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I need help! Stress and anxiety is TOO MUCH!

I feel like my anxiety, stress and blood pressure levels have steadily increased over the months. There is too much stress just being here and no one cares. I am at my breaking point if I haven't yet crossed that line already. Unfortunately, I cannot... read more
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Integrated Retail

"Integrated Retail" as practiced by SHC is something that sounds futuristic and high tech on paper, but ignores what people really want in a retail store. As of the end of 2016, 92% of all retail sales dollars still went through brick and mortar... read more
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What's the process when your store is closing ?

Does anyone know the process of knowing when and how long you have until they close your store ? I was told they give you at least 60 days notice. I figure the store manager would hold a morning rally and say that's it folks.
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Sears Auto

We weren't even told if we were closing or not. Several of us were Let go due to "Restructuring". There was only The manager and Assistant Manager there today. Did like my job, Did like my manager, Looks to me like that they are trying to due away... read more
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My Last Day At Sears Auto

Like so many other Sears Auto Centers mine is closing. This has been an interesting last 11 months in my position as Assistant Auto Center Manager. I put in my two weeks notice exactly two weeks ago before my store was announced as closing. I gave up... read more
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Auto Center Closings

Does anyone know for certain any locations of the Auto Centers on the list to be closed?
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It seems to me that most people that are leaving or being laid off are more "legacy" brick &mortar Sears employees. Does anyone know if there is a similar trend with people in online/Shop Your Way?
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Closing pharmacy and auto locations removed from websites

Another poster listed the auto center locations that are closing. Our two remaining local locations are on the list, and I confirmed that they are no longer listed on the / store locator. Since I haven't seen a list of Kmart... read more
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Does any other store has or had their store inventory recently?? Our store is scheduled for next week.
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Medical Insurance and Severance Pay

I hope someone on this post can answer my questions. My unit closed down, and I took the severance package, I thought I had medical ins., until June 23rd. I was told that by Sears, will I check my paycheck, for the Friday, April 28th, and no... read more
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Let's discuss sears advertising

Obviously, advertising isn't the only thing that's causing sears to fail. But do you guys think it plays a huge part? Personally when I worked there I felt like they were depending on the wrong outlets. I don't know the money side of things and how... read more

mall leases for Sears

It was just announced by our store manager that our lease at our Sears store was renewed for one more year,it was to be up this July, never really heard of only an one year lease but I guess we will see what happens next July. Is this happening in... read more
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Run Away As Fast As You Can

If you are thinking of sticking around to see what happens you are not going to like it. They will use you and then throw you away like a moldy dish rag. The time is getting short. Good luck with your severance packages. You do realize who you are... read more
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5 top executives exit Sears as bankruptcy looms near

Jason Hollar is the fifth member of Sears’ senior executive team to leave the company in the last four months. John Moore, formerly Sears’ head of retail services, left the company this month. Last month, the company lost former Kmart president and... read more
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Attached Sears Auto Closing

I was informed yesterday that my Sears Auto store will be closing on May 24 and vacated no later than June 24. I put in my two weeks notice ten days ago because I have something better to do. We have been keeping quiet but some of the older FLS store... read more
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Another one bites the dust

On May 15th 2017 Girish Lakshman will depart from his position as President, Fulfillment – Supply Chain and Sourcing of the Company
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Serve Delight and Engage

Does anyone else still do these chants every morning? It's getting more and more ludicrous to me to keep saying it. "To serve, delight, and engage our members while they shop their way." Literally NONE OF THOSE THINGS are happening or are even... read more
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Shop Your Way--Is Kmart Dropping Out?

I've been a SYW Member since 2010 and have always had good luck with the program and the SYW 800 # has always been helpful until today. I printed a coupon emailed to me by SYW and the barcode wouldn't scan. The Manager on Duty told me that my coupon... read more
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What does an individual have to do?

I quit SHLD over three weeks ago and they still have me as active full-time. The reason I know this is because I am trying to get the vacation I am due, and HR told me I could not get it till I am separated from the company. What a turd of a company!
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no more women's cash wrap

Is the women's cash wrap being taken down in other Sears store? Ours was dismantled today and now the only cashier will be behind the jewelry counter to ring up clothes,shoes,and jewelry. Is this happening in other stores?
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2 More Kmarts...

Straten Islans 3201 and Pell City AL 4769 Were these already announced?
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The "mean" side of Sears

Full timers with no hours, forcing them to use their vacation time, just to get a paycheck. Employees being run ragged. Customers are enticed to buy clearance, and then have to stand in long lines. No MCA's to help the customer. Good way to drive... read more
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I am the OP to ' what's an individual have to do?'

I should've kept my mouth shut and run my vacation out for another six months. But today, I was told I will be receiving my vacation money in two to four weeks. My MGR backdated my leave time so I lost some vac pay but in the long run I'm much more... read more
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Anyone wondering why we go through so many execs?

I've been wondering why the revolving doors over at Hoffman have been spinning so fast. Mr. Hollar, the CFO, didn't even last a full year. I specifically wonder about the CFO position at SHC. I know that the company is in it's final stages, thus it... read more
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Gave 2 week notice

Gave my 2 week notice. My manager is on vacation and I was told to fill out a form. It took me a few minutes to find the box for relocation among all the options listed. I am scheduled for 20 hours next week, a joke compared to the hours I got a year... read more
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Assistant Controller promoted to role as CFO...

On April 21, 2017, Robert A. Riecker was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Sears Holdings Corporation (the “Company”), effective immediately. Mr. Riecker succeeds Jason M. Hollar, who notified the Company on April 17, 2017 that he was resigning... read more
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Manufactures warranty

Manufactures warranty latest way that Sears is trying to get all business out of the stores into online. They are doing a test starting Monday for one week if you by any Kenmore washer or dryer online you will receive a three year manufacturers... read more
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Payroll reductions for last 2 weeks of April

Store teams on the FLS side are being instructed to reduce payroll dedicated to most tasks by 50% temporarily for the last 2 weeks of April. This will affect MCAs, Cashiers, the Backroom Team, and others. They want to make the financials look better... read more
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Kmart Virtual Reality Bus

A bit of positive news here, this is noble.... /
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