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Drones or Bots: At Juniper you have a choice.

A drone as a manger or a bot as a hope to sell to naive customers: at Juniper you have a choice! The never-ending saga of Juniper's marketing hype and addressing customers and employees like morons continues in full-blast:... read more
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Entire Security Business Unit to be sold?

No layoffs before February '18, However... the entire Security Business Unit will be sold and some will asked to hit the road anyway. Finally the SRX won't be a Juniper product, and someone else's problem. Been going through the posts and found this... read more
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single most important reason for juniper to fail

Resource allocation. Very few people end up doing the most of the work. other people just come to work spending most of their time in discussing about family/pets/vacations or blowing 2 hours in gym, 2 hr lunch breaks etc, unbelieveable. but when it... read more
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End of SRX rumors?

Reliable source from inside are teliing or speculate the product line to be sold off in a desperate effort to revitalize rest of the products and investments. Is this a true?
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123 in CA were let go in October.

CA WARN notice came out. / Not sure about U.S or global though. Any idea?
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When is the the Next Layoff?

Curious when the next one will be. Q1 2018? There will be cuts between layoffs too, When Is the next big one going to strike?
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Juniper is unable to inovate

I've watched the decay from within engineering over the past couple of years. People can speculate on the reason (poor culture, bad leadership, non-stop layoffs, low morale, etc.) Regardless of the cause the problem for Juniper is that the... read more
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Was SRX spared again ?

It's been treated mildly, at least on developmentioned side in the past. Did they again dodge the bullet with perpetual blackmail? It's insidious for healthy teams to get hit when they are the primary biz lossers. 17% Revenues down YOY is NOT a... read more
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The vultures won again

I left 4 years ago. Individual contributor. I was there about 4 years. Maybe 3 years too many. I'm good at my job. I make 50% now than I did my last year at Juniper. KJ was fun to watch, but he did not teach the next tier how to identify and retain... read more
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Learning a lesson

Juniper is being run down into the ground by an ex-PLM. I agree everyone likes Rami, but that doesn’t mean he is a competent CEO. Rami may have been promoted to a point of incompetence too. The Peter principle in full effect, just like everywhere... read more
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Juniper's problems are countless

I have been working for Juniper for the last couple of years (hence not a legacy Juniper person), and believe me, Juniper's troubles are FAR bigger than just Amazon. Half-baked products, critical attack of somnambulism among PLM's, unnaturally long... read more
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is it over??

Is the realignment over for Q4 or has just begun, I have survived this week but not sure what to expect in coming weeks/months, anyone got any clue? Anyways, time to look around in either case.
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Anybody else hates this pu--yfooting around the term "layoffs?"

I'm sick and tired of companies finding new ways to say layoffs without actually using the word, so it will not sound as bad to employees or public. We are not idiots! First it was restructuring, and apparently even that became too obvious so we now... read more
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For laid off Engineers- Stay Strong

Here's a real life story: / I am ex-Juniper, left couple of months back as I saw what was coming, I am currently employed happily but am mulling bootstrapping a startup. Stay... read more
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Are we done with layoffs for the week?

I managed to survive this round of Juniper layoffs, if it's truly done. Do we know if yesterday was it, or if they will continue with more cuts today? Haven't heard anything yet this morning, so I am assuming if it's quiet in other time-zones, it... read more
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So, it's over for me...

It's over for me. The call was super short, maybe 10 min, 15 tops. The VP was terse and brisk, it was scripted, he did not want to be involved - it was easy to tell. The HR robots continued, super dry, scripted again, removed from any compassion or... read more
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Oh, Ken

Nothing to add: "We continue to be laser-focused on cost discipline. With today’s workforce realignment, we’re making sure we are doing that prudently. You can count on us to continue to focus on earnings. Revenue headwinds hit us harder than... read more
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Acquisition Timing

In many cases we were late or we a buying risky companies. Just look at the history of our acquisitions - most acquisitions have been a flop cause decisions to acquire have been based on how well the execs knew each other (on both side) - this... read more
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Juniper Networks Jobs - Posted in Last 7 Days

Here is the list of jobs we have posted over last 7 days - the list is from GD: USA =============================== Software Engineer Sr. Staff - Juniper Networks – California - 1 days ago - Assoc Major Sales Rep - Juniper Networks – California - 1... read more
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A glance from the HR POV

Here is the list of our problems - no switch will fix this: We've had multiple rounds of layoffs this year, 2018 will be even worse. Strategically, we do not have a product/service that will turn things around. Most of our HR leaders have left, more... read more
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STOP reposting in other threads!

We already seen it so please do us all a favor and stop reposting and hi-jacking threads! Lets have more useful information here.
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Juniper to be sold?

Maybe there is something behind the suspicion that Juniper's getting ready to sell themselves. They clearly cannot take the quarterly Wall St. pressure any more. Product line is more on power points than reality. Many seriously good people have... read more
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Westford / Inside Sales

I worked at juniper in Westford until today in inside Sales. There was 34 of us who got let go by 4 people from corporate and also from the headhunter branch of juniper called pro-unlimited (?). We all knew it was going to be a bad meeting because... read more
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JNPR 4.28% down AH on Q3 Earnings Call

Dropping. If they do not get their numbers in order in Q4, more heads will roll, till the scavengers are only left to turn the lights off.
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Inside sales are being obliterated

This includes the management - this is puzzling as they are a major revenue driver. Husband works there, got the axe this morning. Oh, Juniper... We'll move on, but seriously, who is really thinking through this - it's a major business function that... read more
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October 24 layoffs at Juniper

Now that somebody posted that layoffs have started on other continents, I guess we can be sure we are next. Frankly, I am so stressed out right now that I feel like calling in sick, but I know it will not achieve anything. Please let us know what is... read more
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Oct’24 layoffs have started

Heard that notifications have already begun for APAC folks. Overall cuts were supposed to be in the 5-8% range, but now due to the Q3 fiasco numbers are north of 10% globally.
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Declines in QFX sales will lead to layoffs

Amazon is using their own switch instead of the QFX. Juniper Networks Could Be Canary in Cloud Sales Coal Mine /
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Juniper hints at layoffs on earnings call

"In an attempt to improve profitability and earnings per share, management mentioned that the company aims to improve its cost structure in the coming quarters." Switching, Services Help Juniper Deliver Positive Results... read more
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Juniper layoff announcement coming on October 24

Starting Tuesday October 24th, layoffs will be announced during individual meetings with management/HR, followed by the traditional feelgood team/department meetings, and email from Rami, for survivors. There are reports novice managers have already... read more
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Layoff announcement coming on October 24

Starting Tuesday October 24th, layoffs will be announced during individual meetings with management/HR, followed by the traditional feelgood team/department meetings, and email from Rami, for survivors. There are reports novice managers have already... read more
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Has anyone else noticed (filter by date to get recent posts) the unfavorable reviews being deleted? What's up with that? Particularly the ones addressing inappropriateness by execs.
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Be Human

In a recent post, someone referenced needing to cut to stay competitive, etc. While this may be true, look around. If you're fortunate to NOT be affected, please be human, kind and reach out to those who are. Help those impacted by giving LinkedIn... read more
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Did layoffs get confirmed?

I was just wondering if I missed something. I keep reading this board, and people are referring to the incoming layoffs as certain, and I was just wondering if I missed some kind of an announcement or confirmation? This is an honest question, do we... read more
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