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Anybody else hours get cut ???

From what I was told my store had to cut $7,000 in budget for the week. I'm pretty sure they're going to keep cutting until July 8th then they can give up on the whole operation.
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After cutting out so many APM's from Kmart and Sears.....they've opened up a ton of APM positions in both venues. Probably hiring back and reducing the rate of pay!
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Notes From the SAC

As long as we are doing tribute songs to sears I might as well add one. / Definately NOT "the softer side" of seared [sic}. Obviously I am auto. I have three bikes in my garage, two of which are Harleys. We... read more
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What Share Prices Indicate

Share prices of any stock represent the price one private party is willing to pay another private entity for a share. Share price in no way indicates the underlying value or health of a company as the company has no access to funds from traded shares... read more
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Kmart pantry -- house brands

Many stores are beginning to receive replacement product for house branded items in food pantry, chemical pantry and pet supplies that are being paid for cash up front, being sourced from other suppliers, or with 30 day terms. These items will not... read more
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Samsung to stop all shipments to SHLD

Heard that Samsung will no longer ship inventory to Sears soon. Anyone confirm this? Pebble is full of associates trying to order their product. National inventory keeps saying it is delayed, or no longer available for the member.
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Pebble? Are these people serious?

To be expected today on pebble, there are again statements about the mean media saying that SHC is not doing well & that only the Wall St Journal understands. Didn't have time to read the WSJ article but if it's like the other ones the company... read more
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Vendors Halt Shipments

Demanding up front payment, or payment upon delivery. Sears can't stock their shelves without credit. Watch as stores become more and more empty.
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Note to the Sears Defenders

While many of us can appreciate your stance on loyalty towards the company, one still needs to approach this troubling situation in a rational manner. Unfortunately, your posts come across as fanaticism based on the denial of reality. This approach... read more
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I had a great day, despite what the news is saying.

The news media has really taken the latest news and sensationalized it. Sears is still open for business folks and I had a great day at work. My day started out early and it was a b--chilly, but it turned out to be a sunshine filled day outside AND... read more
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Local Radio Station Confuses Sears Members

Well, that was an interesting day for all of us poor associates at our faltering Sears. A local radio station didn't quite understand the meaning of the 10-K verbiage and reported that our Sears is closing. At least that is what the members heard... read more
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The Crafstman Deal Going Bad?

If Sears Goes Bankrupt, Will Stanley Lose Craftsman? Posted by: Melanie Moul March 22, 2017 tweet Sears Holdings Corp. has acknowledged “substantial doubt” in its ability to stay out of bankruptcy, which may kill recent sales of its businesses, such... read more
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How Sears CEO Lampert cashes in as stores cash out

The conventional wisdom is that Lampert will suffer massive losses if Sears perishes, since he has pumped hundreds of millions from his personal fortune into the company. And while there's no question he has a lot at stake, a closer look suggests... read more
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SHLD Stock Price Update: Mon 3/20/17- Wed 3/22/17

Mon 3/20/17 Start of trading: $9.06 End of trading: $9.18 Mkt Cap (Stock Only): 990.26M Tues 3/21/17 Start of trading: $9.17 End of trading: $9.10 Mkt Cap (Stock Only): 986.91M Wed 3/22/17 Start of trading: $7.94 End of trading: $7.98 Mkt Cap (Stock... read more
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Brief USA Today Article

/ There's actually a few more if you Google Sears and click the 'News' link.
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SYW discount

Is it just me or does SYW points seem to be accruing slower since the change with the associate discount?
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Let us not forget one thing thru all of this.

Sears. If it makes it. If it doesn't. Let us remember one thing, we must continue to fight, we must try. Our metrics still must be met. Maybe, just maybe we can save it. I admit it doesn't sound good, however there is still a chance. And let us... read more
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