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Retirement offer and layoff

CWA 142 in WV Enchanced ESIP offer just went out tonight be off payroll jan 19th. Heard IBEW in charlestown and romey WV having a layoff


Many of the hourly employees here are moving into the combustion/repair services areas because that is where the work load is. Many others are on temporary layoffs next year and being offered unpaid time off currently. The repair area is seriously... read more

Oracle High School

/ I would seriously wonder about anyone who would let their kids go to school there willingly. Of course.. If you live in the area and... read more
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Regarding Oracle Corp.

Silent Night - a positive Christmas song

Silent Night, Oak Tree Night, I have guards, to keep out worker bees. Christmas bonuses they are gone Cash Cost Multiplier is NONE but I still make my millions... buutt I still make millions

Property Taxes

Decrease or increase?
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Regarding Cabela's Inc.

Electronics/ wireless

Anyone here of them putting a 3rd party in for electronics and wireless.. heard it was suppose to happen within a month.
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Regarding Sam's Club

a catz amongst the mouses

/ sc is moving to the mouses. Mean time oracle stock is going down under 47$. Enjoy larry e. ...
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Regarding Oracle Corp.

First Tennessee Bank Layoffs

Here is the summary: While the company won’t yet be putting out any numbers regarding how many employees will be affected, First Horizon National Corp., the holding company for First Tennessee Bank, has confirmed that upcoming layoff notices are... read more

Blocking transfer requests?

Several in my area have attempted to move elsewhere in the company, yet despite being qualified, applications are being routinely denied. I’m talking about associates not even being offered the chance to interview. If it were only happening here and... read more

Winter Uniforms

Any day now. Although its not a big deal for me cause of my position. But I see some of the field service guys and they look like they just got done playing in the mud their yellow sweatshirts are so dirty.

CSE needs to close

Where to begin, tis the season for the hypocrisy. The 2018 ethics calender is coming out or what I like to call, the trash can liner. BD is at it again, having their 4th offsite meeting this week. Oh I should mention that they are going to a hockey... read more

Share price below $48

Oracle sank like a rock in after hours trading to below $48 on poor forecast and cloud performance. Hold on to your hats, it’s a long way down.

Contract to perm ?

This is very important to me guys . 1) how is CE eng team as in growth and compensation ? Is it at par dev eng salary ? Bay area 2) how is chances of conversation from contract to perm ( now situation like bcm and nxp and apple) ? 3) I got full time... read more

Lousy managers

The person I work for only cares about one thing, looking good to her superiors, at any cost and without regard to her employees. To this person an employee is only a tool for her to use to or I should say abuse to show the higher ups her... read more

Someone got it all wrong

From a bogus job fair hiring 6000 to a hiring freeze in less than 30 days, what a freaking publicity stunt that was.....We can’t even make labor on a severely understaffed team. I cringe when I walk by the 2 checkout lanes during lunch rush and the... read more

One or two trolls entertaining us all.

Reading the negative posts, what becomes obvious rather quickly, is that there is only 1 MAYBE 2 trolls here. The complaints are the same, the foul language is the same, etc. So, bravo! You are very entertaining and humorous and seem to have gathered... read more

Small scale layoff

Layoffs have happened in small scale at SCL campus. At least 40 plus attrition at this time. Waited until RCU vesting to avoid lawsuits. Seeing someone voluntarily leaving each week around my office space... Haven't heard anything about this. Anybody... read more

Who's next?

Refinery29 is letting go of 34 folks - about 10% of the total headcount...

Code words for layoffs

This is about the 21st Century Fox acquisition by Disney, but the last part ranks words used as codes for layoffs, to make it not sound as bad as it is. Each and every one of them has been used by GE at some point... read more


We have already closed our office in Cambridge, MA... Closing (right now) the offices in Washington, DC and Horsham, PA... Manhattan too. Kiryat Shmona Migada disposable medical eqpmt plant will closed, 500+ to be laid off in Petah Tikva HQ. Pretty... read more


I understand that GE laid off 12,000 employees in an attempt to "right-size." My understanding is that right-sizing means building an organization with the right number of the right kind of employees in order to successfully fulfill the business... read more

Full time

Sad to say right before the holidays our Kmart cut three full time positions today. Data/unit integrity, front end lead and reset lead. These 3 came in for their shifts today and were told to gather their belongings out of their lockers and punch... read more
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Regarding Sears

Removed Post

There was a post a couple of days ago about GOMs SCM group. It is no longer available. Is it because SCMs leadership team does not want their dirty laundry to be exposed. Republicans have a right to know.32

Vacation time

Hearing vacation time chatter. Anyone hear that you will lose any accrual during the course of the year after 120 hr Mark?

Major layoffs in January

I've been reading about major round of layoffs coming in January, but it all seems to be in the realm of rumor. Does anybody know if there is any credence to these rumors? It would be nice to let go of all this anxiety brought on by not knowing... read more

Practice what you preach

I worked for Jacob’s and their mantra that people are their greatest asset is so far removed from reality it’s not funny. We were constantly pressured to increase our billable work yet the tools needed to function day to day and increase productivity... read more

Major layoffs after the acquisition

We know for sure we'll be getting major layoffs once the acquisition is finalized, as there'll be consolidations across the board. I'm just wondering who will be hit the worse and how many in total will be shown the door. Since we won't know in... read more

RIDICULOUS Job Description!! Market Team Assoicate Team leader (Specialty, Whole-body, Grocery)

Seriously....THREE teams for ONE person - BuL$% maintain awareness of new products and regularly incorporate new products into the overall product mix. Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Excellent verbal and written communication skills Strong... read more

Visual Dept

Will there be cuts to visual.. will they convert more manger positions to leads??
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Regarding Macy's Inc.

Cyclone still alive due to Sunk Cost Fallacy

It is pretty much clear to those on the ground that the new flagship storage product from MRES is going to be a disaster. There is no way this product which is already delayed can compete with offerings from Netapp, HP and pure. The team doing the... read more

The Irony of Pantone 219C

How ironic that Barbie pink (Pantone 219C) is also the official color of "pink slip" firing notices? In better days, that color created so many careers here. Now it is ending careers. Way to myopically manage the brand, "upper management"! Bet you'd... read more

Unrealistic expectations

I was thrown into assignments with no proper training and expected to meet unrealistic goals. Managers on my team didn’t have a clue or didn’t care that we were out of our element. There was absolutely no leadership and favoritism was the norm there... read more
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Regarding Kraft Heinz

Thoughts on Shipt deal?

Anybody thinks this Shipt deal will be a catalyst for more layoffs? The deal focuses on online ordering, which means that fewer people will be coming to the store thanks to this. Which, of course, will give those at the top some ideas. After all, you... read more

Teva 14,000

This is not about Pfizer, it's the entire industry, and now Teva is axing 14,000. That's a huge number and when I see those kind of numbers I know it has nothing to do with "restructuring" or "re-organizing." No, they're in serious trouble. A quick... read more
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Regarding Pfizer

Still business as usual?

Or are there Bass Pro people making regular visits to Sydney? Has there been any announcements about the merger to staff. Not there anymore, just curious.

Hasbro Employees, Arise!

Even if Hasbro the corporation can't acquire Mattel due to antitrust reasons, there's nothing to stop Hasbro employees from raising enough cash to buy Mattel. With the stock at laughable lows, we can raise more than enough cash with a few car washes... read more
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Regarding Mattel Inc.

Senior Management

At GSK there was a distinct void in leadership at the Senior Management level that showed a lack of expertise and care in their field. While i was there morale was constantly low because seasoned employees were constantly looking over their shoulder... read more


So What happens if I'm laid off while I'm out on disability? Will they call or wait till I'm back. Is there anyway to know?

December 21017 layoffs

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017 forty people were laid off at the corporate office in Boca Raton. An undisclosed number (est. to be several hundred), were laid off at field offices.

No balance

Be ready to give up time with family and friends, especially if you want to climb the ladder into a management position. To meet quota I work a minimum of 60+ hours a week and to produce the numbers required. There is an unspoken rule of thumb that... read more

A way to placate us?

So, we are getting some advance money. This is not a bad thing in itself, but frankly, it feels more like a way to placate chronically underpaid workers instead of actually paying a proper living wage... read more


Lmr ppfd atls are a joke they don't even care, oh and dont get me started on how they will put anyone in a supervisor position that has a no call no show and no prior experience in leadership yet he's been told its a done deal with less than 6 months... read more

Retail sales surge, I guess nobody told Sears

Apparently, retail sales are surging at fastest pace since early 2012. Working at Sears, I wouldn't know. Our numbers keep going down, no matter what the nationwide trend is. I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that with so few... read more
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Regarding Sears


After a year of working at Allied Financial I finally decided to call it quits. It was a roller coaster ride from the get go. Managers would use tactics like intimidation and threats towards their employees in the hopes of producing high end results... read more

Dr Molina

If the Molina"s are leaving their own company as board members . Is there still a Molina? Just saying....

Why was I even here?

The time i spent working for Syntel was the worst in my life. This company has the worst work culture I’ve ever experienced. Politics is rampant and there is absolutely no work life balance. Room for growth is unheard of and leadership is satisfied... read more

The number keeps growing - now up to 14k

According to MarketWatch, the number of people Teva Pharmaceutical is getting ready to lay off is now up to 14,000. That makes for a quarter of our entire workforce. With a number this high, I'm not sure that any department is safe. The next few... read more

Mortgage division cuts 60

It seems Wells Fargo has no issues with laying people off this close to Christmas. In the past few week 60 people have been laid off from mortgage division. Not sure what this means for other departments and if more layoffs will follow, but I... read more

Horrible turnover

We've suffered a catastrophic level of voluntary attrition in Ottawa. It's so bad that we can't execute programs anymore. Management deals with it by pretending there's nothing wrong, so we just keep losing top talent. This is definitely not just an... read more


There will be layoffs on Friday 15th of December, I was let notified yesterday that I was on the list. So expect more to come, so that the Execs can get their bonuses from the money they recoup of the folks they layoff.

ELT Changes

KB demoted?

Massive layoffs coming soon

The massive layoffs are definitely coming soon (after holidays). Bob couldn't start his "reign" with layoffs, but now that there's some positive momentum with Jim G and better ratings at MTV/Nick, he's developed some goodwill with shareholders. Big... read more
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Regarding Viacom Inc.

This week's layoffs at Broadcom

Several people have been let go in my area in the past two days. This really came out of nowhere, usually there is at least some chatter beforehand, but this time no. Talk about a shock to poor people who were laid off. Anybody knows if there will be... read more

Major Reductions in Workforce at Kmart Forthcoming

It is always regrettable to see an advance notification our state requires when an employer plans a major reduction in workforce or plans to go out of compliance with state and local incentive agreements during the holiday season and my heart goes... read more
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Regarding Sears

It continues

We’ll COP things have not gotten any better for Cenovus. Announcement today they are laying off 15% of their staff. Again I ask why did they take so many COP staff. Bad deal for Cenovus.
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Regarding ConocoPhillips

A lesson in hypocrisy

It’s okay to be on the buying end of relationships (especially if it is OU athletics and you can brag about having the phone number of the head coach), but it is NOT okay to be bought in any way.

Plan Ahead

Layoffs are still coming. If you are not busy in your area you really need to realize you are probably going to lose your job. Don't let Micron determine your working future for you. Look for something NOW! Do yo think unemployment will pay all of... read more

Leadership at UTI lacks any morals

Expecting lower enrollment for 2018 and still spending 11 million dollars on a new campus. What in the hell is wrong with these people? Kim McWaters and her bunch of dopes have ruined this company. But we can rest easy knowing all of the senior team... read more

Where did the 100k layoff number come from?!

Okay, where in the world did this 100,000 employees to be laid off by General Electric number that I see all over the place come from? I understand that we have a higher number to achieve in savings, but 100k seams out of the realm of possibility... read more

Diehard to be sold on Amazon

Diehard tires and batteries will be listed on amazon in the near future. Stock jumps on news. FYI property rights of KD is owned by Sears RE, the “insurance” company, lol

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