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Found on Reddit, almost spit my coffee out

"There was a global leadership summit in Framingham today. Every VP and above under the sun was in town, not just from the US but also from Canada, Europe and the rest of the world.

At the end of the day, Shira invited everyone (and I mean everyone, not just the VPs) onto the West Lawn for what she described as a "cocktail party." Outside, on the road that runs alongside the lawn, was a large wall of cardboard boxes plastered with words that have been used to describe Staples in the last few years. A few I remember were "Bureaucratic." "Siloed." "Beaten down." "Not customer-centric." "Losing the battle." "Lost our mojo."

Shira, wearing a black t-shirt with Staples logos running down it in rainbow colors (actually a pretty dope shirt tbqh) gave a short speech to get the crowd hyped, and then summoned the spectacle of the evening. A Staples delivery truck, adorned in a fresh new livery featuring the new logo, came barreling down the road and smashed through the wall to symbolize "breaking down the barriers." From the truck emerged Vice Chairman Joe Doody, President of Staples Europe John Wilson, and who else but Staples Guy himself. They threw open the back of the truck and a bunch of Staples Brand Group people started handing out giveaways from it.

Now, some of you may roll your eyes and say that nothing will change, but one thing is certain - Shira Goodman is definitely not Ron Sargent."

The first thing that comes to mind...A TRUCK????? Why? They got rid of delivery and furniture is the next to go. Does management do this to rub it in peoples faces??????

Next, "siloed", "beaten down", etc. Really? They talk about these phrases constantly, do the changes occur....NO! All this is, is a Shira dog and pony showed Kool Aid drinking session. As Acting CEO, she really doesn't have the powers to make meaningful changes.

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It appears there are a few disgruntled staff/customers at the Big Box stores so there might be interest in a program we offer. My company, Toners Plus, specifically targets businesses with pricing contracts for toner supplies through the Big Box stores. Customers range from New York to Hawaii and our largest account has 3,500 locations. Everything sold is protected by a no-hassle lifetime warranty, which reflects our attitude, "Where Business Means More Than Just a Good Price."

A $500 referral fee is provided for companies with five or more laser printers that become a customer and after they place their first order. If you or anyone you know are interested in learning more feel free to contact me at .

Sincerely - Jim

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Breaking down the barriers that hold Staples back..... I'm laughing so hard.

  1. All those pay grade 40 and above need to take a 50% pay cut and no bonuses. They will take on a hands on approach and must either WORK in the stores or field 20 hours a week to offset hours cut. REAL WORK meaning they are scheduled like associates: stocking, working with customers, receiving, etc.
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Give all the names you want, they won't remove them

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Guys, do not use names, the admins will remove the thread - just saying.

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"Go FAST!"


If you aren't looking for a job yet, that email was the signal to start.

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IT DID HAPPEN. Shira posted a video of it and gave us a summary:

Dear Staples Associates,

Last Monday, June 27, we broke down the barriers to Staples’ success - both figuratively and literally!


We gathered all of the VPs at Staples from across the company - for the first time in 3 years. The objective of the meeting was to make sure that each leader understood our new strategy, Staples 20/20, and their role in making it happen. We spent a lot of time talking about the “war” ahead of us and the part each one of us plays in beating the competition, winning in a rapidly changing marketplace, and overcoming internal inertia.

I challenged all of us to be more FAST! That's my shorthand for leading with Focus, Accountability, Speed and Teamwork! And an exclamation point for Positive Energy!!!

It was a long day with lots of detail, but everyone left fired up to get out there and lead our amazing associates to a winning future.

Your leaders should be sharing the key takeaways from our VP Summit ASAP. And if they don’t, ask them about it.

After our full-day meeting, it was time to break down the barriers literally. Our crack engineering team built a 40 x 10 ft barricade, plastered with all of our “enemies” that hold us back – bureaucracy, competition, not customer centric, afraid to fail, inertia, not a true team, and many others.

Our two business unit leaders, Joe Doody and John Wilson, then barreled through the barricade – in a Staples delivery truck and in front of a thousand cheering red-shirted associates. The day ended with a new Staples cheer: “Go Big Red!” It was a symbolic act, but also a lot of fun and even a bit silly. Click here to see the video.

Between the very substantive meeting and the fun event, it was a great day for Staples. And a perfect way to begin a new chapter…all of us working together like never before to win.

Go FAST! Go Big Red! Go Team Staples!


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No photos have I seen, no photos it didn't happen!

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DId that fat pig Paul Tarpey eat all the hot dogs?

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Otis and Vinnie act as they do under the visage of "holding people accountable". What these two idiots do not understand and that you do not have to act like an a--hole 24/7 to achieve this.

I really hope his management style is part of the reason Otis was not promoted to President, and it was given to Steve instead. Although I feel it would have been best to make a clean break and fire Otis and Vinnie last month, I hold out up Shira had reasons for not doing so at the time, but is biding her time for a politically correct opportunity to do so.

These two idiots are holding Staples back, not helping it.

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"I heard that Vinnie Servello was so moved by Shira's show that he's turned a new leaf"

I do not think this is possible. His mind is to weak to change and actually process a thought that limits his hostile instincts. He is a feral predator and needs to be dealt with as such.

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so Staples is changing to Shira Law?

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I heard that Vinnie Servello was so moved by Shira's show that he's turned a new leaf. He has seen the light and is now a changed man. He is also going to travel around and apologize to all the people he has hurt with is old antics. Thanks Shira, for changing all their minds and changing the world.

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Is this a joke? Get these people out to the stores and help the people who make them the money,how selfish of them, I am sickened by their blatant display of greed. Shame on them all.I am sickened by this. All the money spent! What self centered egotistical bastards.

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The money they spent for airfare, hotels, meals, liquor, etc. for these VPs probably could've financed my salary for another 5 years. This little rally is a waste of time and money if the SVPs and RVPs go home and continue to promote the same culture of fear. Shira needs to drop the hammer on a few bad apples so she can show the rank and file she means business. You want to break the barrier? It's easy. Just give people in the stores and FCs something to believe in. Don't let your management continue to act like a bunch of schoolyard bullies. Tell them you won't stand for it, Shira! You've got a great opportunity to do something special. Hope you take advantage of it.

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"jumping the shark"

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