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Random drug testing

Why the "random" drug tests starting this year? It's just going to alienate all the employees who don't drink on the job or take illegal drugs, and chances are slim to none that problem employees will be selected at random. Why can't they just deal... read more
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I am counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds to get back to work. I am so excited. I love Noble and cannot wait to get back to all the important work that I do and help my managers do. Although I have read some negative comments on this site, I... read more
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Xmas bonus

So did we get the wonderful $100 bonus for Christmas this year? Or has ds ditched the tradition going all the way back to mr. noble?
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Stover buying stock

What is up with Stover buying stock for the first time? Trying to plug confidence leak, create interest in stock, needing a write off, or padding portfolio for future benefit in sell off?
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Noble trying to become a ...

midstream company. Seems like they're doing a left midstream type of deals through their mlp. I'm not an employee but it seems like that company continues to struggle with what they want to be since Davidson retired. Any thoughts from insiders?
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Yet another resignation. How many is that now, 4?
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Reality Check

Noble is doing well, Noble stock s---s, Noble is hiring, Noble is awesome because If our safety record is good then all else is good.... A bunch of bull butter if you ask me.... some of our best people have left the company, our stock price is 40%... read more
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Chicken little

People are quitting left and right. But, people are being hired left and right too. Check the job board.
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Something is happening

People are quitting left and right! Anybody know what is going on, or going to happen?
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The Great "sell - off"

Seems like noble is continuing to sell off assets!! When will they sell off GOM? Noble Energy selling more assets in $340M deal - Houston Business Journal, Nov 27, 2017... read more
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I know how to keep score

There will be no Noble layoffs this year. But, I never forget. The past two years have been brutal. Management at this company does not care about anybody but themselves. In the meantime I will just hang on and wait until the industry rebounds, which... read more
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November layoffs skipped this year?

Noble had layoffs in Nov 2015 and 2016, I have not heard anything this year. Does that mean we get to enjoy the holidays this year? Anyone hear anything?
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Survey Says Low Management Ethics

Manager told me a survey was released at the Noble ethics seminar. It showed very low senior management ethics. Guess what? DS GW KF walked out before the presentation. Ironic yes?
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Oops! Suriname exploration well was dry!

How many failures in a row does that make? Should be obvious by now that JD and his exploration managers have no idea what they’re doing. Noble would be better off spending that cash in W Texas. As least those shales can be fracked and make money.
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The most satisfying thing you can do as a Noble Employee...

is quit. Nothing felt better than the day I left. I was an adrenaline rush. I rocked out to music the whole way home. I was severely wounded, but within a month I noticed that my everyday existence was dramatically improved.
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GoM is back up for sale.

This was told to people in Houston. Seems for real this time. They will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price this time.
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Oil and gas is

Oil and gas is for Get out or continue to take it in the backside. Everyone has it, everyone pumps it, supply high, demand low. Get it? Probably not. At least you will have something to blame for your lack of motivation.
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Noble is definitely not Best in Class

Company has gone in the crapper. Never thought it would be the place that you're better off long term to be under employed and under paid. All functions appear mismanage but Finance as much as any other if not more so. It's incredible How much... read more
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Noble Hiring Tons

Noble's employment site is chock full of opportunities. Doesn't seem like they will be laying off this year. I guess... unless you are overpaid and then you will be dumped and replaced with a s---er for lower wages.
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What an incredibly awful company to work for

I can't wait to leave this company. I (like everyone I know at Noble) am waiting to see if the executive ivory tower will grace us with a 2017 bonus before I move on to a better job. Odds are they'll screw us again and keep bonuses just to... read more
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Confirming the worst

I can't say who I am or how I know, but I know that serious layoffs are coming for real in October. Certain investors and suitors have made it clear to the board that they expect change now because they are sick of the nickel and diming cost-cutting... read more
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Targeted advertising

Why do the ads I see on this site show pictures of Joel Osteen looking like Joan Crawford? Does he draw on his eyebrows and pad his shoulders? Click on the ads you hate. Make them pay for wasting your time and underestimating your intelligence and... read more
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Thank You Noble

Thank you for selling the Marcellus and laying me off. Life is so much better outside. People out here enjoy their jobs, management is caring and talented, and i'm making more money as well. For those left behind if you want to energize the world and... read more
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Cultural and Leadership Chaos

I've never seen an organization more focused on looking good instead of doing the right thing and caring for their people. Profits over people has been the downfall of this organization. Lies coupled with more lies continue to plague this company... read more
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Greed is Greed

Greed is greed and what the company is experiencing is the same type mess we have going on with the government. Too management doesn't care who is hurt so long as their pocketbooks expand. Fat lot of good that will do them in hell.
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Re-locations instead of layoffs

Noble is not recruiting employees to move to Houston. Instead of doing additional layoffs they said they would be moving departments from Denver to Houston. They must be in some sort of financial trouble and stock prices continue to decline, in 2013... read more
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Noble University

There are too many young liberal academic types at Noble that don't know anything about drilling a successful well. They can't see the forest for the trees.
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NBL down 9%

Where is the bottom for this company? This is an eight year low going back to the 2009 financial crises and market crash.
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August layoffs?

I have read on several forums people mention August as a month some layoffs are expected at Noble. None of it looks too credible though, so I am not sure what to think about it. Has anybody heard anything about this? I would be very grateful for any... read more
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Laying off people over 40 was a big mistake

This foolish effort to promote the "kids" became apparent every time upper management said "We are looking for the leaders of tomorrow". Anyone that was paying attention knew at that point if you were 40+ years in age....... your career (with Noble)... read more
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Parting words from the MBU

I just have a few points to make. Stop the trash talk please, it’s embarrassing. It reminds me of that uncle at the family reunion that tries to be relevant but nobody listens to him…just stop. If you’re still in, get out. I was nervous when the new... read more
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It is sad to see Noble do badly, and I am someone that was laid off after putting many years of sweat into making a company that everyone was proud of. Where did they go wrong? The idea was planted that there is not enough young people to carry on... read more
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I wish all of you the best . Hope our path cross again in the future . Houston ..... kiss my A$$!
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Noble is still open?

Noble is still open? I thought they filed for bankruptcy and closed down last year. Noble might want to think about auditioning for a role on the Walking Dead so they can make ends meet until someone pokes a stick in its brain.
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There is no hope for Noble

Noble is a company for management by management. How many managers have lost their job during this downturn? The answer is none. Yet these are the very people who have run this company into the curb. Yes there are more "s--- asses" at this company... read more
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