 500 people in 30 days at a single location.

Although many impacted Tuesday (myself included) would be interested in speaking, however there is significant fear that our 60 days paid leave and severance will be revoked as company policy prohibits talking to the media.

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You are so right. It was the experienced people they let go. They left the lower level ones to take the work load with no training.

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The only thing "big shots" running corporations care about is money. Especially their bonus money. It's way past time for Lowes employees to unite and Unionize. Unionization is the one and ONLY recourse employees at Lowes or any large corporation have. CEO's fear Unions far more than concessions. It's time people.

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IT jobs oversees. Lower pay. Funny how you pick up phone and get answered by Bob or Julie from India. Come on! President Trump is on our side. Give it time.

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Store locations:

Lowe's claimed to be reducing it's workforce by 1%, which was the assistant store manager positions that they terminated. However, roughly another 15,000 employees are in what is called a "transition" period. They created new positions called service/support managers. 13-15 prior department managers, per location, were exclusively allowed to interview for these 6 positions. Leaving another 7-9 prior managers in what they call a CSA5 role (12 month transitional role). All department managers not promoted were informed that their jobs will cease to exist at the end of a 12 month period. During these 12 months, prior department managers will be allowed to apply into open positions in the store. Any of which is a demotion with less pay. They hid truth from the media, claiming a 1% reduction in workforce, when really it will be between 6 and 7% after the end of the 12 months. The new service manager positions have assumed the responsibilities of both their superior assistant store managers and their old positions as department managers. Only now they are responsible for zones consisting of 3-4 store departments. We have yet to see any additional employees hired on to fill the voids in departmental coverage created by this restructure. Many stores are struggling every day. Our store's morale is at an all time low.

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Do you really need a ProServices manager or CSA in ProServices? I mean its nice to have fresh hot coffee, but their existence is irritating and bothersome when you're covered head to toe in sawdust, cement, sweat, and filth. Add in running registers, chasing blue carts, sawing lumber, dealing with idiots, operating dangerous power equipment, lifting heavy loads, covering other departments, receiving trucks, etc the ProServices people need to be chopped down next. There are too many if they have time to sip on coffee and chat about cellphones, play around online, and hide behind carts of deliveries piled in front of their desks.

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15 years at corporate office in mooresville and wilkesboro.

Yesterday was devestating. Today worse for ones leftthat ot demoted andchanged job titles

I was walked out after being called into 10 minute meeting where our vp read a script

Treated like a tresspasser by rude hired security idiots

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Been with lowes for over 12 years at store level. In Jan. Of this year, lowes called all the dept. managers into a meeting at the same time across the country. They eliminated 1 - 2 asst. managers from each store with no notice And walked them out. They then told department managers (12-15 per store) their positions have been eliminated. And that they are now temporary e mployees and have 1 year to find a position with in the store or be let go . These ex dept. managers are now trying to get jobs that the people they supervised now hold. They created 5 new position " service manager". The 12-15 ex dept. managers could now apply for those 5 positions. ( let the hunger games begin) Those that don't get selected after interview will work were ever they are needed each day. Some say, well at least your weren't walked out, but they really could not do that with spring coming. Who would train these folks. Lowes is going for a mostly part time employee roster. They are cutting employees with seniority, it basically is a "wage" discrimination issue. They are cutting the folks that have earned 3-4 weeks vacation, higher pay due to time with lowes.

Out of 12 dept. managers in my store..

1 male 50+ with 2 yrs offered

1 male 40+ With 15+ years offered

1 male 40 with 6+ years offered

1 female 30 less than 4 years offered

1male 40+ with <2 years offered

3 males 40+ with 5+ yrs not offered

1 male 54 with 17 years not offered

2 females over 50 with 7 + years not offered

1 female over 55 with 12 years not offered

I will bet in 6 months or so they will come up with a new title such as team leader and offer $12 - $15 hr to fill the holes left by the ex dept. managers. It would be the same job, but this way they cut the "tenured" pay.

Now they are cutting Corp. positions and sending a lot of the IT jobs over seas. And again it seems to people with time in with the company tha are being let go.

Lowes motto was " help people love where they live." It could have been help our employees love where they work. Now it should be, "hope you have a job when you show up to work tomorrow !"

lowes has thrown away many good employees this year. And they just say they are doing this for lowes of the future!

It could have been rolled out much better and better prepared.

And they are not done yet....many rumors of other positions being eliminated.

Surprised No, disapointed YES!

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