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DInner & Dance MBS Singapore

Who said we going downhill. We still got many funds to date. Even hold two Dinner & Dance MBS Singapore, one of the most prestigious hotels. We going strong even in the next decade to go ..........
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2018 Layoffs: Continuing as Planned

The next wave of layoffs is in March 2018... Another wave is in June right after the US Data Center move from OKC to Shugart is finalized
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Whereabouts of $0.7B from WD

Reading these posts about Seagate 'saving' $65M by more layoffs reminded me of another cash windfall. Anyone knows if Seagate ever recieved 0.7$B or so from an old lawsuit against WD and S. Mao?
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DH layoffs

When is it? I head March 2018? My manager is aware of it. But he is quiet.
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Separate lay offs for DH employees.

I heard there will be different lay offs for DH employees -massive lay offs in next Quarter January to March.
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More layoffs this week

I've been hearing and reading rumors that we can expect more layoffs this week. Anybody knows where the info came from and if it's reliable? It takes special kind of cruelty to leave people without a job this close to Christmas, but to be completely... read more
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A story

A long time ago there was a company that built cheap television sets, the way this company did it was to take an expensive high end television and start clipping out components until the TV didn’t work anymore, they would reattach the last component... read more
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Whose brilliant idea was this?

Seriously, who thought that the best way to save a company is to pretty much get rid of its local IT department? I've worked for a company before where all IT related matters had to be resolved through a department in another country. It was a total... read more
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Almost all US IT staff later off today

Seagate has laid off the majority of IT staff in North America today and will be relying on Singapore to provide all infrastructure support.
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Surprised to come here and not see any word from or about OKC today.
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Seven IT staff let go this morning so don't think we will be ok for the holidays.
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Safe for the holidays?

I see all the rumors regarding layoffs are focusing on January through March period. Does this mean we are at least safe for the holidays? It'd be nice to be able to relax, at least for a few weeks. After that, I'll be recharged enough to start... read more
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Idiot VP tried to outsource IT last month. Want new company to do it all with 4 employees, no OT and only Mon thru fri. Company being interviewed pretty much laugh in his face. But....but...but we're Seagate was the VPs reply. Lol
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Most employee s have already quit. They just show up for the paycheck. No one really holds anyone accountable anymore. Good place to surf the internet all day and work on outside projects such as homework, class projects, and proving the flat earth... read more
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STX shuttering Bangalore centre?

Strong waves on the vine that Seagate is closing Bangalore as well... Any folks from that centre can confirm?
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Heard a rumour

I hear on the grape vine the Havant team are starting up a new storage business..anyone else hearing this? If so I wish them well.
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After acquisition...

I work for Broadcom. Qualcommers please ready to work to hard 15-18 hours without any breaks. We are brutal for employees who are lazy, who come late, who leave before 8pm, who never work weekends, and we are infamous for laying off employees. Be... read more
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Nov - Dec More than just IT

Rumor has it sometime in Nov or Dec. a layoff action will occur affecting more than IT or DH.
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Dec 8th

The end of most IT in US!
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Despite outperforming wall streets expectations

Bonuses are not even close to being on track to be funded this year. The board of directors set an impossible goal to avoid having to pay them. Because f--- you. However they can afford to give a 401k match raise to everyone making over 150k a year... read more
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Dana is forcefully retired, what next?

Expect DH to be scrapped in January or February. That’s all for DH colleagues, done deal. DH failed live up to the expectation.
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People are only worried about RIF. Why are people not worrying about having no RIF? It's just a matter of time isn't it? Die immediately or die a painful death...
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RIF rumors

Here's what we are hearing in my office: RIF: Early December layoffs of a few hundred globally Closing: OKC IT team Rochester, MN Can anyone substantiate these? Any other rumors?
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Who is making a terrible mistake? WD or STX?

It's pretty clear one company is making a terrible strategic error with their chosen technology funding. HAMR or MAMR. Or are both companies leadership full of hot helium? STX claims 2TB/ with MAMR isn't know to be possible, while WD says it is... read more
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Your Future

To all still employed by Seagate who might be worried about a layoff (in other words, every employee): how much fun are you having at work? How is morale? How do you like your manager? Do you respect top management? Are jobs available outside of... read more
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Will MAMR save WD?

No new news from WetDurdCorp. Seems like the MAMR announcement was orchestrated to preempt the good financial news they knew was coming from Seagate. Perhaps to divert attention from the WD/Toshiba ordeal and the poor business acumen at WD head... read more
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Will hamr technology save Seagate

Is hamr a reality or will SSD s rule in three years time when new fabs up and running, not much information from Seagate at what stage company is at with development
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Next Monday earnings call

Good or bad for the quarter? How will STX management team react to Western Digital’s MAMR? Let’s see.
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Questions on lay off.

Recently joined seagate LCO. My colleagues talking about lay off now all the time, at lunches, meeting rooms everywhere. It seems it around the corner early next year. My questions are 1. How many in the first round? Group affected? 3 Age Target? I... read more
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