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Solution for those who are unhappy or scared

It's real simple; QUIT! In California there are so many whiny cry babies. Lowes is so mean to me, they aren't family, Manager is..., SHUT UP! Its a "BUSINESS". It is designed to make money. You are NOT family. Of course they don't "CARE" about you... read more
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If you need a short term job....

Lowes has a deal for you. They have a bottle in the Managers office. They get everyone in a store meeting and spin it. If it lands on you....They send you out the bull pen gate..... to be rode off into the sunset.
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Do yo feel that big s---ing sound?

It's all the people running out the door with merchandise they never pay for. Lowes should just supply clean needles....Lot's of the stuff to shoot up in them....and lots of stolen merchandise to support their drug addicts habits. When a company... read more
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Do yo feel that big s---ing sound?

It's all the people running out the door with merchandise they never pay for. Lowes should just supply clean needles....Lot's of the stuff to shoot up in them....and lots of stolen merchandise to support their drug addicts habits. When a company... read more
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Firing if you do jobs on your off days?

My store recently fire 2 employees because they do contractor work on there time off. Any other store doing this? I thought what you do on your time is your business? Some people struggle to pay bills and this is there other source of income/
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Lowes fires employees because they try to prevent theft.

A company that in all likelihood....Will be bankrupt within the next 5 years time. No employee appreciation. They run employees through faster than a fast food restaurant. Shoplifters are better protected than their employees.
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Stay away from 1969!!!!!

First off find out if you are in a one party consent state if you are i suggest you start recording all the conversations with management. Trust me you need to do it 1969 is one of the worst stores because of a few people. The store manager is trash... read more
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Abusive relationship

Lowe's store associate is like being in abusive relationship. The tone & unfriendly attitude from store management is terrible. Crappy schedules, daily work load, stupid/petty management, understaffing, no training, talked to like you are an idiot... read more
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This is the norm?

Way back when, if a customer complained about an associate, the incident was brought up along with the customer name and the associate's side would be explained. Fair enough. Now the associate is not given the name, and with the amount of customers... read more
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Is this my company?

By putting the employee first, the customer effectively comes first by default, and in the end, the shareholder comes first by default as well. Richard Branson Virgin Companies
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Bye bye specialists

NOVEMBER 14, 2017 12:21 PM Lowe’s is looking to fill about 400 full-time jobs at its corporate offices in Mooresville and Wilkesboro. In a statement Tuesday, the home improvement retailer said it is hiring more than 200 full-time employees for its... read more
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Will 2018 be the last stand for Blowe’s? Amazon gaining ground.

At a recent store meeting, the regional marketing scumbag...sorry, I mean manager, told us to about that stupid IMPACT propaganda and how we had to step up our customer service. Otherwise, she said, people would start using Amazon more. Start! They... read more
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Amazon -Amazin’

Lowes, ticker symbol LOW, should concede to Amazon. LOW is going to fall into that business model at the expense of the walk in customer. If you come in the store, you are lowering yourself as a priority, while at the same time becoming the focus for... read more
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this website is bogus

this website is bogus.
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Lowes Layoffs 2018

Now, let's try to predict if we might have job cuts in Mooresville.
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whiney lowe's employees

what did all you people get your free donuts and bagels at your store meetings and everyone is nicely pacified for the summer?
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Lowe's is using the Sears business model

I was a Sales Specialist, the only one in flooring riding very hard for 9 months. I come back from vacation and hauled into the office and told I'm being let go to "poor job performance ". Really. Consistent top 25 performer in my region on track for... read more
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No store meeting yet. Hhmm
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Retail is Dying. Plan accordingly.

Here is an example of what retail has been: Wal-Mart Profit Plunges By $220 Million as US Store Traffic Declines by 1.4% Target Profit Plunges by $80 Million, 16% Lower Than 2013, as Store Traffic Declines by 2.3% Sears Loses $358 Million in First... read more
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Something Troubling (Stock Buyers Beware)

Please read this page as an example of investors selling stock en masse with private dispositions: / Now take a look at last Friday 9/15:... read more
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False overages at Lowe's

Yeah, it's a fun little tactic called "false overages". Essentially, the inventory manager has a running number that shows how much money in inventory you are short or over, so the store manager and LPOSM are constantly updated on how much inventory... read more
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Called out today - no labor for me!!

Spend time with family & friends or spend time at Lowe's? Lowe's is the "family" you hope you never see again.
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Sudden changes

So, the "new" hr manager came in and immediately my corporate rotation became simply a guideline and I previously closed 5x a month and now 2-3x that. Because the store will not hire additional employees, I guess the coverage for the store for my... read more
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Cooking the Books

We just finished our inventory, and kinda odd the numbers don't add up. We are missing a lot of stuff, that the system shows we have, and I am talking big items. Maybe this is how Lowe's cheats on taxes!!!
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EEOC complaint

I was recently let go as a specialist. Ever since the restructure they kept the former dept manager at that time a CSA 5 in his original department. From February on he became very hostile and my ASM let him walk all over me despite my complaints... read more
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Amazon looking into purchasing Lowe's

Just saw on CNBC that experts are saying that Amazon and Walmart are looking into possible acquisitions of some major retailers, with Lowe's being high up on the list. Makes sense, especially with Lowe's move into internet fulmilment.
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Getting rid of thousands without official layoffs

Untold story is the thousands of department manager jobs eliminated. By giving them temp CSA5 jobs and not interviewing or hiring them for other positions, the 10,000 most experienced people in the stores are being forced to leave. The company's way... read more
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Pricing/Credit Coordinator Gone

It was announced, via email, that our pricing and credit coordinator was leaving (and won't be replaced). The Admin ASM will assume some of the credit duties (passing out signs and making announcements to change the signs) and the Sales ASM some of... read more
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Lateral move

I was part of the restructuring and the other day I did an interview and was told I the job would pay this amount and I asked why it's such a big cut I was told I was going from being a specialist to being a CSA.i haven't been a specialist since... read more
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Service Managers

Part of Niblocks comments about Service Managers. Basically saying we f# up and will hire part time associates who know nothing about home improvement......In the first quarter, we identified an opportunity to drive more traffic with improved... read more
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CEO bemoans disruptions caused by layoffs

Really? It is absolutely shocking that layoffs have caused disruptions in the company. “In the second quarter, comp growth was constrained as a result of disruption caused by changes to our store staffing model earlier in the year, which became more... read more
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cpo to take over specialists jobs

Doing details and contract builds will be going to CPO this November. Installers will send them all the details and they will do the build. Specialists will be relegated to selling in the aisles. CPO is doing great (LOL) give them more work to screw... read more
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Earnings miss

Once again store sales are up but profit is down. So with so many salaries being restructured, associates on skeleton crews, where is Nib squandering the money? Private company jets- check, Excessive stock compensation for himself and a few cronies-... read more
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New Attendance Policy

Here's the new policy that will be introduced at the all store meeting: Kronos will be taking over. 17 days advance schedule New late/early in will be moved back to 6 minutes. Flagged for mispunches, late and early ins. 7 callouts in rolling 12 month... read more
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