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Will the Che role be eliminated?
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Is Humana pharmacy laying off?

With all fiolettsk.rus going on, has anyone heard of Humana mail order pharmacy of other parts of Humana pharmacy laying off?
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NEW companies

Does anyone have any info on other companies hiring that are work from Home? If people could share some places for those about to be cut would be helpful.
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LTIH HAH Future?

Hi. I’m very worried after hearing last week that LTIH4 will no longer exist after April 1, 2018. I’m an IHCM and that will drastically cut my caseload and visits. We were told that Humana is pulling all members being managed back from the network... read more
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January 18 Humana layoffs

January 18th many rn’s And most PHC will unfortunately be let go. I would start planning for future as some of these could be immediately terminated Heard the same thing about the date. I know people are saying that nobody really knows when exactly... read more
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The Truth

The exact date for the next layoff is unknown. I would venture to guess that no one outside of the top 50 in the company knows. However, you want the truth, here it is. Did you notice the last two weeks that your coach has been very busy? Many seemed... read more
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I wish it was done already

It's been nearly half of the month, and we still don't know when the next Humana layoffs are coming and who's getting laid off. All we know is that they are coming for sure, and from that Forbes article, now we know that it's going to be around 200... read more
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I am thankful (Inspiration)

Poor Sam's Club employees received no notice of their layoffs yesterday. Many showed up at worked to locked doors with a note on the door explaining the news. Some people received Fed ex packages yesterday with an explanation. I was laid off in the... read more
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Most Truthful Fake News You’ve Ever Read

This is going to be the longest post on this message board, prepare yourself, move on, or like some people just go straight to the comment area. There is a common theme on this message board: bickering. HCMSS, PHC, RN and CHE arguing with one... read more
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Live Healthy Ending

Can anyone confirm the end of Live Healthy? So this is the end of the road for PHC’s? Also, our team / coach is unsure if the “all phc meeting” is on or off next week. Has anyone heard either way? We are trying to figure out when this news will come.
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My opinion

All we know is that Humana was laying off an additional 250 in Jan 2018. No one knows what department or if HAH is even on the chopping block.Everyone needs to stop freaking out and just prepare for the future. We all know there is no rhyme or reason... read more
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Assuming vs confirming

Everyone is assuming there will be layoffs next week, there were the regular town hall meetings last year, scheduled, and no layoffs before them, it was the unscheduled updating townhall meetings that came after fiolettsk.rus that were done. This is... read more
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Does Humana have a no retaliation policy for reporting things? Can an assocuate legitimately file a grievance against their leader without facing terminatiin because of it?
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Truly baffled

I actually really like Humana. The extra perks and benefits offered with company are unmatched. I have never seen a company put so much action into actually caring about the wellbeing of its employees. Which is why I am stunned by how they have... read more
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FCM future?

Any news about FCM roles? So many changes and we lost a bunch of people in the last round of layoffs.
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How many are quitting at the end of the month after our raise check is in the bank? I have heard of several. I have a feeling it will be a mass exodus at the end of the month or beginning of February.
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Good luck everyone

Working at Humana is like being in a bad marriage. You just have to know when to walk away. Good luck to everyone.
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HAH HCM-RN moves into the home

What would stop Humana from moving all HCM’s into the home? I have a feeling that is where HAH 2.0 is going. Once most members move to LTIH they are not placed back on their HCM’s after goals are met. The FCM manages them telephonically. I’m just... read more
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One Bad Coach after another

I have had 5 coaches in a short period of time everytiime one gets layoff I get worse one .Where those Humana find these people. They don't know how to manage people .
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LTIH is done?

LTIH is folding...true? Will they keep RN FCMs for another program?
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How can we be confident now

How is anybody supposed to find what little confidence they have left in their job position after now being told that we have to move members up in care from a certain number when that's half my roster?
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Everyone is always asking what’s left for certain positions so...What remains as of right now... PHC-362 PHC coach- 29 CHE- 42 CHE coach- 2 HCM SS- 196 HCM SS coach- 14 HCM RN- 1,639 HCM RN coach- 92
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You got packaged, lots of us got fired!

I worked for Humana for just under 9 years! In 2016 they started firing their senior call center Insurance Agents without cause. Now here we are 2018 they are packaging them all out. Must be nice. Shady company. It was just plain wrong!!!
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How hard is it to get a job?

Any chance people who were laid off in one of the previous rounds still check this site? I'm wondering how hard it was for you to find a new job? I'm pretty sure my days here are numbered, and it's been a while since I had to interview, so I have no... read more
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Part time job?

If you get laid off and have a part time job outside of Humana, are you still eligible to receive the severance package?
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