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Change Healthcare Business Analyst New Position

What is going on here at McKesson with all fiolettsk.rus, sale to Allscripts, and this posting for a Change Healthcare Business Analyst on Does McKesson realize they had people that did this job, but laid so many offs? Beware folks! This... read more
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You cannot trust McKesson’s HR department

18 years I work hard and focused on the corporate goals and objectives. Not only did I work hard, I never called in sick, always was positive and was more professional than most of the C-level executives (who think they are better than others). Oh... read more
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The Power of the MCK Drug Cartel

While not naming MCK directly, this Washington Post article details the power of drug 'distributors' to undermine the efforts of the DEA. Apparently this qualifies as an ICARE principle... read more
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McKesson Layoffs 2018

Just relax, focus on work, focus on delivering things, stay positive stay productive - making things happen and you will be safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in San Francisco.
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Goodbye GCO....

First of all, the GCO is probably the next department to be moved to Las Colinas, TX. In fact, upper management is making jokes in particular about Ethics and Compliance being the next team on the chopping block. In a nutshell, it is rumored by... read more
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Goodbye GCO....

First of all, the GCO is probably the next department to be moved to Las Colinas, TX. In fact, upper management is making jokes in particular about Ethics and Compliance being next team on the chopping block. In a nutshell, it is rumored by... read more
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San Francisco Countdown

Any guesses on time it’ll take to move the rest of the SF staff to Dallas?
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Goodbye McKesson

Today, the best thing ever took place in EIS: We left the most incompetent drug pusher in North America.
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McKesson re-locations and layoffs in Texas

Announcement made last week in Las Colinas, TX office, several jobs going to Genpact. Why you ask? Oh, because they do such a good job! Relocate Carrollton, TX employees and One Post staff to Las Colinas, then can them and send their jobs to India... read more
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Losing good people

So, it seems McKesson bases its layoffs on how high the worker's salary is, not on their quality. We are losing amazing workers, and some of the ones that are staying are completely useless. All the experience and knowledge is being lost for what? A... read more
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McKesson August Layoffs

It is true. Layoffs did happen at the Jacksonville Florida location yesterday, Aug. 7th. McKesson/ Change Healthcare / PerSe.... Laid off almost 40 employees. Not in a very professional way either. They emailed us Fri,, (really bad showmanship)... read more
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Allscripts to acquire McKesson EIS

/ If McK healthcare software is so grand, they would not be selling the business off to another competitor... read more
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EIS Update coming soon...

A new beginning approaching? Or is this the end?
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Pull out you 401K

401k is not a guarantee- need to pull it out- suspect stock to fall 1/3 to 1/2 by next march. pull out now before it sinks further and the managers of the portfolios restructure the 401k to increase fees and lessen value.
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When are the Series layoffs?
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EIS Sale

It seems like EIS is just hanging there. Any rumors to whether McKesson will sell their EIS this fall - and really I mean just the few customers who are still on Paragon, as the product isn't worth much. Not sure how long they can just keep those... read more
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When are the next layoffs for the Series product scheduled?
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After the EIS sale

Does anyone know what will happen to the EIS employees after the sale? Accurate replies are appreciated, we all can speculate. Courteous replies only. Thank you.
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I smell Executive Retirement!

Lots of massive promotions and change to deflect blame and tons of short term promotions to SenIor Management positions as of late. In Dallas and Change HealthCare. Bye boys, you won't be missed. Feel sorry (not sorry bc they apparently live for a... read more
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McKesson-ChangeHealthcare - June 2017 Layoffs

Anyone in the know about the upcoming June layoffs at McKesson-ChangeHealthcare? Same areas impacted in May or different areas? How big of a layoff? What time frame?
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New CHC Forum
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Jax fl office

i hope in Jacksonville,FL fiolettsk.rus are too bad,i pray Iam not one
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ChangeHealthcare RIF

For all folks that are asking - for ChangeHealthcare, next RIF is June but don't know how many or which areas...
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News on layoffs happening tomorrow 5/5

RelayHealth Revenue Cycle Management....heard we will get news on layoffs in our area tomorrow
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Conference Call Layoffs

Alpharetta location had more lay offs en masse this morning via conference call
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MCK Incentives

I heard the plan is to eliminate incentives, staff and get to break even by IPO. Look for good solid Voluntary Packages in Summer. Hearing it may be 3 weeks for every year of service (choice of one time payout or split up over two calendar years... read more
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Please share real information about the future of EIS

Decisions have been made. Real people with families who work in EIS are very concerned about the future of the products. It is known Paragon development initiatives have been scaled back. What of the OneContent product? Will someone please share real... read more
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EIS s---s

They can't sell this turd soon enough, wonder who is dumb enough to buy?
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Just another selfish act

I'm sorry, but McKesson's lawsuit against Arkansas' executions is just another completely selfish act because of their dubious actions. They 'claim' that they were duped into selling these drugs for medical reasons. Please. They sold them because of... read more
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Any new news about MckChange with regards to IWS now IWCS?

Looking to see if there is any news related to upcoming potential RIF's regarding the Vancouver based part of the business IWCS. It feels like something is coming just trying to get some intel around timing.
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