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Shame on you

All of you that come to micron in Boise in that off site area. You know there is no work but you still take a lot of manager and supervisor money to do nothing every day while others get shipped out and let go. You all sit all day and on internet... read more
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Is Boise Facility going away?

I am a recruiter for a semiconductor company. I do not work for an agency but a company outside of the Boise area. I had one of the employees there contact someone here and tell me that they were moving everything in Boise overseas? I don't see any... read more
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How Come

How can we come to work every day and have no work to do but no one get moved or lay off? Make us wonder if all of sudden everyone go at same time. Why not be fair and tell us why no work?
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Tomorrow is my last day

I have already accepted another job that pays sightly more and I don't have to worry about layoffs anymore and all the gossip that goes with that. Anyone that does not have an alternative plan for work and puts their faith in Micron is making a big... read more
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Overtime Work

Peeps, let’s now try to talk about the salaried folks with a forty hour work week... Why is it that several departments expect 60 plus hours or more ? I’d be damn if I would work 20 hours and not get paid for it, makes sense right??? This expectation... read more
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Layoffs this week?

Somebody mentioned that layoffs at Micron will continue this week. Anybody knows more about it? Been looking around and haven't been able to locate any concrete info so far, so I am kind of hoping it's not true. I am still nervous as heck about going... read more
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Severance packages don't last as long as you might think. It is just a bridge until your next job. It is taxed heavily and you end up with a lot less than the initial number you think you are getting. Unemployment probably won't pay your monthly... read more
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Leaving for sure

From what I understand talking to several different people Boise will continue over approximately the next eighteen months or so,to shrink. The difference this time is that Boise is shifting the"type" of jobs they will retain. As certain types of... read more
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Micron Technology Layoffs 2018

Rumors here? Updates here? I want to know what executives are planning here in Boise.
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Incompetent managers decide who stays and who goes at Micron

In every department, those who can make it to a spot in a circle of handful of people (not experts but cheaters, cunning & clever) who are clever to put their foot at the root of circle of people are the ones who decide whom to hire and whom to fire... read more
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Expect layoffs to continue

The Tech industry and layoffs go hand in hand. Many don't pay it any mind until it happens in their area or until it happens to them, but it is an ongoing process like this one will be over about the next 18 months or so. This is just he first wave... read more
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The stage was set

The day Appleton said they would never chase cheap overseas labor, I knew the stage was set for outsourcing, layoffs, redundancies, cost-synergies, etc.
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End of Hourly

Hourly employees will be almost completely gone by 2019. Over this next year huge changes will be taking place. Layoffs are guaranteed over the next 12 to 18 months. Hourly employees really need to look for other options elsewhere. The new CEO is... read more
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Layoffs should handle the too many managers situation

Yes the good ol' boys network needs purging for sure. Too many managers with no reports making six figures just hiding in the wings. Too many redundant management positions that are not needed. Hope they finally get it right and purge them... read more
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Times are a changin!

It's all about the bottom line and return to shareholders. Profit profit profit at any cost, Jobs to be gone are in accounting for sure, A/P, A/R, etc. Say goodbye to those high paying benefit rich positions. Will have to buy your own insurance thru... read more
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Incoming layoffs at Boise site 9/27/2017

People are already being notified. Some's last day is Oct 10th. Affected areas so far are Test/Assembly/RDL.
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Top Time

We have to use our TOP time again this Holiday season ? I hope not!
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Friday, and the end of another week of doing nothing. This can't keep going on. We are going to walk in here some morning and find out we no longer have jobs. They can easily cut this staff by half. Lots of people here riding that easy money train... read more
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Top time Again

I was just told we will probably be forced to use our TOP time again this year at Holiday time. Has anyone heard the same?
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Write to Know

Management needs to allow a "write to know" column at MERC. Employees can ask questions there
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Too many bosses anywhere in any company is never good. Micron has let this problem get way out of hand. Perhaps more Supervisors and Managers need to be replaced by Management Temps like everyone else in this company.
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Top Heavy

Bloated Management that goes on and on. No reason al all to have so many highly paid management personnel in this company. I hope the new Boss looks at this problem closely.
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Top Heavy

To the new CEO Please, please change the current philosophy of keeping an over abundence of management personnel that in many cases are not needed. Stop employing managers to do the work of supervisors. How many management people do we need to tell... read more
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Tsinghua to Build $30 Billion Memory Fab in China.

China’s state-controlled chip vendor Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. announced plans to build a $30 billion memory chip in Nanjing, a city in eastern China. Tsinghua said it plans to build DRAM and 3D NAND flash at the Nanjing fab. There's no way China will... read more
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Who Knows

There is no indication at this time if there will be layoffs in 2017. Micron though lays people off all the time. Often we don't hear about it because it is not a large layoff rather a more selective layoff of individuals. If you work in an area that... read more
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Just Saying

I am hearing a spring to June layoff as well like this year. I don't know if it is trur, but I have heard it from several different people who are "in the know"
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Spring! March or April is usually when Micron starts to put a layoff plan into motion by leaking layoff rumors and then fiolettsk.ru options appear. Layoffs are a part of the Micron yearly plan, Boise is no exception. Here we go again.
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Micron Technology Layoffs 2017

Do you know if large layoffs job cuts are planned for this and next year? What are your thoughts, I am especially interested in Boise.
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How long can this go on

How can any supervisor and Manager come to work every day and watch their reports just standing around on their phones every day with nothing to do? Not just recently but for the last two years! How can any adult be satisfied with coming to work and... read more
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Does anyone know if we will be paying more for our benefits next year?
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Manassas, VA Layoffs (2016)

Does anyone have an idea if a new round of cuts will be coming soon and if yes, what groups and what levels at Micron might be affected the most - I am primarily interested in learning or getting more details on layoffs that may be happening at... read more
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When is the next round of lay offs?
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I didn't want to work anywhere else.

Simply put, I didn't want to work anywhere else. I thought I had found my place in the American workforce here at Micron. The problem was that these managers, one in particular, formulated a categorically false and outright blasphemous narrative of... read more
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Micron Rumors - Layoffs

I have heard some sumors from somewhat reputable sources that say there will be more layoffs before the end of the year. How many, from where, and how they will be selected is just speculation at this point. It sounds like some SXP groups could be on... read more
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We've all been sold out by corporate CEOs and politicians

Now that Micron has cut the deadweight they should close the factory in Virginia and have a stock buyback. They can show the world just how un-American these so called "American" corporations have become.\ I would bet that Micron is supporting Hilary... read more
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Expect Micron to either sell or diminish in the next 4 years.

It's no more than posturing to fend of hostile buyers or cleaning up the register for an intended buyer. Either way, this little bubble could easily burst in an instant if pricing goes back down. Expect Micron to either sell or diminish in the next 4... read more
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