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Layoff is called off

fiolettsk.ru rumors is done. Shame on people for scaring Brown and whites people with gossip. Qualcomm is victory force in world. Apple is downhill. Victory Qualcomm!
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IOS tricks and traps

Regarding IOS, if you want to move to a new area to acquire new skills, then this used to be useful but with lots of caveats in present times such as your promo will get delayed (4 years I have seen), you will have to put a lot of effort to learn the... read more
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Case against Qcomm at bdc

Anyone filed case against BDC qualcomm for irregularities
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Qualcomm benefits! Come and work with the best!!

Long hours and on call 24x7 High levels of free Nepotism Limited communication with higher rank engineers. Open door policy is not enforced. No support from your management Free back stabbing Promotions based on friendships Harmless HR, do anything... read more
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Now that RSUs vested and bonus paid for the year, how is the attrition trend in your teams? Last week a bunch of key people in our team resigned. I am very concerned about the work load for those of us left behind and success of projects. Comment for... read more
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: Multiple H1-B visa frauds exposed !

H1-B backlash is happening for a reason.. Here is why !! So disgusting & demeaning for the Indian community /
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Sr staff salary in Bengaluru.

Recently joined as sr staff. They offered 0.48Cr, ~50K RSU. Is this decent number? Only serious replies PLEASE.
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It is beginning to looks like

Rocky Tango is coming to town
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Broadcom acquisition

Why not have qcom buy bcom instead? Can we file a counter offer?
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Company logo removed from all floors

At my location all the 'lobby signage' was removed from every floor, and will replaced with the new logo over the next few weeks. 'Next few weeks' got be thinking whether this was in preparation for the BroadCom logo. Does anyone know anything about... read more
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IOS negotiations

Does anyone know if one can negotiate base/signup bonus/rsu during ios? Serious replies only please
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CR&D mass exodus

The current attrition looks like rats abandoning a sinking ship. The only ones left behind are the ones ready to bail at any time, the original company men who ruined CR&D for good and some hapless individuals that are invested in San Diego way too... read more
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Should I buy or rent?

I recently accepted a position at Qualcomm and will be relocating from the bay area. Should I buy a house or rent? It seems like San Diego is in a market peak again.
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Sr Staff - Salary - should I look around?

Bay Area - Sr. Staff, Salary $170,000, cash bonus $33000, RSU $30-35k, raise 3% Should I stay or look around?
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Should I sell my house?

I live in 4s ranch. All my neighbors appear to work at Qualcomm. Worried the market might collapse.
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Full overhaul of management

If HT doesn't like the Board, it also means that there will be a mass change in the Executive management because HT wants supportive management once the bid is thru. Mass layoffs at the Exec level expected.
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Staff fair pay

Staff, 10 years of experience, base 135k. Glass door says my base should be 155k+. Is GS exaggerating?
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mar 8 mtg N auditorium

going to be fireworks at mar 8 shareholders mtg. Wonder if Toq speaks at mtg. Michael Douglas wall street movie buggy whips
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RSU grant

only 350 rsu [base salary 135k] this is not good
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Promotion Raise Amount?

If you were promoted this period, what was the promotion portion of your raise? 3.2% here. Pretty weak for a promotion. The regular raise was higher.
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Layoff Volunteers????

Does anyone know if it is possible to volunteer for layoffs? If so how is this accomplished?
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California tops in illegal immigration related spending

here’s a list breaking down the States with the highest expenditures for illegal immigration according to FAIR. California - $23,038,125,353 Texas - $10,994,614,550 New York - $7,489,141,357 Florida - $6,290,429,108 New Jersey - $4,466,838,574... read more
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Possible layoff numbers

Based on revenue per employee comparison between Broadcom and Qualcomm, at least 20% Qualcomm headcount cut is reasonable. That is about 7000 people. On top of it, there will be additional $0.7-1.3B cost reduction in overlapped business like WiFi... read more
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Give less than 2 weeks notice

I have an offer at hand. My new employer wants me to start as soon as I can. I told them I will give notice on Dec 8, which is when the bonus is paid out. Ideally I would give 2 weeks notice. If I give less two weeks, such as 1 week, will I still get... read more
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Broadcom 2018 Woop Woop

Has to be better than current Qualcomm.......... Thoughts?
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