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Incoming layoffs next week

Read in an older thread that hundreds of layoffs will start next week at Saudi Aramco, anybody has any more info on this?
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We are on a good way to recovery

Uncovering corruption and scandals in Aramco is good for the success of the IPO. The young Crown Prince is a smart man, his move to bring transparency into the oil giant will put so many of the low and mid management staff out of business. However... read more
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Life in the camp is more of a prison

Leaving Aramco or getting laid off starting to feel like a relief, after spending years here, you come to realize that life in the camp is more of a prison than it used to be. Aramco security starting to harass residents. Issuing violations like... read more
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IPO is off

another screw up by the saudis...did anyone expect anything else? HAHAHAHAHA! what a bunch of negative IQ'ers
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Lay offs

I think every expat employee has lost his/her comfort level in this company.
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Truth being told...

I have come to the conclusion that this company is being run by idiots.
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Now's the time to leave

PMT is currently getting hammered by the dozens. It looks like the company is closing down all expenditures and investments after hitting the brick wall of reality in regards to the rapidly shrinking possibility of a successful IPO. 50% reduction in... read more
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It's such a shame that so much potential is completely wasted

So much potential, and nearly all of it is wasted due to complete and utter mismanagement and a fear of upsetting the locals, who generally abuse the system beyond belief. The competent few are pushed and pressurized to do enough work to mask the... read more
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Who will get affected by

It will hit those departments that have been taken into JV's - onshore and offshore, with all other associated areas. Time they hit areas of housing, training and HR, as add no real value with most of finance being left till after IPO. Makes sense to... read more
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Watch who you take advice from

Anyone commenting here who was hired before 2012 is working under a completely different set of rules and benefits than employees who are currently being hired. Just 2 years ago they cut the bachelor return home trips from 3 to 2, but only for new... read more
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Very deep cuts this week

Yesterday very deep cuts across the western payrolls were restarted. At least 60 families. This is supposed to continue through the end of the month (rest of the week).
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Life Decision - Aramco

Well folks thought I would put it out there. I am looking at taking a job with Saudi Aramco. Currently working in O&G in Aus for a reputable oil and gas major. Thing is there are too many arse lickers where I currently am (not that they wont be at... read more
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Complete mismanagement is wasting good potential at Saudi Aramco

So much potential, and nearly all of it is wasted due to complete and utter mismanagement and a fear of upsetting the locals, who generally abuse the system beyond belief. The competent few are pushed and pressurized to do enough work to mask the... read more
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What is going on with Aramco going public?

I heard in the news that Aramco will be taking themselves public? Wondering how will the company carry out the OPEC political commitments and still maximize value for stockholders?
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I would think that the ungrateful Canadians should fall asleep every night thanking the old-timers from Texas and California who arrived on these shores and built all of this for them to enjoy. That's just me.
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Huge group of people leaving anyway at the end of the school year. Going to be hard to find a moving company before August or so.
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Midra expats

It appears that Midra expats are on the chopping block for the next major wave.
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US companies now pay as much or more than Saudi Aramco

I left the company too. Voluntarily. US companies now pay as much or more than Saudi Aramco. With that said I have zero tolerance for saudis who work for non-saudi companies and run their mouth about expats. Saudis have developed and produced NOTHING... read more
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Savings of 10% can be easily achieved

When you have new recruits training expats then you know something is wrong, reinforced by comments such as 'tell management what they want to hear', 'don't rock the boat', along with incompetent expats being rewarded, while commercial concerns are... read more
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There are good, decent, hard-working nationals and ExPats...

Any current or former Aramcon can easily differentiate the fact from fiction amidst these posts. Regarding the facts, our host leaders (irrespective of prowess), respond to cyclical, institutionalized challenges which are anything but static in... read more
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2017: Biggest Risk Aramco and KSA Face

Layoffs and inefficiency are far from the biggest risk Aramco and KSA face in he future. Continued low oil prices are a serious risk to the future economic stability of the KSA, a welfare state. Aside from improving economic diversity, the Kingdom... read more
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Two main reasons for sinking

It is no secret that Aramco was a better and more professional environment when expats (the competent ones) were holding management positions at all levels. I believe the mistrust between Saudis and expacts, for the most part, surfaced after too many... read more
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It makes me sick when in meeting, Locals, middle & high management, some VP's star speaking in Arabic ignoring the presence of the expatriate. I've seen this bad behavior with contractors also. In a few words, even if you are in principle part of the... read more
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Aramco will never cut all expats loose.

They are a critical ingredient toward the success of the company, and everybody (including management) knows this. HOWEVER, not every expat holds the same intention and dedication toward the company, and the comments here proves my point. All the... read more
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Why is this board so silent?

I see many views but nobody is posting. If I compare our board here with other large Oil and Gas companies we get just a tiny fraction of posts that they have? Is it cultural? Are we self-censoring?
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It's coming. We know of Udhailiyah personnel fired, about 27 already left from oil and gas operations. Last week many Geologists got their notice. They keep it low profile to avoid panic. Undeclared actions initiated. Rumors of a big announcement is... read more
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TWN Layoffs

Are Third World Nationals (TWN) being laid off as well or are the cuts mainly concentrated on Expats? How about Saudis?
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It's just a job

Anyone who thinks that a company who reserves high performance ratings for Saudis only and has layoff programs for expats only is a company where you have a potential "career" is numb. It's a job. A job that requires you to do work for your Saudi... read more
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Expats are mercenaries (like the Blackwater guys in the military).

Expats do almost all the work. Depending on where they are placed, some see lots of action, some don't. Expats gotta take care of themselves. Since the company provides no training opportunities, and no career prospect. When things go well, expats... read more
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