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Kmart clean

I see lots of employees complain that there isn't enough staff, if there were more sales and customers there'd be more staff. Kmart is running on lower staff in order to survive until sales pickup. Fewer customers means fewer staff and it means that... read more
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Kmart department by department

Food? What's wrong what's needed? Clothing? Home wares? Toiletries? Seems in my opinion to be pricing Seasonal? Very good department and quality of goods. Candy? I think if Kmart could become the store that gets the newest most limited edition... read more
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Kmart creative

Creative options to revive the brand and get a cult going around the brand is needed. If every single Kmart employee would be energized to do their all every single day to make every single dollar possible then perhaps Kmart will once again be king... read more
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Kmart loyalty

There needs to be a coming together of all of those loyal to Kmart to purchase everything possible in our daily lives at Kmart. Do you encourage your friends and family to shop Kmart? Do you use every chance you get to promote Kmart? We need to... read more
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Kmart is coming on strong!!!

Kmart has the best stores left and instead of having kmart purchases in markets spread over several stores, customers can now come to one really good and well stocked store to purchase all the Kmart merchandise. I know Kmart can become stronger and... read more
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If you choose to work for Kmart and then do nothing but hope for the company to fail or complain about the company then that says a lot about you and who you are. Kmart might have a lot of problems, but employees who are not loyal and don't do... read more
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They are circling the wagons already...

Looks like the old adage is true, one man's loss is another man's gain. The talk about which retailers would benefit the most if Sears closed all of its stores has already started... read more
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What a Clown Show

The links broken lol. Who payes these people? /
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So much for the Amazon scapegoat

Everyone believing the media hype that Amazon is causing retail's demise when Amazon only accounts for around 4% of total retail, and now they're even laying people off... read more
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Thought this belonged on the front page

I don't think that we will ever know for sure what Eddie Lampert's original intentions were. I suspect it was along the lines of attempting to do something that few had done before & come out successful. It probably became more difficult than he had... read more
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Who killed Sears - really good read

The bad news coming out of Sears is steady to the point of being tedious. The overall message, as the company warned investors in March, is that after a six-year, $10 billion losing streak with no turnaround in sight, "substantial doubt exists... read more
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Little to no stock

We receive shipments of tires and supplies on Fridays each week. Lately the shipments are very low. Twelve tires, All Lauflen's. A few filters and wiper blades. Battery shipments are down to a hand full. We only have about 100 batteries in the store... read more
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Is there more than 8am and 6pm netting times 2/11

First set is at 8-11 for people that don’t work on Sundays Second session isn’t til 6pm-9pm if you work in the morning Which s---s in SE michigan as Friday we got 7 “” snow Saturday 2inches if snow Sunday we’re getting another 2-4 Just having to... read more
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Why do you stay?

Former Sears employee here, left 19 years ago. I’m really curious as to why people are staying. I heard they no longer 401 K match or contribute to the pension. Seems like morale is low too. It’s begs the question why? What’s compelling you to stay?
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Senior Discounts

Do you have senior discounts there at Sears? I am not sure who to ask, nobody is picking up the phone in Alpharetta, GA on N Point Circle.
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Sunday Meeting

So who really knows what the meeting is about?
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SHLD hit a new low today

SHLD stock closed at 2.11 after falling as low as 2.09 during the trading day. Most stocks were down today, but SHLD lost more percentage than most of them. SHLD is very close to dollar stock territory and likely Chapter 11 -> Chapter 7. Remember... read more
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Kmart employee suspected of stealing $6,000 from store

Amber Martin, 39, of Ocala, was arrested on grand theft. Ocala police on Wednesday arrested a Kmart employee suspected of stealing thousands of dollars from the store. Amber Martin, 39, of Ocala, told a police officer she took the cash because she is... read more
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What time is your mandatory meeting 2/11?

I’m thinking ours is 6pm-9pm I liked at my schedule and on Sunday I’m scheduled my normal morning hours for the ad, then have to come back at 6-9 I guess it’s the best time to get everyone so it does not interfere with store open hours
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New registers for all stores would probably solve 70% of the stress and problems faced daily by employees. Seems like a relatively small cost to boost moral and perhaps give the company some financial breathing room. It just doesn't make sense to me... read more
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Please Eddie put some money into the stores!!! 90% of retail is still bricks and mortar. Just pick a market niche and do it really well! Find something that sets Kmart apart from the rest. Kmart actually has very good products, just need better... read more
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The best thing I ever got from Sears...

I worked for Sears for almost three years. Almost a year in, the salespeople were leaving in droves. Either they were retiring or they just up and left. So, our store hosted a hiring blitz where they would interview and hire on the spot. One of the... read more
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Sears Retirement Discount Card

Do I lose my discount when I start drawing my pension, or is this because of the changing of the discount to points?
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Any Sears associate out there do 991s?

What is your stores policy in the following..mainly appliances How often are they done What if price drops below cost What is done with item when it goes to zero- do you add back into system What do you do with final list of items that were not... read more
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