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let us all give back to SHC what they are giving us. Amen. Unless you have too much to lose or have many years invested then Just Give Back What We Are Being Given. I will do that for every day that I walk into that store until the end. And I do feel... read more
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Kmart Closings

I am usually not one to post on both the Sears and Kmart pages. But for those here who don't visit the sears page. Here is the list of the closing Kmarts that were notified on Friday. 3044 Lawton, OK 3180 Merrillville, IN 3241 Springfield, IL 3320... read more
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Store closings

Here are 4 more that were announced today Sept. 16th: 3644 nashville tn, 9728 smyrna tn, 4739 clarksville tn, and a store in Memphis tn.
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Another store in trouble

I just heard that the McKinleyville, CA store is having trouble. People are walking out and they dont have the people to do their trucks. People from other stores are going to help them. Just like a month ago at the Tahoe store
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few clearance items

I recently went to a Kmart here in phoenix, on a friday at 5pm to see if anything was on clearance. The store was a ghost town - maybe 5 customers. I was expecting to find deals, but most things were normal price. I found some 4th of july stuff... read more
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shoparazzi program

I'm just wondering if anyone on here works at a Kmart that is running the shoparazzi program. It seems like a huge project for a store to support (if customers are actually using it). For those who are unfamiliar, basically you give Kmart your... read more
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Hawaii Sears and Kmart locations

Given the plight of Sears Holdings, I am curious to hear from employees at any of our Hawaiian Sears and Kmart locations. Being our most lucrative locations (whether owned or leased), are the mass hour cuts, stockroom "phaseout," electronics section... read more
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Published reports of Kmart’s impending demise are now reaching a fever pitch. Sales associates who spoke to Business Insider believe the beleaguered chain is in the process of liquidating many of its remaining 941 stores. The evidence: Stores are... read more
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Closing Store Login on Vendor Portal

Any Kmart associate with an Enterprise ID/User ID and Password can also logon to this one from home, / I am not sure if Sears associates can or not, but they can try. I can still pull the site up from home but my ID... read more
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Kmart Associates

Please make sure that you are reading the sears also. It appears that the first week of September, layoffs and store closures are going to take place. Those stores that laid the assistant manager, and full time associates will be on the... read more
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unemployment benefits?

my store recently closed last week, and a few days ago i received a letter saying i was ineligible for unemployment. well when i called to ask about the guy on the other end said kmart didn't even pay into my unemployment. does anyone have any... read more
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Warning: Employees Doing Building Maintenance

Too the poster that stated they are replacing floor tiles. YOU NEED TO STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY AND CALL OSHA OR THE HEALTH DEPT. Floor tiles and/or adhesive in a lot of these older stores contain ASBESTOS. I was a QMT for 22yrs and did building... read more
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Our store has still not received anything for Halloween thanksgiving or Christmas yet. We had already got a ton by this time last year, are other stores the same way?
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Store Closures

Anyone know at all if any of the SC Kmarts/Sears that are left going to be closed? Or does SHC even have money to get through Christmas 2016? I am Predicting that somewhere between January 2017-June/July 2017 that Sears will file Chapter 11 or 7... read more
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This store is a mess. We didnt get our visit they passed up our store even though they were just an hour awaynat another store. We have our over heads packed nothing can go out. I heard the store in tahoe lost their manager. He just said he was gone... read more
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Paducah Kmart is not on the list.

Not sure how this store is hanging on? The stores on the closing list cannot be worse than Paducah. It's a deserted sh--hole.
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Liquidation IT/POS Checklist from the liquidator.

Anyone who went through a store closing, ever did the IT checklist of what equipment had to be shipped back or disposed/recycled? I did mine with the help of two other employees, do you know what sheet I am talking about? Mind you I closed my store... read more
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Path to Profitability (P2P)

It's quite out of character to have any sort of new program or procedure roll out and not see the phrases of it integrated into training, posters or printed material. There is no printed material on this program available to hourly associates. You... read more
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Has anyone here actually been through a liquidation at Kmart ? I was wondering how long it takes. I have heard some people say 6 weeks and others say 10. And then there is an additional 1 to 2 weeks after the store closes to remove fixtures and... read more
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Are Sears on P2P like Kmart?

Does anyone know if the Sears stores are on the P2P plan like the Kmarts are? Like Phase 1 to Phase X Oh the morons at the Sears near me, just got rid of their manager August 1st. So if a store manager at a Sears is gone is that an indication the... read more
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Something Coming

There seems to be something in the works. I heard from the DM today that there are going to be big changes the next few weeks, and there is going to be one of those secret store manager only meetings August 25. The DM said the closing announcements... read more
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Can anyone confirm that the Phase 1 stores are all closing or have already closed ? This would mean that the Phase 2 stores will be closing next.
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Store Updating...

Our Kmart store is in the process of UPDATING, fixing everything that has been in despair for years....INSIDE AND OUTSIDE...Store is a leasing store through Seritage... Stock room getting cleaned out putting stock on overheads which before was a big... read more
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Cant understand why in our store we are holding over some of last years merchandise. like Christmas trees, some apparell etc. Inventory is coming and seems llike nothing is being done. Of course there is no one there to do it. And hours are getting... read more
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