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Nothing was taken out but TAXES
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Severance deductions

Can someone please post info after getting their severance check regarding if stock & 401k was taken out or not. Did anyone have an attorney look at their packet? Just curious. Thanks in advance!
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Membership Coordinator

Does anyone know if the Membeship Coordinator position is part of this phase. I have no dilutions that Sam’s will eliminate this position also. I have been with Sam’s for 13 years. Worked Hard for the company not only in membership drive but... read more
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after x-mas

Nothing is going to happen till after the holidays because they don't want to admit it they need us and at least we're past the sixty days that will take us past feb 1 so we can still get our sam's share. Supposedly there is a big meeting for club... read more
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Ok I am sorry some of the clubs have membership office people that just sit all day..but I can assure you that's not my case.. I am in field at least 4 days a week walking far distances in aND out of businesses trying to sign them up.. I also... read more
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Does anyone else have issues with managers. My club they think they are superior to us workers. They favoritism is awful if your liked you walk around all daydoing nothing. The hard a-- workers get more and more dumped on. They expect higher quality... read more
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Can't get rid of tobacco

Getting rid of cigarettes would really hurt sales in a lot of club around the company and clubs will miss sales budgets by $100,000's per year. But so does getting in the same old seasonal items each year, not having as many brand name item (... read more
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Does your severance include old sick pay and pto?

As I may be one of the ones in next layoff round, i am curious if acct team leads who took severance will receive the sick hours earned and banked as well as the old "personal time" in the package. This has always bothered me that ever since they... read more
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Next wave date?

does anyone know when the next date for layoffs is coming? Are they waiting for the holidays to get over?
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Why Costco does it better then Sams Club

Why Costco does it better then Sams Club, they invest in there employees by paying them a higher hourly rate and set the expectations, they do not take ebt they target households with income of $50,000 and up and carry a better line of product to... read more
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well if it's true about severance packages I would suggest that anyone that thinks their position is going to be affected start saving money if you can 6 wks is a long time with no income
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Severance B---S---!!!!!!!!!!!!

Management tells you one thing. PTC receives email stating something completely different. Who are you suppose to believe in this company?????? Waiting, waiting, waiting...................ridiculous!!!!!!!
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Top Secret information on upcoming changes.

Sam’s Club will cut all optical departments and optical will become third party only. National vision INC will be the vendor who takes over all optical centers. Photo centers will not be put into any new club built, remaining clubs with photos... read more
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Is photo going away?
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Doing away with tobacco

Has anyone heard there doing away with severance and there's talk of doing away with tobacco
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Receiving DC trailers thru ASN system.

Has any club started using the ASN program to receive your dry DC trailers and if so how much longer is it taking you ?
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severance package received?

Hey. I heard you should get a tracking number when sending in your info. Just a th ought
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Sales Pro / Business Focus

So I was wondering...... has any of you heard much talk about Sales Pro lately? When it first came out my manager was so aggressive about our appointments scheduled and how many "wins" we got. She was doing her job I understand that but she hasn't... read more
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Any News?

Well? Did anything happen today?
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Test Clubs

I have been watching this site for a bit now....we see on here that the new stocking / receiving plan is being tested in some clubs...where are the folks from those clubs? Apparently not on here...I want to here from those folks to see how the plan... read more
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Hiring while cutting hours

Can somebody explain the logic behind hiring more people while cutting down on hours? I honestly can't figure it out. We are already barely able to keep people due to how few hours they are getting, and now we are adding even more into the mix? What... read more
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No information

I haven't received anything. I can't get a straight answer about anything around this place. We are suppose to have our package by Friday and that is our last day. So if we leave and turns out we don't like the package, it's not their problem. I know... read more
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CEO John Furner touring Minnesota clubs today. Hide all merchandise, we loaded a whole Walmart dc trailer with product and trash.
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Just Be Honest

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next Phase

Market managers are in Texas for meeting
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Severance package

Has any cash office associates received theirs in the mail yet? We are supposed to receive it by December 1st
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Overnight managerge

So does that mean there will be no need for the overnight manager when we move to days ?
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Sam's Club higher-ups have to know they are destroying the place

It's unfortunately a sad reality. This company and the world knows that Costco takes care of their employees, and it shows. Sam's aka Walmart only think of themselves up top. They have to know they are destroying the place, but as long as they are... read more
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To all those that read this web in positions that have been rumored to be gone let's be thankful on Thursday that we are still working and enjoy our families and friends. Worry about this stuff again another day. To all of you Happy Thanksgiving.
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Maintenance next?

I just saw a post about Walmart testing a self driving scrubber! Another one bites the dust!
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Incoming final phase of layoffs

I have a contact at home office that has given me the following information: The final phase of fiolettsk.rus will be rolled out in Jan but not go into effect until after Feb. Membership manager and lead will officially go away. A new grocery manager... read more
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Receiving to go next

Marketing, receiving, PTC will go next. Should be by the end of January. Claims will be the only full time that will be saved. Marketing is no longer needed as they can pay third parties to sell for them like Groupon, etc. I’m sorry but our marketing... read more
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I have 30 years with the company and read through this site now and then for pure entertainment. Most of you just need to get over it . You act like the company owes you something other than the paycheck to cash every two weeks. All of the changes... read more
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Severance package

Has any of the accounting leads out there received their severance paperwork yet? Almost feels like they're hiding something. I still have no clue how they think that four hours a day is going to get everything done properly. I'm still trying to... read more
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The Hard Truth!

I look on here almost everyday and see if anything new is posted. My job has already been eliminated. I was the full time Lead in Business Office. The shame is that we all have to speculate. There is no way the company doesn't know about this site. I... read more
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Membership Consolidation

I don't know if it has been posted on here or not, but it has been stated that we will be going to 1 membership at the beginning of the year. No more differences for business/advantage/plus. 1 membership card. It falls in line with the future... read more
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