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Ridiculous Hype over Stock

All time high was 77 post split in 2000..Now. 18 years later stock touches 50. Whats the hype for?
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Yet another blow

Apple plans to put custom processors inside at least three more Macs by the end of the year, according to Bloomberg. There are no details on what the chips will be used for, but the report says they’ll appear in updated laptops and a new desktop... read more
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Was laid off after 18 year at Intel

Left Intel thought it be easy to get a job. Early 50s, took nine month basicly used up the package money. Still have kids in college so have to work. I never realized how good intel was. Now I work 60 hours plus. Calls to Tiwan and banglore on their... read more
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2017 W-2 from Intel after getting laid off in 2016

Anyone else who was caught up in fiolettsk.rus of 2016 receive a W-2 for 2017? The W-2 showed earnings of ~$1600 with no withholdings, i.e. I would owe all the taxes on it. I tried to call Intel HR to ask about it, but I gave up after being on hold for... read more
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Please post layoff related information only

It is becoming so difficult to find relevant info on this forum. All the news and discussion about stock price, company performance belong somewhere else. Please post only news or info pertaining to layoffs. Administrator please delete irrelevant... read more
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We must be doing something right

When our stock price jumps nearly 10 percent and reaches its highest value in seventeen years despite the whole circus surrounding the security flaw, it means that we must be doing something right. I know people here love to hate on Intel, but can... read more
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Insider News Leak

Top HR personel leak upcoming major layoff to wallstreet. Wallstreet loves it when company cut cost. Intel share will hit record high. We are talking about 8%-15% layoff this round.
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Intel is lame. Let it go.

Let it go let it go can't hold back anymore let it go let it go turn away and slam the door.
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people clearly caring too much about a company.

Why care how it does? Just keep getting that paycheck. If you stay you stay and if you leave, nobody's stopping you. Being beyond caring is the only healthy and rational attitude to have at this point. Why so worked up, drama queens?
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BK humiliated as entire SC12 auditorium laughs at him

Yesterday in the "growth" event hosted by Murthy, BK opened with an explanation off his massive insider stock sale. As he explained that two events are unrelated the entire audience erupted in laughter. What made it worse is that Murthy who joined... read more
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All Intel managers are dirty scum

There is a simple test to check whether you are a human being with a sense of morals and ethics. If you were a manager during ACT and you are still a manager now, then you are the kind of person who would have helped the nazis run concentration... read more
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Just want to reach out

From the MCM and your leaders just want to say a big thank you for the financial performance 2017. We would especially like to thank all of you for the time you have spent devoting yourself to the Intel cause. This is a great sacrifice and time with... read more
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IT India Layoffs ?

Any news on IT India layoffs ? What does the terms and packages look like ? If someone knows the criteria, please do let us know
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Layoff in IT

Can anyone share severance and affected groups in IT? Is the slaughtering over or ongoing?
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Intel has already failed in 5G

All the hot air cannot keep this bubble afloat. Eventually Intel will adjust to the reality they are a second rate supplier with one customer.
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Just returned from India

Just returned from India second trip in two years. Despite what people say top 10% as good as any USA top 10%. The middle pretty much same as US basicly mediocre just like Oregon, SJSU can do the same/repeat work. Bottom 30% useless. Expect future... read more
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