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Final Day of employment with Kellogg's

It has been a pleasure working with everyone on the KSR/KM/DM/PTM side of the business best of luck to all my fellow co workers being laid off tomorrow I wish everyone the best of luck in the future. I will miss the "old days" of our DSD business... read more
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60 minutes on replacing us workers with foreign h1b

Another episode on 60 minutes about having to train foreign workers to take your job. I wonder if anyone on the Kellogg executive team ever loses any sleep on all the jobs they sent to India and the Phillipines? Doubt it.
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Board members

If the board members actually do their jobs. The CEO and upper management are within 6 months of losing their jobs. Can't come fast enough and should be interesting. The next CEO or company that buys Kelloggs will have their hands full. It will be... read more
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Switching to frito and nabisco

Everybody switching to different vendors be careful. Especially direct competitors. Otherwise you'll be going down the same rabbit hole you just did. I'm getting out of retail. It's a dieing business.
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Company reviews on job boards

Hey all done forget to leave your Kellogg Co. Reviews on the job boards. Indeed etc... I don't want any prospective employee to miss out on this tremendous company.
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Thanks Kelloggs onto Frito Lay

I spent the last 11 years selling and trying to out sell and tear down other competitors displays. Now the tables have turned on Kelloggs. Since I will be employed by Frito Lay, I have the pleasure of taking all the extra power wings, stack bases... read more
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Hey Johnny Bryant how'd it feel to wake up today and go to work when thousands of people couldn't? Hope you're proud of what you did to ruin so many lives!
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Ritz and chips ahoy

Just left the store and got a box of ritz crackers and a pack of chips ahoy. Lol Game Over. Piss on Kelloggs
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Stock has been upgraded

Ok where is the person who claimed they were gonna report kelloggs for false reporting?? Stock was moved from neutral to overweight today. ALL FALSE. Filling up warehouses is not sales. Game Over
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D m w

Now I know what it's like to be a dead man walking!
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Answer to reply about Chelsea

Yes Chelsea mass revere did take some bissines but my boss got that store also MB is king Walmart I could blow dust of product on top shelve Walmart does not even have superstore in mass the closest is in NEw HAmpshire they smart MB drives the... read more
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What is your last day looking like ?

For me Its basically the same stores i had today and yesterday... the day before what a elfing joke . I Should probably clock in from bed wear jeans and shirt, chug a beer before leaving for "work" search for a phone plan im thinking t-mobile. Gonna... read more
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Chelsea's numbers

The store was the number 1 account for a lot years running till they open a new market basket 5 miles from Chelsea the store in its hey day was a beast the more hours I spent merchandising the more it would eat. Some weeks in the beginning of the... read more
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Logged into my K-Stars this morning but I'm at my pool having a beer. The store I logged into is only a a couple of blocks away. Just gonna let the K-Stars run until my 8 hours are up. Love getting paid to kick back and do nothing for once. Now I... read more
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New Snack Reps

So I'm sitting in my car eating my tuna sandwich, Doritos and drinking my Dr.Pepper, actual get to enjoy lunch now not eat while driving, and a thought came to me: This NEW model is already dead. The New snack reps only have a contract until... read more
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Leadership is the issue

You can't run a daily sales organization like ours from a desk. Maybe you can in a text book from St Joe's food marketing in the college fantasy world. K Leadership has absolutely No clue what goes on store level. Sales leadership (DM ZSL etc...) too... read more
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Thanks to all the people in my teams

In my16 years I had an opertunity to be on a team in the Boston zone that was hard working and dedicate to to great things some salespeople John Sal and most influential who brought the best out of me some KM D--k John Cathy Scott and many others... read more
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Hate Kellogg's now!

I can't believe some of the stuff being said by kellogg corp! On one of the last conference calls, they stood there and asked everyone to welcome a new hire! Talk about a Kick in the teeth! I bet 99.5% of the people on that merchandiser call were... read more
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Why Kellogs failed

When the last transition was named it should have been called project suicide when they took managing the merchandising hours away from the KSR how can someone not familiar with the store know how many hours it takes to drive the bissines in that... read more
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My experience in the Boston zone

I worked for keeblrt and Kellogs for over 16 years and resigned in August of 2016 I was a tar or km I worked mainly in high volume stores proud to say the no 1in the us till they open another MB 3miles to it the leadership team did not think when... read more
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Kelloggs told Unemployment "I quit"

Was laid off over a month ago as an PTM from Kelloggs on July 10th, 2017. Filed for unemployment was given a weeks worth of unemployment. As of Today August 1st Kelloggs reached out to Unemployment & said I quit my job.
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Company shirt

4 clean logod shirts, 3 days left to work. Hmmm, what day does garbage get picked up here?
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Went into a local Krogers today,the Nabisco shelf was stocked full,and they had an entrance way, back to school bus display .kellogg shelves were bare.
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Last week

Last week, boys and girls! I wanna see this thread get nasty when the fat lady sings!
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Ya know

We've spent our professional careers promoting and owning the retail spaces available and it is so sad to see what is happening already. Mine and your integrity Must have us divided in our feelings but you know what Kellogg's deserves this! Kellogg's... read more
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Can't wait

Looking forward to August 5th everybody let loose and tell how you feel! I think the posts are going to be very interesting and numerous! Let Kellogg's have it my great co workers!!
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mondelez is dominating display space

In every account I have I used to control all the display space I had between 5 to 20 incremental displays in each one. Now I don't see a single Kelloggs display in them and Mondelez has gone in and changed out each one to their products. Smart move... read more
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