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If January 18th is the 22 or inside info....

Is it 250? The live healthy PHCs? The CMS? The hcmss? Is the severance tied now to the disbursement amount coming on the 19th? I heard at one point that hah was going to be staffed by 700 people, between CMs and HcMSs- any truth to that? Also, ate... read more
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Regarding Humana Inc.

Massive layoff coming in February

You all still don’t get it! There will be an earth shattering layoff next month that will shake the campuses more than a 8.0 earthquake. You have been warned, get ready
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Regarding Intel Corp.

More call buttons anyone?

so did any other stores' SM run around last week testing each call button and order more to put up additional locations all in the name of providing better customer service? So they want to add even more f'ing call buttons yet don't hire enough... read more
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Regarding Lowe's Cos.

I don't care if Sears survives. Hear me out please.

The talk about SYW, smaller stores, mattresses, appliances, etc. means nothing to me. I care about having a JOB. And YOU having a job. If you don't work for SYW or sell mattresses or sell appliances, the transformation isn't going to be good for you... read more
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Regarding Sears

GoPro to be acquired by CSCO

GoPro just had an LR where 20% were chopped. GoPro is trying to sell itself to CSCO, AMZN, AAPL or GOOG in that order of priority. CSCO would be a good fit as it can use the patents of GoPro to innovate and make heavy returns on its investments... read more

"I'm not here to make any friends."

"I'm not here to make any friends." Three revolving teams of managers (above my ER manager) have parroted this to me in private one-on-one's over the last few years. What does THAT mean? And is there any place in any setting where this comment is... read more


Not a peep from anyone. People are worried and fearing for their livelihoods, yet cbi nor McDermott care. Not a good start.

Armored trucks full of gold

Does anyone know how many armored trucks full of gold neos found in 2017? I missed that stat in there annual report and couldn’t fimd it on the lockheed martin website... read more

Sycamore Partners LOSERS!

Jan 8, 2018 A legal tussle that pitted Dollar Tree against an upstart discount chain has been settled in the Chesapeake-based retailer's favor. Dollar Express will pay Dollar Tree $35 million, according to a financial filing noting the Jan. 4... read more

Collect your check

We are at a time where facts and opinions don't matter no more. Collect your check and go home is motto. "If you dont like it than find another job". As time moves on so is the company changing values. All the years working with a company that you... read more

Laying off high quality employees

I have a good friend who was recently laid off after many years and multiple promotions. This is a "good old boys club" and layoffs are not being done with any attempt at fairness - it's who you know and who will cover for you. Also many new "sharks"... read more

What is your objective for next year at Avaya?

Prepare yourself, gear up with the new technology and leave Avaya. This company will surely die in 1-2 years. Share holders already got equity. Debt burden is reduced. Employee's with hefty salary package are already asked to leave. The financial... read more
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Regarding Avaya




Does anyone have any word on what’s gonna happen this year with AP?
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Regarding Sears

Sejal saved GLE

Big ol babies it's 2018 not the 1840's. I bet if those of you who are complaining about petty themed events and "not being developed" actually looked at your day to day you would realize you are super lazy and expect things handed to you. Wake up... read more

When will upper management feel some pain

I’m talking management above store manager With less and less stores to keep track of why isn’t the regional manager able to handle less stores and eliminate the district manager?
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Regarding Sears

Xerox Cerritos Moore St

Cerritos closing down 3-9-2018. Moving operations to 3rd party. West Disti closing doors for ever
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Regarding Xerox Corp.

GE Greenville — More Layoffs?

GE Greenville has been suffering from extreme low morale. Manufactured turbines have repeated errors and quality “escaping defects” costing large amount of cash to repair. This cost continues to make already bad cash flow problems even worse. Yes... read more

Partial unemployment and ponzie scheme?

For off I work in in a distribution center. Does anyone else file partial unemployment because we never have 30 hrs let alone 40. I'm tired of hearing at town hall meetings that they take care of the old timers. I work with guys that have 20+ years... read more
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Regarding Sears

RIF Coming

Post-acquisition RIF. Wonder who's going . . .
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Regarding Gigamon Inc.

Cbi will dissolve. Read

Very good source stated MDR was able to secure loans to negotiate lower payoffs. Share the profits with execs from both companies. Sell tech. Payoff debts and net over a billion. Cbi will then be dissolved. It’s a perfect plan to get the execs rich... read more


Just love when your zmap texts you, but knows your off due to your schedule. Hopefully I get cut, so I can sue due to me being non-exempt. All AP be very scared, massive cuts coming
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Regarding Sears

What would you do?

I’m nowhere near the retirement age as I am 53 years old... I have no pension or savings but worked for the company for 15 plus years. And I have only graduated high school.It’s scary with all these closing and I’m getting old. Should I hold on for... read more
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Regarding Sears


ANET is on fire! 251+ today! A wonderful underdog story. C'mon JNPR, get with it!

Cuts tomorrow

Does anyone have any idea what, if any, cuts will be announced tomorrow? Are they store or district cuts? Associate or store executive cuts? Specific positions being cut? Thus far, the only cuts I am aware of are APMs and MSOs- nothing really else... read more


Who does oracle use for W2? I forgot. Former employee.

Breaking news...

SHC just announced starting in Q1 2018 they will begin paying all liabilities in Chuck Cheese tokens. The news has caused massive confusion among vendors and employees as they scramble to decide how they will move forward in their relationships with... read more

Lifetime Discount

How did the sale affect the employees who received a lifetime discount card? I read the posts regarding Summit Discount. Just curious never used the card so just wondering if I should burn it or shred it.
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Regarding Cabela's Inc.


Up again today. Up 49% this year. Thank you to all the wonderful associates that have helped make this happen. We have broke $100/Share. If it wasn’t for all of you this wouldn’t be possible.

Company closing by end of the year

It seems to be headed in that direction. It is about time. Nasty work environment with some of the most unfit to be in management folks you could ever imagine.
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Regarding Office Depot

Transferring to a nearby Sears

Anybody knows if employees who are going to be affected by the announced closings will have any kind of advantage to fill possible openings at (relatively) nearby Sears stores? I don't mind commuting longer, and due to my current family situation, I... read more
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Regarding Sears


My wife's store is one of those on the list of closings. Happy New Year to us, I guess. Does anybody know what kind of severance Macy's provides? I'm sorry if this is a repeat question, I've scrolled down through the page and couldn't fine any... read more

Good Luck

I’m sending positive thoughts and energy to every single one of you!!! It’s hard not knowing wether you will continue to be employed. So many of us have worked our blood sweat and tears and depend on this company. If anything I know all of you in the... read more
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Regarding Sears

Some sellers

JPMorgan Chase & Co. lessened its stake in shares of Altice USA Inc (NYSE:ATUS) by 43.6% during the third quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The institutional investor owned 75,617 shares... read more

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