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Full time

Sad to say right before the holidays our Kmart cut three full time positions today. Data/unit integrity, front end lead and reset lead. These 3 came in for their shifts today and were told to gather their belongings out of their lockers and punch... read more
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Retail sales surge, I guess nobody told Sears

Apparently, retail sales are surging at fastest pace since early 2012. Working at Sears, I wouldn't know. Our numbers keep going down, no matter what the nationwide trend is. I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that with so few... read more
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Major Reductions in Workforce at Kmart Forthcoming

It is always regrettable to see an advance notification our state requires when an employer plans a major reduction in workforce or plans to go out of compliance with state and local incentive agreements during the holiday season and my heart goes... read more
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Diehard to be sold on Amazon

Diehard tires and batteries will be listed on amazon in the near future. Stock jumps on news. FYI property rights of KD is owned by Sears RE, the “insurance” company, lol
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We have the worse SGM that EVER worked for sears here at 1720, his ignorance and poor management has caused half of our management team to leave our store. I will soon be leaving also. Why does this man remain working at Sears. Enough is enough wake... read more
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ANY news in the 140 properties released from ring fencing?

Just curious about these properties I know it would take 90 days to close the deal between sears and pbgc just wondering if anyone knows anything Deal shd close about February 2018
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I ordered from (Great shopping experience)

So I had my first good experience shopping experience at Sears in as long as I can remember. I think the last time I had a good experience was almost 10 years ago, when the Sears store I was working at was expecting the CEO to visit (Probably Lou.)... read more
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K-Mart cussing in latest email ad

I received a sales email from K-Mart and this was the subject line in the email: Oh, #%&! Final announcement for GREEN MONDAY DEALS! Only a few hours left! Come on K-Mart. Cussing at customers-- sorry, members is no way to get business!!
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Writing on the wall

No more organized endcaps..No more pretty displays..Planagrams gone, just shove everything out anywhere..Outdated in pantry way overlooked..Hours cut way back..Dust, filth everywhere...Morale at an all time low...On and on and on..The writing is on... read more
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I can only imagine the cut in hours in january

Seems like management is using up a lot of hours to where it’s probably in the negative for Jan feb I can only imagine the severity of how hours will be cut. Ugh How is everyone’s hours been so far?
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Someone that is stock savvy please explain what all the new sec filings from seritage mean. Looks like they are raising capital to buyback more Sears stores.
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Holiday Blowout starburst signs going up

I THink they shd have kept this ad campaign up through the entire month of December Black Friday was busy at myy ears and as soon as Holiday Blast started sales dropped off because they were hard to see and very confusing A lot of payroll cd have... read more
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Friends and Family

How was everyones friends and family? How much further down was your store compared to last year?
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Closing stores with strong sales

My husband works in one of the few Sears stores left with continuously strong sales, yet his GM told him there's a possibility they'll be closing early next year. WTF? What exactly is the criteria for store closings if not sales? Why close one of the... read more
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A manager needs to be present when clocking out. WTF???

So we were told today around the rally meeting that we need to bring a manager with us to the designated time clock computer when we clock out. Before we clock out we are to explain what our customer's objections were to the 5321 MasterCard, PA's... read more
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Insurance business

Several threads about the go private letter yesterday. It referenced a valuable insurance business owned by SHLD does anyone know what that is?
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SH New Retirement Policy

As a result of the reduction of money budgeted for departmental areas we are forced to cut down on our number of personnel. Under the plan, older employees will be asked to go on early retirement, thus permitting the retention of younger people who... read more
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Where is Popcorn?

Are all these rumors true? What cuts are coming?
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Sears Gains After Investor Asks Chain to Consider Going Private

Sears has the potential for strong financial performance once it addresses a few critical concerns including, among others, the high volume of short-selling activity in its shares,” Memento Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Mauceri said in the... read more
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Full time and Asm

Word came down through District Manager at our Kmart that as of December 26 there will be no full time positions or Assistant Managers, operations. Hardline and softline supervisors will be the only full time and the salaried store manager.
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Open letter to sears

Looks like we will be going private after all. What’s the insurance business? /
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Holiday Blowout signs up during Holiday Blast-

I noticed today new Holiday Blowout sale signs have been put up in headlines! Nothing like knowing which sale you are in Guess the Holiday Blast was a dud
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Does Sears have any TVs in store?

I'm seeing nothing in their inventory online? The selection is bad enough compared to a bestbuy but when I filter down to the store level, there's nothing at most stores around me.
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Since rumors seem to fuel this sight, here is what was rumored today. A mass closure of 140 Kmarts and no Sears, All assistant managers and all full time associates gone as of January 2, 2018. Remaining Kmarts will have to February 2 when the... read more
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Moving on out.

It was confirmed that everyone is moving out of the ELM and G buildings by the end of March. Making room for tenants.
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If Sears was truly working on surviving

Sears simply can't reduce its cost structure fast enough to keep paces with its decline in sales. Killing stores certainly doesn't help. since those stores generate enough revenue to pay for a lot of the fixed costs that Sears requires to run its... read more
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Cutting ASM?

I heard some stores already cut their Assistants. Anyone know if this is true? Are Assistants all being cut in Sears and Kmart?
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Sears ruined my husband's Christmas today!

I came home today and found my husband's 450-piece mechanic's tool sitting in my foyer. My husband had gotten home before I did and found it on our porch, WITHOUT a box, so he took it in, along with the rest of the mail and deliveries I had waiting... read more
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Warning to FTers

If you're FT and you're not a Zone Supervisor or Commissioned Sales Associate, you better voluntarily step down to PT before Christmas. All other FT are being let going after the holidays as a cost cutting measure.
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Sears can outlast JC Penny

Sears is counting on other outlets to gain revenue. If Sears can outlast JC Penny that does not have a home services or other business channels then they will be able to change and survive. That's why JC Penny and short sellers spam this page to... read more
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My Confession

Popcorn here. I have a very painful confession to make and you all need to hear it. For the last year everything I’ve posted here and claimed to known has been... FAKE. It was information I gleaned from other websites, mostly stock trading ones. I am... read more
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Store Locator

Did they lay off the only person who knows how to do it or just lose track of what stores have been closed? I see numerous stores that have been closed for a month or more still listed.
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