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Worth a read

The problems are caused by poor leadership since the very start in 1999 and perhaps even back to 1996 with AMR Corp or even earlier with AA. We were never an IT company. Software in Sabre was always allowed to be hacked together organically without... read more
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different kind of layoffs

somebody mentioned sabre is done with layoffs because they're now firing folks, and it rang really true to me. several people here were fired recently, out of the blue. i didn't think much of it until i read that. now that i think of it, they were no... read more
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No additional layoffs planned right now

There are no additional layoffs planned right now. Any terminations will be based on individual performance-related circumstances and not financially driven. Any chance this is true? I could use some time to relax and enjoy the holidays, so this... read more
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Ancillary fees work canceled, layoff?

Trump just cancelled the requirement for airlines to clearly publicise ancillary fees. Will that impact revenue enough to cause another layoff?
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Year 1 CEO Performance

Since we all have to do self-evaluations for the DPM process, how do you think SM's will read? Achieved 34% approval on glass door, laid off hundreds to pad the stock, implemented a failure of a command center. What else?
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Small layoffs to avoid WARN and bad press

Sabre will avoid press by doing incremental layoffs avoiding the WARN notification to State Workforce Commissions/Departments. The WARN Act is considered when a mass layoff is a reduction in force resulting in job loss at a single employment site for... read more
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Layoffs at Sabre between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Time to pay the piper, people. Expect a massive blood letting between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are planning to go under the radar since so many other companies are shedding before Christmas and try avoid even more bad press. Won’t be as... read more
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No more working from home

So no more working from home, guess we'll all be coming in to Southlake with the flu this year. Absolutely ridiculous.
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New Hires Layoffs KRK

Hey, I heard that even new FTEs gets layoffs in Krk (after 2-3 months) - is that true?
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HR Update

Today Hr has scheduled one to one meeting with me on Tuesday don't know what is the update .
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Operations, Command Center BLR

Any thoughts on how this project coming along ? This was supposed to be the silver bullet for all our operational issues per DK and TM, both of whom are no longer with Sabre. Was also on an unrealistic schedule. Are our Operational issues fixed now ?... read more
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Layoffs today?

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Offer, build and delivery - impact

Restructuring the org as offer, build and delivery is happening now. Anyone has any insights on what would be the people impact??
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Time to pay for tech dept

Isn't is too late for Sabre to survive? / What do you think?
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Twice Bitten

Layoffs will probably come in 2018 and maybe even this year, but this is no longer a good place for information. October 9...October 30. Project OAK, and other fears have not happened. More layoffs will happen, but this has proven the "CONFIRMED"... read more
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Gloom and Doom after LATAM

The nails are in the coffin...Thursday confirmed that we are in dire straits in Airline Solutions after LATAM next year. No business and it's not sustainable, right from the horse's mouth. No more layoffs this year, but a month after LATAM, the axe... read more
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Menkecism by Nov1.
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More positions are in danger

Each business unit and sub unit was given some number of cuts they had to hit (e.g. one area might be expected to cut $11 mil worth of cost). HR then checked with VPs to make sure nobody indispensable to the business was targeted. I think AS is set... read more
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the silence of the lambs

Why is it so quiet here? Beware of your HR department. Something new is going on.
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Project OAK

Hoping to consolidate all information associated with Project Oak, which is headcount related in this thread.
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MVD Syndicate (SUTSA)

Confirmed, we were dragged into a 2 hours meeting about "how to deal with them" There are no plans of getting people fired. Sabre do not care about second level or administrative workers joining but there was an indirect recommendation to punish... read more
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Disgrace: Sabre / KRK

Disgrace: Sabre / KRK ------------------------------------------------- If you want corporations to stop this you need to get this onto local, national, and international news now. Make shareholders aware that this hurts their holdings and they will... read more
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Krk contract changes canceled

Fresh information from HR. Document has been withdrawn in the current version.
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The financial liability of the employee

It is repeated a hundred times in the famous document that all rights to our Works are transferred to Sabre, and even if they are not, they are. Etc. This is understandable and I accept it. The transfer of these rights is also included in our... read more
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I feel sorry for us

This blog is pure BS! No serious information shared. Everyone says a different date... until some day it becomes true. I even imagine people from Sabre’s competitors writing and laughing out loud about us coming to check the ‘news’ as if we really... read more
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Project Oak

Do this, have a son, daughter, brother, wife, or neighbor call in with a fake name to the next town hall and ask what Project Oak is about...... I'll give you a hint, what does an oak tree do in the Fall? It loses it's leaves... Disclaimer: This is... read more
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I like my job!

Information on the situation in company is spreading across whole Krakow. My friend (Software Developer) who never worked for Sabre contacted me today and asked if it’s true and if I had to sign the document too. Because of this document as a company... read more
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Sabre bankrupt before 2019.

They should not worry about accidentally laying off people in KRK that should not be laid off. Thanks to this, all those people worth anything will quit before January anyway and the only ones left will be the ones that should be laid off. So they... read more
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Contract addendum elsewhere?

Do we know if Krakow was only the testing ground for the Sabre's crazy contract addendum, and if they are planning to implement it all over? I'm just wondering. Hopefully, if that was the case, the fact how badly the whole thing is playing out will... read more
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Oct 9 Layoffs?

Any updated news? Is the axe falling?
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Genius plan

They should not worry about accidentally laying off people in KRK that should not be laid off. Thanks to this, all those people worth anything will quit before January anyway and the only ones left will be the ones that should be laid off. So they... read more
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Union in DFW?

Does Sabre employees have access to any union in DFW and is it even legal? KRK is creating one and another is coming in MVD shortly...stay tuned folks!!
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Change in contracts for all KRK employees

Starting Monday all regular KRK employees are forced to sign a contract of employment amendment. It is a 20 page document stating couple of interesting things. First of all after terminating the contract with Sabre you are not allowed to participate... read more
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No more layoffs this year

Confirmed from good source! Believing or not believing is your choice now.
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Amadeus Global Outage

I bet Southwest regrets moving. Hopefully some non-customers consider Sabre. /
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This round of Sabre layoffs will be much bigger than last

The list has been compiled and being distributed to upper management. My source in HR tells me it will be much bigger than last one. They are going to drop the axe early October bc they have a heart and want to give those affected a chance before the... read more
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