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Anonymous place to discuss

Everyone - sign up for the Blind Anonymous app. If we can get at least 50 Nuance users, we’ll have our own anonymous forum with verified Nuance employees. (Currently have 13 users). Google it - it’s in use for most tech companies.
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yes, I am a disgruntled ex-employee

I know there were a bunch of lay-offs recently; however, I left voluntarily, in fact, I could not get out of there quick enough! After they breach, I was not paid fairly when the "system" was returned to full function and lost out on over one... read more
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Nuance Benefits

I have a feeling that our benefits get worse every year. What are your thoguhts.
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Nuance Communications Layoffs 2018

It's hard to predict things, but folks are saying that there might be cuts in this year Burlington.
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Main losers at Nuance are the patients

So much happier since September layoffs of 2016. I used to love my job and the level of satisfaction, knowing I was helping patients in need of quality medical care. But Nuance spoiled that and left me feeling like the worm they treated me as. Not... read more
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Nuance transcription services Severance package

What's a typical package paid out to Nuance Transcription Services workers. I am assuming it has to do with years of service (1 week for x years) and it's probably capped somehow. Please share.
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Mobility division in Montreal

I got laid off in May 2017. Are any of you who got laid off from the Mobility division in Montreal? Or do you know anybody from this division who got laid off? Good luck to all...
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Is this wave of layoffs done?

According to numbers I've been seeing around, nearly 700 people were laid off from Nuance last week. Do we know if that is it, or if there are more layoffs planned for this week? Also, can anybody say what kind of severance package they were offered... read more
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Morale is at all time low at Nuance

Layoffs have been happening here continuously for years now, to the point where they have completely affected office morale. Everybody is always on edge and worried, even people who were friendly are snapping at each other. This is not only... read more
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We need more people, not fewer

I can't understand what the management is thinking for the life of me. We are having layoffs when all of our projects are already chronically understaffed. It's not even a surprise, anybody who's been with the company for a few years knows that... read more
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What about the $1000 bonus we were suppose to get 2 months ago and the day it was suppose to be deposited we have a conference call stating it was a mistake and only suppose to go to certain group of employees.
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Laid off after 10 years of service!!!

Yes after 10 years of service I got laid off over a recorded conference call of the president because of low volume work. Ok this is interesting as I got in world client our work email and my supervisor didn't remove me from the list and she stated... read more
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Am also one of the 400. Got my walking orders yesterday. I was pretty upset yesterday but today I feel a huge sense of relief. Don't look forward to having to look for another job but I know God will provide a job.
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I'm one of the 400

More and more work is going to India (5,000 new employers there just this year!). The conditions continue to deteriorate year after year. I'm one of the 400 after a day of shock, I'm relieved to free of the shackles, free of the horrendous QA... read more
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400 + Nuance Layoffs September 13, 2017

400 medical documentation specialists laid off due to company claims of restructuring and recent cyber attack.
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I remember liking working Nuance.

People were kind to each other and the end goal was always to do the best job possible - everyone was giving 1000%. Boy, are those days gone in every aspect. Today, they could care less about the worker. THEY SHIP OUR JOBS TO INDIA!!! The management... read more
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Now I'm worried...

Was this the meeting about "manager updates" at 12:30 EST today 09/12? I missed it because I work night shift and didn't get the email until late, but was able to log on for my shift??? Now I'm worried.
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Offshoring and Accountability?

They are laying off CA employees and sending the CA work offshore to India. Just a question, how is that HIPPA compliant and do the client/doctors even know that this is happening? I have a bad feeling that there are going to be a lot of issues... read more
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Nuance Layoffs

Unfortunately, my phone was cutting out as it is wont to do, and I did not hear the effective date(s), but on a conference call today with at least 57 other participants when I logged in, we were told we are being laid off from Nuance Transcription... read more
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Nuance not paying employees for incentives and bonus for overtime

Reports of timesheet altering after employees approved and submitted and Nuance not paying for promised incentives and bonus promised to employees who worked overtime during the cyberattack that crippled Nuance. Read employee comments at:... read more
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Nuance Communications Layoffs 2017

Now, let's try to predict if we might have job cuts in this year Burlington.
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Layoffs today

Nuance laying off an unknown number of employees today. Par for the course, for their year end numbers.
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California Nuance employees being laid off!

Rumor has it that managers and MTs in California will be losing their jobs possibly due to the the new minimum wage laws for 2017.
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December layoffs

At least 6 in the Mobility division.
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Nuance Communications Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Nuance Communications layoffs in Burlington in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2015 Layoffs at Nuance Communications

Things can be better but I hear some rumors about reorg in Q4 and that we may have job cuts. I know that Nuance Communications used to do much better before but I've been with the company since 2013 and I've seen things got a bit less good.
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2014 Layoffs at Nuance

I heard rumors, get ready for 2014, it's not gonna be pretty
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Does Nuance (or any employer) pay your Unemployment benefits - just trying to figure out why would Nuance be careful about unemployment benefits, I thought that the state pays that anyway... Thoughts?
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Layoffs? If you can call it that.

It's more like an entire business model built around slash and burn. They subsume MTSOs or install their software at hospitals, promising those MTs a job (to avoid letting them get unemployment), but then put them through a sieve that squeezes them... read more
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another hit today

another hit today
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I am in QA - thanks

I am in QA - thanks
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Enterprise, across the board

Enterprise, across the board. Couple reps, engineering, QA, NS. PS went through a round a couple weeks ago too. If you didn't get a notice last week I think you're safe.
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yahoo - who is getting affected

yahoo - who is getting affected
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Looks like layoffs across the board today

Looks like layoffs across the board today. My guess, 2 - 5% of the staff?
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