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Intervention Solutions forming in STaR

Does anybody have any insight in to the intervention solutions team being developed and the reorganization of STaR? Sounds like some major people shuffling and org chart changes...
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Oceaneering needs to care about its employees again

This company was great and used to care about there employees but now its a sh-- show! Cut pay, cut safety bonuses, cut travel,no one is getting promoted, cut healthcare and now they cut the one (and only one) holiday pay. If you work on christmas... read more
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Late of changes recently any body got any news?
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Anyone heard of layoff coming befor the end of the year?
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Layoffs are almost a certainty

Layoffs are almost certain. Expect cuts in SDS pm side. ROV technicians. STR engineering (shift most of the work to India folks). Lots of high paid managers still around that will be let go. The investors want to see how Oceaneeing cuts cost and it... read more
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Oceaneering is a shell of what it used to be

I can remember a time when I used to actually like going to work at Oceaneering. When management cared about their employees and their advancement. Employees actually looked out for each other and cared for one another. Now we have management who... read more
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Something has to be done

When are they going tondo something at STR about all the favoritism, it is not fair. Im so sick of working here. Im out!
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Isnt it unethical to have your son in laws report to thier father in law?
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More Layoffs 2017

Has anyone heard anything about more layoffs this year ?
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What happened to DTS?

I used to work for the DTS division back in 2014 and got out of there due to the crappy way things were done there. I was curious and I don't see any mention of that division on the oceaneering site and my linked-in research shows my old boss along... read more
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STR townhall is a joke...

Going to hire talent, what about all the good people they let go? Are they going to hire them back. What about safety, they let go the only one that cared for us and now nothing but a useless safety guy that don't leave his office and just passes the... read more
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When will anyone realise that to win contracts we need a strong experienced Marketing team, where is the marketing team within Oceaneering ? What do they do ?
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Shameful mismanagement

When they made the first massive purchase of C&C for $200 mil, right as the downturn was really gaining steam, it was justified as showing Wall Street that Oceaneering was still on the move and aggressive, and thus totally a solid company to bet on... read more
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Oceaneering Acquisitions

Oceaneering Acquisitions. Do you think there was any form of discussions as to these failures with not one making any profit ?
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I wonder how long it will be until Oceaneering announces that they're fully offshoring engineering & engineering support to India. It seems like any positive news that I see in my email is about how great the offshore design center is, and then there... read more
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Does anyone else think this merge was the worst thing that could have ever hit both groups? DTS employees are falling out fast.....some very skilled senior employees have left and it sure doesn't seem like management even cares about losing this... read more
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Corrupt management

You know management is corrupt and favoritism plays a big part more than ability and knowledge when you have technicians failing breathalyzer test at the heliport and not being able to go out on the job. And then benign banned from going out for that... read more
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Cash Flow is Great ?

Oceaneering International inc says on june 27, 2017, entered into agreement and amendment no. 3 to credit agreement - sec filing Oceaneering International inc says credit agreement originally provided for a $300 million three-year term loan and a... read more
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More layoffs coming

The 10 year contract with BP is dead as BP laying off 4000 in Houston alone this year. This contract is what was keeping Oceaneering afloat. OI will soon join the Titanic on the bottom of the ocean as it sinks. Ironic that Oceaneering ROVs brought... read more
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STAR Techs

You know management is corrupt and favoritism plays a big part more than ability and knowledge when you have technicians failing breathalyzer test at the heliport and not being able to go out on the job. And then benign banned from going out for that... read more
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All of Iwocs management loves to micro manage he shop floor and are only about themselves and not the employees. Takin away tech titles and leaving the techs nothing to work towards and advance is a horrible way to run a company and then they ask why... read more
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Boy, the morale is at a all time low and management should be reconsidered,, got some people that have no leadership experience. Mostly yes men and we keep losing all the good ones. Baker iwocs 2.0 coming in nicely . Hoping for a turn around
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someone is going to get hurt

What happened to our safety people? They let go of the ones thay actually cared about oir safety. The ones that are left do nothing but pass the buck and s--- a--.
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The company faces serious issues with employee morale. Everyone does not like their job anymore or just dont care. Culture will be probably wiped out by the end of this year.
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Layoffs in JAN 2017

So I heard today that there were going to be more layoffs in January of 2017. heard middle management is going to be let go and possibly technicians.
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Finance Layoffs

Anyone have a clue when Layoff's will happen for Finance, since its like the only group that has not gotten hit yet.
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60 to go in Aberdeen......this has been ongoing for over two years!
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Morgan City Office

Morale horrible, back stabbing, people packed their offices just in case. If you are in clique your safe. It's a waiting game for people - they are being told they may have a job, they may not. It's sad when People on street knows when layoffs are... read more
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Must be selling if need quiet period

Wow.....lol....so typical. A bunch of chickens in a henhouse clucking to one another and too good to be talked about by the farm animals outside of the coop. The fox is near.
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Layoff this week?

Does anyone know what groups in Houston are going to get hit this week with layoffs?
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