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OWBPA (older Workers Benefits Protection Act)

The lack of information as to why me and not others is frustrating. Under the OWBPA (Older Workers Benefits Protections Act) those over 40 I think have different entitlements. 1 is that the 7 day waiver is not applicable; 21 is the entitlement and... read more
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FAQ Packet when told of layoff

I was told yesterday via phone that my position was eliminated. I have been with Macys over 5 years and a Magic Maker (that award they had out each year that entitles you to 30% o the back vs 20%) for two years. What baffles me is that the surveys... read more
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What’s the point of shopping at a Macy’s store?

There’s no point of going to Macys anymore. The service is terrible and you can’t find help. Where is the aspirational experience? The Macys name used to mean something in retail. Now it’s about the same as Kohls. The brands are a little better but... read more
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March 18 California layoffs

So, according to the latest WARN, 436 employees will be laid off by Macy's on March 18, 2018 in California as three locations close. I'm trying to figure out if these locations were already known or not - the article is a little confusing... read more
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Notheast Cuts Today

Center City Philadelphia #213 is announcing major cuts today! Home store, kids, sales supervisors, visual, cosmetics associates, 1 FT mattress/big ticket position ALL eliminated
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Growth 59 Stores

Does anyone have a list of the growth 50 stores? Please post
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Select Macy locations

Does anybody know which stores are considered "Select locations", regarding all these cuts? I work at a Big Door store . Have not seen any cuts yet. Store is running on a bare staff already. If they cut anymore staff, iMacys might as well become self... read more
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My Stylist

Anyone know of any stores cutting this job?
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Who's Next?

After what we went through as Sales Managers last year, I thought it couldn't get any worse. I am concerned now that we have cut so many of our Associates, we are too top heavy .... too many leaders and not enough Associates to lead. Does anyone know... read more
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Why so many cuts?

Does anyone know why they are doing these massive layoffs? Especially in the cosmetics department? How do the expect to run a cosmetics department when there is no one really staffed? 7 people were cut from our cosmetics department. Several where top... read more
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list of 2018 cuts

1 Asset Protection Manager Spring 2018 Stores and Stores Support Asset Protection Manager Executive Job Elimination (1) Apply and interview for an open position in which they are qualified for (2) Offer severance Note: All moves must be within the... read more
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When will it be over

So I know they told most people they are eliminating positions and to interview. When will they actually serve the paperwork as well as tell people who got jobs. Really not fair or nice to leave us hanging! Karma is a bytch.
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Current Macy's perfectly encapsulated

Found this in another thread () but found it to be such a perfect summary of what Macy's currently is that I had to make it into its own thread: I am a vendor rep who visits my nearest Macy's on a regular basis. A few months ago, I... read more
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Next week?

I've been hearing rumors that more closures will be announced next week, but I can't find anything to confirm that. Usually there is at least some chatter here, but this time nothing. Should I just ignore this as pure speculation? I guess with... read more
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Job Eliminations

If you are still employed at MCCS in Mason, start looking for a job now. Many more jobs being eliminated. No one is safe.
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Job Transition Process

If you are about to go through a job transition you have to remember this is all about you now. Take all the time needed to gather all the information necessary before you roll off. It is a process, take advantage of any job transition classes etc... read more
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It stinks

I got the word today I was cut. 28 years in two stores (my store closed 2 yrs ago), 95 attendance credits which says I am reliable not late or calling out. Only part time, but I feel just awful. Good record - just my time is up.
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Transferring stores?

Anybody knows if those of us working in stores set to be closed can transfer to nearby Macy's? There are two other Macy's stores that are not too bad for me commute wise (not ideal, but better than nothing,) and I was thinking of applying for a... read more
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This is what I vision Macy's future to be.

With all the cuts at the store level. Let's have one huge center wrapstand with one associate on each floor. Empty rolling racks at each fitting from so that customers can put away their clothes. Offer 10% off, if customers put away there own go... read more
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Macy's Tech, massive layoff today

I worked over 20 years for MST and lost my job today. Many others as well. Hard to say where all of this is going. Wish the best to those that remain.
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A place to vent.let it all out

Please, use this post to let it all out. You can throw up, cry, scream yell and cuse while writing how you feel. Have guts to respond not just read. I know you have years of frustrations built up .CEO'S,DVPS,VPSM,DM,SM,MTM,HR AMP,OP, ASSOCIATE'S... read more
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More openings then bodies

There are going to be more ops/apm manager positions open then there are people that are going to apply for them. How is that going to work? And what do you think the plan will be for them to fill the open positions? In my area most of the tenured... read more
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Las Vegas meeting

As a vpsm I find it ridiculous that we are cutting thousands of jobs in the stores.but we can spend millions to send every vpsm to Las Vegas for a two day meeting. But don’t worry you should still exceed sales and magic in your stores with less... read more
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Here is to the" MAGIC OF MACY'S"

Jeff, Who came up with this strategy. You need to trim the fat from the top not the bottom. People on top you are so out of touch with what really happens in stores. How can you make staff cuts For year's customers have been screaming for help on... read more
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Register repair layoffs

There was register repair group based in Lorain, Oh. They were told today, that they are out of jobs. Haven't heard if job is being consolidated with similar group elsewhere or just being outsourced. Maybe 10 or so people. Some had 25+ years with... read more
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commissioned associates being laid off?

In my store, we are under the understanding that one associate in each commissioned department is getting the axe. That means one in ladies shoes, men's shoes, suits, BT, etc. Anyone else hearing that?
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Just the beginning.....

I know most are waiting on what positions in their stores will be eliminated or in some cases (if your lucky) what will be added to the staffing. You think you are safe now but what happens after 2nd quarter? They always do more cuts again after the... read more
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Executive layoffs

I was an apm that left the company several months ago fearing that the ap and ops layoffs would happen. I can tell you that executives are not getting more advanced notice than regular associates. The Vpsm's and district leaders promise everyone... read more
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Notice of termination

So I’m assuming they have given executives notice of termination already but for for hourly associates I’m guessing they are just gonna wait until we finish inventory to lay us off ?
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