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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and happy holidays season to all my Christian,Muslim, Jewish, Hindu,Budhist, free thinkers, infidel, g--s, le---an,black,white,Asian,... But not to the jack a-- who fires people for personal gain.
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Q4 2017

The year 2017 is coming to an end soon. How was Q4 2017? Will SLB survive in 2018? Will PK still be the CEO with his greedy friends?
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Belfast info

I heard that international staff will be offered transfers, all local staff will be offered severance package with few exceptions. Few of the local staff in management positions will also be offered some limited relocation and some key personnel that... read more
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Belfast - how are you?

How are things in Belfast,? How many transfers? What is severance pay like? Any timeline?
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No more layoffs?

It seems like layoffs are finally over. What do you think?
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2017 Service Company of the year

According to the Petroleum Economist Magazine - Schlumberger are service company of the year. Clearly the selection criteria included the employee input, engagement and motivation, direction and investment in people. Or was SLB the best of the rest?
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Legacy Smith

More cuts are coming! If you have vacation use it
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Why SLB still transfer people around

Don’t understand why they transfer them? They don’t have substantial skills, they can’t speak English well, it’s costly to move or keep them, just think of renting, travel, private school, it’s almost equal to one salary. Don’t understand why SLB nam... read more
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Ponca city

I hear they need some machines tore up in Houston or some jib cranes tore out of cement. Cell 5 scrap king is on his way. Lol
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Transformation is just another buzz-word

The "transformation" is just another buzz-word. Every big company uses the same. It was originally sold by SAP and business consulting companies (Andsersen & co.) as a way to get rid of the "paper" by exploiting digital/online business systems. Kudos... read more
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MI and other segments

Questions for coworkers from other segments: Are you being destroyed like us at MI by the SLB group Managment structure, allocations and Halliburton? The new drilling group structure will damage us greatly especially when you consider that we were... read more
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XMAS Gifts are ready for Employees

/ Schlumberger says Ecuador fails to make agreed $350M debt payment Nov. 15, 2017 2:33 PM ET|About: Schlumberger Limited (SLB)|By: Carl Surran, SA News... read more
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Does anyone know if thee is there any truth that Onesubsea has lost the Mad Dog 2 Contract for supplying trees?????
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Transformation was a failure

One of the purposes of the transformation was supposedly to help employees focus on their actual job and avoid distractions caused by the various business processes. In that respect it has been an obvious failure, precisely because of the spotlights... read more
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still too top heavy

how are we still so top heavy, even after the latest layoffs? has anybody seen a more useless restructuring when it comes to solving the real issue? instead of helping solve the problem it was supposed to solve, the whole restructuring shuffled... read more
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How low can NYSE:SLB go?

We thought Jan 2016 was the lowest point for Schlumberger stock during this downturn that started in Jun 2014. We thought we have now hit the bottom and only way is up. We thought that sitting on coiled spring would only mean growth. However Nov 2017... read more
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Is it time for PK to step aside and let someone else take over?

If this was a football team and with the results over the past few years he would have been replaced long ago. SLB has lost it’s competitive edge and is underperforming. Underperforming emoliyees usually get laid off in SLB unless of course you are... read more
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Anybody actually likes working here?

Being kind of new to Schlumberger, I was wondering if there is anybody who actually likes working here? I've learned people really hate this place. I can't tell you how many called me crazy for accepting this job, which, to be honest, is not fun. A... read more
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Any update on Belfast, UK

How are things in Belfast,? How many transfers? What is severance pay like?
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How are things going in the bit plant in Houston?

Just curious if someone who is working in the Houston bit plant can report on the status of the move. Do you think it's been successful?
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I was touched inappropriately by a senior manager

I was just out of university and looking for my first assignment when it happened in the Houston corporate HQ. I was told if I wanted to progress in the company I should lighten up and have a little “fun” . I feel abused now. Has it happened to any... read more
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Rumors on Ecuador debt deal about to fall apart

The Ecuadorians are going to stop paying back the multi billion debt owed to Schlumberger for production manager services. Should we be surprised ? Why the heck did we take on all their business when the risk was huge they would never pay us ?... read more
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How many managers do you report to?

I'm just curious, how many managers do you report to? I'm relatively new to SLB, so maybe it's that I'm not yet used to it, but boy this's ridiculous. There're direct managers, functional managers, even other managers, all of who then have their own... read more
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Schlumberger's management style might be killing you!

Watch this video on YouTube by Simon Sinek called "Why Leaders Eat Last". It exactly describes SLB's management style and why they are failing. I guarantee you will see yourself and your company described in this video.
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Why even have layoffs when they keep firing good employees?

I have seen so many people fired (not laid off) by Schlumberger in the past several years that I am not even sure why they need layoffs anymore. Good, hardworking employees who have been with the company for several decades were shown the door for... read more
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Venezuela unable to pay bonds/debts.

How does it now look for Schlumbergers' epically genius investments/debt repayments?
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S-xual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

Did you experience s-xual harassment or a hostile work environment in your location or product line that prevented advancement? Did you report it it HR or your N+1? Did anything every happen?
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SLB IT is going south...

IT department is not as good as before, these CAM managers/leads have no idea what to do. they promote whoever they want mainly cause they are friends and white. one is always drunk and cam HR wont do anything. lots of back stabbing!
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Cameron BSO let go in Houston? *80% cut)
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UK - Southampton, then Belfast. Who's next?

Southampton closed and now Belfast is closing. Which other UK site will be closed next? Is this impact of Brexit? Is this China stealing UK jobs? Is this downturn in general?
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REEDHYCALOG is taking away the business here

Reedhycaog from NOV is doing good all over than our sh--ty smith bits... we always get bad in front of customer... there is no much presentation stuffs from reedhycalog but performance has been the best till date... but ours is more of presentation... read more
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