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Tax reform brings riches to employees

since tax reform passed in the usa weve seen companys start passing along the riches to there hard working employees. apple and walmart have given bonuses. wells fargo has boosted salarys. visa and aflack have increased their 401k matches neos has... read more
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Success of argentina wells

Anyone know if these wells were ever drilled? Struck bountiful quantities of oil? I worked on these blocks and like others who had alook wasn’t optimistic. I know neos was trying to avoid the block committments but never herd if they were forced to... read more
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Oil prices up. Kazakhs want their money

Neos can sell some desk chairs to pay its share Oil price growth to positively affect Eurasia project: KazMunaiGas 01/10/2018 | 05:21pm CET Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 10 By Ali Mustafayev - Trend: The expected growth in oil prices in 2018 will positively... read more
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How many geos?

Out of the dozen who remain how many are practicing geoscientists? Throw out the accountants, lawyers admins and managment types-maybe 5?
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Armored trucks full of gold

Does anyone know how many armored trucks full of gold neos found in 2017? I missed that stat in there annual report and couldn’t fimd it on the lockheed martin website... read more
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Ominous view for exploration spending

this from reuters offers a dim outlook for neos “Despite the strongest start for oil prices in four years, the world's top oil companies are set to cut spending on oil and gas exploration for a fifth year in a row in 2018 According to consultancy... read more
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$85 million in cash or bitcoin

Neos share of the eurasia project. Hands will send it via courier by the end of the week /
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2017 annal reveiw

dearest shareholders neos is proud to report 2017 results we continued momentum of last couple years during 2017 we failed to close significant projects left existing customers in limbo do to lacking neccessary software and staffs failed to close cgg... read more
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holiday layoffs

Twas two weeks before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a louse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Jnicolas soon would be there. The workers were all nestled all snug in their... read more
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Tempist generates $1.6 billion

If only our disruptor chairmen and his cfo had invested in bitcoin verses neos a couple years back. Im sure they have no regrets
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Wikipedia page removed

Interesting that the neos page that had been on wikipedia for years was recently removed. I dont think ive ever seen a company just erase itself like that. I guess neos is embarassed about it’s terralliance roots and it’s lack of recent... read more
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Cyber monday

Ignore those 1* customer reviews. Current owners will pay YOU to take this off there hans. Name your price plus youll get a $50 amazon gift certificate
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Yearend bonus

looking forward to big yearend payout. I here the board has voted to pay us the 2016 bonus hands promised but never paid plus 2017 bonus plus 3 months delayed salarys all in the next few weeks. Do’nt know about you but im going to diseneyland
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2018 for neos?

Will we ever close the funding round that has been underway for 2-plus years? Will a conuzed invester step into fund the cash flow deficit drvien by zero sales? Will oil be discovered on the goat pastures neos holds in argentIna or kazhackstan? Will... read more
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Doubt we see another paycheck

Clearly issues with the bond which we’ve heard would close soon for more than a year. Investors dont want to fund neos given bad market, managment, technology or all of these. The shortterm bridge loan guys have disappeared and existing investors... read more
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Holiday partying

I looks forward to big holiday party to celebrating bonds closing, meat mangement and hears about our strategics for growth in 2018. Big rebounding oil prices means good thighs in our future
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One good thing about some of the departures and lack of monies - no pumpkin carving! I always thought this holiday event and office competiton was a brainless waist of time. Good riddence
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Full waveform inversion

Anyone know the status of our FWI r&d project? Our ceo said several years ago our Argentina office was working on this. But then told we had laid everyone off in Argentina. And shortly after, told it was a focus area. I would thinks this is the sort... read more
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Project award

Another airborne multiphysics project awarded to Cgg today. One of several they awarded since neos backed away from acquiring them do to lack of monies. Proofs that airborne and multiphysics markets still alive, just nots for neos. At leest web sites... read more
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Website no mas

The website designed by our executive chairman is gone. Not replaced by anything. Just a dark url. Looks like neos has taken it’s last breathe. RIP
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Who manages this company? I dont see a Managment page on thier web site. Just a Board page with 4 guys who look more like finance types than geoscientists. And forget women and peoples of color.
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Hurricane since late july =11 Neos paychecks since late july = ZERO We thanks our chairmen and bored members for watching outs for us and waiting with greatest anticipation the eminent bonds closing
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Bond closed

End of the month so bond should be closed now acorrding to hands. Congratz to bored members which work hard to get that done. When will big monies flow to starving employees and angry venders?
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Chairman report card

Soveriegn plan- failure Technology advanced-nope Alliance partners - uh uh Big time hires / nada Funding- still looking after 2 years Moral -toilet Acquisitions- one done but business ruined, other fell through do to no $ Valuation/ plummeted Former... read more
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Another one bites the dust

The bio for the kleiner perkins board member has been removed. The passport bio disappered a couple months back. Looks loke these guys dont want to be associated with a failed venture Now just left with the chairman and his henchmen on the 4 member... read more
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Funds flowing to e&p startups

Cealus energy $1 billion apollo group + kosmos executive Neptune energy $4 billion carlyle group + hess|chevron exec Alta mesa $4 billion riverstone + anadarko exec Centennial $1 billion riverstone|fidelity + eog exec Neos $0 + 1 oakado|2 bp execs
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Harvey donation

Approaching end of month so looking forward to bond closing with big monies available for payrolls vendors drilling software etc Here we may set aside 1 million for harvey relief. Makes me proud to be a neos geos as we do the right thing and helps... read more
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Friday, Lieday

Another lost week for getting paid. Last time we saw a check was June 30. Many wonder if we’ll ever see another! Word has it that the bond is in serious peril. Management miscalculated again and the investment bank that was going to underwrite it... read more
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Thread missing

There was a thread here earlier, and I don't see it anymore. Did someone delete it? If so, how can you do it?
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Another friday, another set of excuses

6 weeks since the rif and 6 weeks since our last paycheck At least we got entertained by another set of rambling excuses from hanz He sounds like hes running out of them But we know that the bond will close the end of the month just like hanz said it... read more
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our chairman and cfo

examples of why investment bankers shouldnt run companys or try to manage and inspire people. the sliver lining for us is theyve lost millions and wasted three years of there life
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uncertain future for houston office. only 4 employees with 2 geos. what sort of geophyiscal service co has only 2 technical staffers in houston?
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Pleasanton office

Dont see a pleasanton office in 2018 If jon and hands get there bond then hq moves to london closer to jon and richie and the oligarchs and the shieks If no bond then pleasanton and all offices close
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Base salary with no performance or cost of living increases in 3+ years Salary paid at discretion of cfo and chairman be prepared to go 2+ months without a paycheck No bonus as targets set at unachievable levels No equity grants as chairman doesnt... read more
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Bigger Scam Terralliance or Neos?

And the nominees for worst supporting actor in a geophysical scam are Johnny Fameman executive chairman and acting ceo neos Erland Olsen convicted felon and former ceo terralliance Paul Frame convicted felon and former ceo seitel
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Times seem bleak

After the July layoffs the offices are like graveyards, upper management are hiding and continuous lies about payroll. The company has been ran into the ground...very sad.
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July layoffs

Majority of technical team was laid off in july only skeleton team exists. WORD IS even the few employees that are left have not been paid in 2 pay cycles sincethe big layoff. GONNA be real hard to run an E&P with no technical team and few that are... read more
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dishonest management

Company is in severe financial distress and frequently misses payroll as well as many other financial obligations. Current employees very worried about financial stability and future of company.
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