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Downtown Portland?

Wonder if the office in downtown Portland will get hit; such a disgrace about Wilsonville - so many bright, hardworking, and innovative people there.
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60+ Laid off - Jan 2018 - Wilsonville / Portland

Business Analyst, HW Eng (a bunch), Manufacturing Lead/Tech/Test, PML, BPM, Ops resources, Porucrement, Q&R, QC, Support, etc... OR STATAE WARN: /
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New to Msft - no stock options, where is the upside !?

Just joined. Looking at first year comp, even though Msft up 50% in the year, my comp is basically flat. Without options in the package the upside is well - almost nothing. If I was to grind away for 5yrs maybe stock kicks in something, but am I... read more
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Microsoft layoffs 2018

Let me be the first one to start with a discussion on 2018 layoffs at Microsoft. What are your thoughts? What groups will be the most affected (I think the general consensus is that Sales in non-cloud areas will hemorrhage quite a bit) and what... read more
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If you are over 50, you are not safe at Microsoft

It is the time of year when the traditional rank and yank occurs - those are usually not layoff but termination. I would also imagine anything not aligned to Azure may take a beating. In addition, if you are 'long in level' aka over 50 then you can... read more
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Microsoft Stealth Layoffs - Enterprise Services

Stealth layoffs are happening at Microsoft. My job in Enterprise Services was eliminated along with many others. There has been almost no information shared on this round of lay offs and how it fits within the overall strategy. My guess is that there... read more
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Another Piece Pointing to Sales/Product Layoffs

This one is from Petri, I'd take all of this with a grain of salt. / Microsoft Layoffs Impact US Employees, Sales and Product Teams Posted on September 13, 2017 by Brad... read more
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1000+ Sales Folks to be laid off

Here it goes - this is gonna be massive - sales will be turned upside down... IBM has done it a year ago, Oracle has been hammering this group all year, all legacy sales folks are in jeopardy as the pivot to Cloud sales transpires... Microsoft is as... read more
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Manager retaliation reported and conveniently ignored

After providing constructive critical feedback on different occasions to my manager, this person decided to retaliate by putting me on PIP for no good reason. Upon escalating what had happened to me to the skip level manager and head of HR - there... read more
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After 15yrs, bad review, preparing for exit...

I provide this as a cautionary tale to those at Msft who are getting older (say 40+), have been with the company for a while, and have drawn the wrong card when it comes to projects they get assigned to work on. If you think you are more than one... read more
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More layoffs incoming?

It seems that Microsoft is planning to gift us with more changes and more job cuts. We will know more after the quarterly earnings call, I guess, but I am not optimistic... read more
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Time to become a "v-"!

I'm seeing a lot of level 65+ managers are doing absolutely nothing, either not show up to work or went out fishing. They have been with MSFT for 10+ years and no way can find another job will pay what they are making now. Even you survived from last... read more
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You survived! Now what?

Be ready to be laid off next February if any of the below applies: a. You are over 40 or will be on 2018 b. Are not in the fast track path anymore (doesn't matter if you were before) c. Are in the same group for more than 10 years d. Have been moved... read more
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MS Service Delivery in Americas Hit on 7-6-2017

Consulting services in our line of business was hit 20% in North and South America. Billable resources on active billable projects were RIFed. Not good for customer experience.
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Entire MS site in Wilsonville laid off, sit to be shut down.

Today (July 10 2017) Microsoft laying off the entire workforce at Wilsonville Oregon. This group does the Surface Hub development work. Future Surface Hub work will be done in Redmond. Everyone is packing up their personal belongings into cardboard... read more
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Microsoft Severance Payment Question

A question regarding severance - not sure if this is the right place to ask but here it goes anyway. If I am let go and if I am given a 60 day notice per the State of WA reqs, would I be able to get the severance if I find a job before the 60 day... read more
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A wakeup call...

When I got laid off at Microsoft in 2014 I thought it was the worst thing that happened to me. I had to learn some tough lessons, especially that it is a business and any personal feelings about the quality of work or how invaluable you thought you... read more
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More than Sales layoffs

It wasn't just sales, it was cyber security as well. My husband just got laid off yesterday afternoon. I can't stand when the truth isn't told, why do they need to spin it this way - it's unethical and it's just plain wrong. Misleading the public and... read more
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Layoffs Media Recap as of today Fri 7/8

NewsMax Lost in the Clouds Microsoft Layoffs 2017: 3,000 Jobs Lost in the Clouds / VentureBeat Microsoft confirms layoffs, up to 3,000 jobs reportedly affected As... read more
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As expected and no drama

Job cuts are happening for several years now. In 2016, we laid off 3000, 1000 were from iin sales. About 8000 were cut in 2015. Rhe biggest cut was in 2013, when we cut about 20k, 15k were Nokia though... There will be more cuts as geographies and... read more
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Microsoft Chicago

Hello all I am considering joining MSFT. Can you tell me what it is like to work there? Should I just look elsewhere?
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Reorg Memo - Althoff/Courtois/Capossela - the change is coming...

There you go - Reorg Memo - Althoff/Courtois/Capossela It's all about opportunities, we are talking trillions here - so do not despair: There is an enormous $4.5 trillion market opportunity across our Commercial and Consumer businesses. We are... read more
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EPG Azure Sales Hiring, not so promising for other sales groups

I know there is a ton of anxiety in the air right now, this is true for Redmond as well as other locations. People don’t know how deep the cuts will be and the overall impact of the reorg may be significant. In my group, EPG Azure Sales, we are... read more
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Microsoft Sales Layoffs (July 2017)

We knot that a reorg is coming, a full fledged sales force overhaul - layoffs will be fairly deep... Now, there was a ton of coverage on this, the most recent one being a piece by the Seattle Times that got published on the front page of the business... read more
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Layoff Updates

Whatever happened here (700 layoff rumor in Jan 2017). Do we know: who got laid off what levels were laid off how many job cuts in total in 2017 what are redundancy plans for the rest of the year Here is the link to story:... read more
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Everyone there are fighting to keep jobs, not advance the company

MS business is in trouble. They have to get COS down and innovation up. The same crappie management that existed under Ballmer is still running the place into the ground. Windows is already irrelevant, office COS is easy two high E5 is a fail. Voice... read more
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Does that make it clear what fiolettsk.rus are for?

Half the very competent people on my team were laid off last year. Then magically, a bunch of openings for the exact same position opened up in Bangalore. None of those who remain are making more money. Everyone's working longer hours to accommodate... read more
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700 jobs to be cut - 2017

It's all over news, Microsoft is cutting about 700 jobs starting next week. No details yet, but I expect we'll know more next Thursday, after they report the quarterly earnings. I'm assuming this is part of a last year's plan to cut 2850 jobs. Don't... read more
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MS business is in trouble. They have to get COS down and innovation up. The same crappie management that existed under baller is still running the place into the ground. Windows is already irrelevant, office COS is easy two high E5 is a fail. Voice... read more
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Microsoft Layoffs 2017

If you think about things in a rational way, all business problems may lead to job cuts and reductions in Redmond.
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Microsoft Layoffs in 2017

Bad news continue to come and it'll stay this way for a while. The core business will continue to suffer as long as PCs slide - it's kind affecting anyone dealing with PCs - just look Intel's board here with 1000s of messages. They are streamlining... read more
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Will TAMs be affected in strong product areas such as Dynamics?
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Procurement, Office and Bing

Procurement, Office and Bing both had friends of mine leave this week. Engineers and Bing. SSM major attrition. Good luck all.
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SoCal Account Reps

Strategic pruning in progress, not a novel concept but still it hurts
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