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Oracle High School

/ I would seriously wonder about anyone who would let their kids go to school there willingly. Of course.. If you live in the area and... read more
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a catz amongst the mouses

/ sc is moving to the mouses. Mean time oracle stock is going down under 47$. Enjoy larry e. ...
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Share price below $48

Oracle sank like a rock in after hours trading to below $48 on poor forecast and cloud performance. Hold on to your hats, it’s a long way down.
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Larry’s Latest in Forbes

/ Oracle's Ellison Challenges Amazon, Salesforce And Workday On The Future Of The Cloud
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Question: Does Microsoft hire Oracle people??

I just want to get your feedback about Microsoft. Does Microsoft hire Oracle people?? I'm a former Oracle sales consultant. I have tried for a couple of years to get an interview with Microsoft. I'm very qualified for these positions. Unfortunately... read more
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ECA Layoff

Just got word that the ECA's under Hamidont will be consolidated this quarter. Taking out the redundant management (LE, RL, AL) and cutting out bottom 10% of performers (or upper 10% of age depending on what your methodology is). This is supposed to... read more
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Were there layoffs on Monday?

This was posted in another thread: There WILL be layoffs on Monday. The 10 minute calls are already set up. from Did anything happen? Were there layoffs on Monday?
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Senior exec departures

Are there any senior execs left at oracle? Seem like there are more departures every week. Soon it will be the three stooges, some A-kissers and the new college kids, and that will be it. Nobody with any knowledge and experience and Brian’s left.
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Oracle Green Card process

Any idea when Oracle will resume the Green Card process. I was told six months from September, the time of Solaris layoffs. It should resume on March. Any news on the status and if it still the same?
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Oracle Earnings, Cloud Concerns Weigh on Stock

/ Oracle Corp. appears to be in a more predictable stage of its cloud transition, but those predictions haven’t lived up to expectations so far. After Oracle’s... read more
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Oracle - Google lawsuit

Oracle is at it again trying to get money out of google for Java, having lost a whole bunch of lawsuit already. More than anything, this should make it clear to everybody how much oracle’s cloud and other business s---s and therefore how utterly... read more
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Demoralizing employees is the goal

I've often wondered if demoralizing employees is the goal. Demoralized employees are more likely to leave so it lowers layoff costs. It doesn't seem to matter that demoralized employees are unproductive so they cost more money than layoffs. Oracle... read more
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Unofficial official layoff report 12/10/2017

Looks like there were layoffs in EMEA this past week, some uncertainty around the numbers. I will call it 25. That brings the total number for FY18 to 7,275, and since 6/1/2106 to 17,275. Lots of restricting reserve $ left for FY18. Happy holidays... read more
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SC and the Mouse

On the one hand I can’t believe SC will not have the opportunity to run another company into the ground; on the other there is something deeply satisfying about the image of SC and Mickey Mouse, maybe because both are such a joke.
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Should I accept job at Oracle

I was offer job to work at Oracle but am not sure - what should I do???
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Where to work?

I graduate year but have offers from Uber, Twitter and Oracle. I’ve felt inspired when I see Larry Ellison but people say bad things about him here. Why you bad?
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Second Set of Holiday layoffs? ... More to come?

Is it over yet? Nope fiolettsk.rus will continue through June 1st 2018 in a prolonged year long reorg. Its built this way by design. Its like ripping the band aid off painfully for 365 days. But wait, it gets worse. Yep straight through the holidays... read more
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MH Townhall

Anyone caught MH's townhall today? Is it more of the same as before?
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Earning call 12/15

So what are the chances that the analysts will finally ask some real questions about oracle cloud? Such as is it real or just a fiction? How much of the cloud revenue is generated through cloud washing? How many people has oracle laid off in FY18 and... read more
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Oracle: Stormy Weather Ahead?

Looks like LE’s luck is running out, analysts are now openly discussing how oracle has fallen behind all the other cloud companies, including IBM. See story in Barron’s. Get ready to put up more collateral for your borrowing LE as the stock goes... read more
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OMG..not even in Top 100 place to work?? 5000 list?..... / ---- 1-facebook..#5-Google..#11-SAP..#15-salesforce..#39-Microsoft.. 77-Deloitte..#83-Accenture..#84-Apple..#96-Starbucks..#99-KPMG..
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Why is MH less than honest when it comes to layoffs?

It is interesting to note that in May of this year, after approving a 1.1 Billion dollar severance package in the Oracle 10Q, and before 3 consecutive quarters of layoffs at Oracle, MH calls warning "Fake News."... read more
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Anyone hiring in the Denver area?

I just found out about a cloud development person laid off in August in the Denver area. They are having a difficult time finding work. Maybe an IT-type job that would use oracle tools would work? They have jdev, java, ADF experience. Anyone?
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Unofficial official layoff report 12/3/2017 this week seems to have impacted about 100 employees in the US, in HW sales. That brings the total for this FY18 to 7,250, and since 6/1/2016 to 17,250. Still hundreds on millions left in the FY18 restructuring reserve which could mean... read more
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Oracle Hardware Sales layoffs

Yesterday the head of Oracle Hardware Sales laid many staffers off via conference call...."if you are on this call, then your position has been eliminated"..."don't let the door hit you on the way out"...lovely.
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Big Rif today Dec 1, 2017

My entire division of sales reps and manager were laid off today due to 'Organizational Changes in the hardware division' - Not sure how many people, but last day for this batch will be Jan 8. Storage, Tape and Sparc sales persons were dispatched.
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Anyone get notice today?

Guessing that we are safe until spring. No mandatory meetings and no FedEx for me. Whew. Merry Christmas to one and all. I still have a job!
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Massive layoff coming

Hallway rumors suggest a mid-February massive layoff. You have been warned. Good luck
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rescinding the job offer i accepted

i am working as contractor in HR department in Oracle California, they offered me full time (with a meager salary) and i accepted it, for a month they did not give joining date(all the formalities like hire right checks etc completed) and finally the... read more
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Layoff - Friday December 1

Is this still on for Friday? What departments and how deep? Or is this now pushed off until January 2018??
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What is the outlook after 2Q

So we know Oracle always cleans shop after quarter end. Management and employees are already being hauled in front of execs to explain quarter end short falls - which never ends well for the lower ranks. The Cloud success story is still very... read more
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Bye bye STK

More cuts coming to Broomfield. All STK product development will cease by the Christmas break. Layoffs will be the 2nd week of 2018. Only one product will remain.
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Oracle, the off man out

Lots of interesting cloud partnerships out there: SFDC runs on AWS and now also has a deal to run on Google cloud; SFDC also has a deal with IBM Watson; now SAP and MSFT Azure have struck a deal to run SAP cloud apps in Azure. Et tu oracle? The wall... read more
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