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Sprint needs to stop cutting experienced employees

Why would you cut experienced legacy employees to cut costs? It's completely counterproductive. I'd pay good money for a leadership that realizes that experience is a good thing. Experience brings in more money than it costs and it will certainly... read more
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start promoting from the inside

i really wish sprint would start promoting from the inside. we have so many good people who know this company inside-out with experience and expertise to go with it, and yet they are never the ones who make it up the chain. nope, what we get are... read more
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Unrealistic expectations

Sprint upper management is completely devoid of understanding what all the people under them are actually doing. That's the only way I can explain the unrealistic expectations and goals they are setting on us. My work week has turned into a nightmare... read more
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Uncertain future

Not sure what we are looking at now the merger is off the table. While the merger would have brought major layoffs through consolidation, in the end I believe it would have helped us survive. Sprint has been lagging with modern analytical tools and... read more
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Time has come. Sprints integrity issue has shown the loss of customer base. Their customer service has caused a wind storm that has drowned them in debt but being possibly being bought by a great company that has a vision for the future.
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Goodbye Sprint

It's been a long time coming. Way back in the 90's when I would be assigned for a contract.."oh s##t, Sprint!" First two weeks would be sitting around reading manuals since i had no userid. It was like trying to run thru molassas. People really... read more
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Sprint LAYOFFS by Q3 or Q4

Sad news again. Unfortunately, unofficial discussions underway with T-Mobile aren't so unofficial. NDA agreements have been signed on both sides. It appears T-Mobile wants to take the parts of Sprint it wants along with the customers. Everything and... read more
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Ability to work from home?

A lot of other companies have the ability to work from home (American Express, Apple, Verizon, ATT). Can out customer service reps work from home? Seems like a better option than a layoff...
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Merger Happening Soon?

Sprint Stock is way up are we talking about possible Merger soon? If yes, who will be laid off?
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We all know they will not be making a commercial like Discover saying all calls are handled in the US - Sprint is going to sink I am sorry to say
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I've been outsourced then rebadged.

18 years at Sprint and I've seen a lot. From the failed WorldCom merger to the failed ION product to the outsourcing nightmare with IBM to the Nextel deal and pretty much takeover. I've been outsourced then rebadged. I've been given salary increases... read more
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Good Luck Today

Here's to hoping all you old timers get laid off today and full severance - you if anyone deserve your full year of pay - the others your time will come but will lesser benefits - sorry about that
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I got my "pound of flesh" from Sprint

More than 30 years with Sprint Business; joined back in the GTE-Sprint days AND got a pension (two actually; one with GTE and one with Sprint). Read that again: I GOT A PENSION from Sprint! Yeah. And they contributed dollar:dollar much of the time... read more
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Stock prices

Still not worth the paper they are printed on - I for one would sure like to dump what i have left. I would also like whatever drug Claure takes - if it were the truth all these layoffs would not be in the works. I also add customer service has taken... read more
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Sprint Channel Support

Layoffs took place two weeks ago, nobody reported it - over 20 people were let go (that's all what I know, may be more than 20, my girlfriend was laid off)
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Closing list

Last day for employees - Feb 5th, 2016 Bristol/Blountville, TN Rio Rancho, NM Temple, TX Remaining open through April 29,2016 Hampton, VA Denver, CO (affects individual liable call center) Overland Park, KS (affects care campus call center)
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Shit just hit the fan

I'm a sprint call center employee and was just given word that my call center's being closed.
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Just curious if anyone has heard anything in regards to their groups and layoffs? I have not heard anything in my group - just rumors - you can get the tension with a knive some days
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Bristol's Babies

We are praying Bristol! We only have rumors and management claim they don't know anything. Only few in the building can even approve a credit. Some can't even submit one. Unsure if it's a part of propaganda scare tactics or a sign of the beginning of... read more
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Cleanup Needed

Sprint is the network for losers by losers. Sprint is deal last in all that is does since it's conception back in 1987. Sprints MGT and corporate sales force all work from home goofing off all day all day and have no idea what work is. Sprint's... read more
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