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Callin' a spade, a spade this holiday season

Google "Cramer admits his biggest investing mistakes" and watch the video. Roughly a minute in, he provides his opinion on Marathon. Worth a peek. Lee has made Marathon Oil the laughing stock of Wall Street.
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Just Sayin’

Since Dec 31, 2014 until market close Nov 22, 2017, the stock price depreciation of MRO and 4 of its peers is as follows: APA $62.33 to $41.54 - Down ~33% APC $82.30 to $48.35 - Down ~41% MRO $28.15 to $14.88 - Down ~47% MUR $50.02 to $28.20 - Down... read more
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November lay offs

TA is getting hit today!
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Didn't make the good workplace list like most of our peers. Anybody know why?
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Employee Meeting

Did others notice that questions cannot be asked anonymously any more? They asked for name and location.
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Supply Chain

So what's new with our wonderful Supply Chain team... haven't seen much on them here lately.
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Who's Minding This Store?

Hey, sports fans! Yesterday, I saw a new posting whose title began with, "A Diller, A Dollar." It's no longer amongst the postings list. Any ideas who's minding this store and why?
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Older workers have been culled, who's next?

Age discrimination is not the only illegal employment practice at MRO. Unfortunately, most who have been discriminated against were “released” some time ago. (Yes. I said, ‘released!’ Ultimately, it’s like an escape from prison or some other... read more
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Marathon's Eight Key Attributes

Paragraph 3 of Marathon’s press release dated June 30, 2011, announcing the company unveiling of a new logo states: “The process for creating a new logo began in February with an employee survey. Results of the feedback emphasized eight key... read more
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Anyone have news on the upcoming reorganization? Who will be hit? What groups will benefit? I’ll the be good or bad for us?
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Has Marathon stepped up to assist of its employees flooded by Harvey?
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rumor of reorg and cuts today....t/f? any details about this and future?
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Do Something Good Lee

You have made tens of millions. Even young athletes, half your age recognize their blessings and donate to the recovery effort, and announce it publicly. We challenge you to do the same. As a fact, you never served in the US military and, other than... read more
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August layoffs at Marathon Oil

Layoffs are to be announced for some of the support groups. Do we have any news on what happened? Any confirmations on this?
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MRO Can't Make Money

We can't make money in EF or Permian. We could do with a tenth the HR staff, who are bloodsuckers, half the lawyers, who answer legal questions by speed dialing Baker Botts, and about a fourth of procurement, as this is a collection of truly clueless... read more
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Group Hug

Predictions on the message at tomorrow's group hug?
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Wake Up

we're bleeding talent
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Living Our Values Report

The Workforce stats tell the story: 10% with 20+ years of service vs. 75% with <9 years of service. The great crew change happened. Well done!
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How was that quarter?

Just wondering when to buy back in?
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Eagle firs blowout

What caused the facility explosion in the eagle ford yesterday? All I have heard is that they are blaming Hillcorp sine they installed the line. (6 yrs ago)
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Remember what happened last time the coffee pots got changed? Beware fellow coworkers.
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How about some scoop on tanking stock price, rumored reorg, and AWOL DBJJ?
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Goodbye Marathon Canada

Thanks for nothing Mr. Tillman and MOC - treated your Canadian employees like so much furniture. Couldn't wait to get your hands on the cash so sold your employees down the river!
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Another One Bites the Dust

Good buy, Good Luck and Please Keep in Touch. Don't worry about MRO, there is a kid in line to replace you and they picked up a copy of Shale Reservoirs for Dummies. All will be fine! Meanwhile sell every share you own grasshopper.
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The bloodbath continues. Thoughts?
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When will it stop?

People leaving every day. I assume after tomorrow's LTIP we will have even more leave. When will they realize this HR group and all their BS has to go. Start at the top.
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MCAT organization changes

Did the MCAT VP resign or was he pushed out?
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Marathon apathy continues

Just received my Form 1095-C to submit with my taxes due today. The envelope was postmarked April 10th. The IRS deadline for mailing them out was March 2nd, but they continue to do whatever they want whenever they want. Smh!
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Justice, or lack thereof

Bad guy busted and gets $2 million when forced out. Catch bad guy and get $1.5 million on departure. Do corporate watchdogs monitor things like this? Seems a bit brazen Mr. Tillman.
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Smart Rats?

Would it have been wrong to save yourself after the Lussintania got torpedoed? Life rafts are hard to find so it would be foolish to ignore any rafts in swimming distance. Lee, the door is beginning to revolve.
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Eagleford done in leaa than a year?

Anyone else hearing rumors eagleford will be done in a year? Initially I was hearing 4-5. Or maybe thats just for new drill wells? IT will be a breath of fresh air to be rid of the drillers. Mgmt on that side is weak and unprofessional in the kenedy... read more
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Why not go to Vegas?

Why wait for oil prices to fall! Tillman can destroy value with farfetched goat pasture purchases. How much faster can we burn through our cash and credit now?
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GSC...2nd to none, hahaha!

Hey your bonus amounts here!!! C'mon can do will be the most work you have done all year!! Besides your made up savings. BonusIT! RaiseIT! Dept is a jokeIT! Market is improving..tick tock..🖕🏻!!
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"Who's coming with me?"

It'll be interesting to see how many leave for other opportunities after bonus pays out tomorrow. Anyone leaving?
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