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What happened to behavioral health?

I’m a PHC and received a bunch of reassigned members with severe behavioral health issues. Did I miss a communication? Is behavioral health gone? To the perpetually angry posters - if there was a communication I missed, please don’t flip out, I had... read more
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Did everyone get the bonus?

If you didn’t, does that mean you may be in line for the next layoffs?
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Ltih monitored

So now LTIh will be moving to monitored. Guess we know where those additional cuts in January are going to be now.
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Bonus Pay Penalty?

Does anyone know if there is any 'penalty' for receiving the bonus pay and then giving a two-week notice? I don't plan on staying with Humana much longer (just long enough to get the bonus), but want to make sure that I won't be stuck owing them... read more
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MarketPoint Commission Pay Cut? Anyone?

I was wondering if this was only us in the midwest or was it all the states. Our (MarketPoint sales) commission was cut from $185 per supported MAPD to $125, plan to plans were cut from $100 down to $25-$50 depending on market.
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Thank You

I just want to say thank you Humana for the one-time lump Doewas not sure what to expect. The amount I received Exceeded my expectations and it is greatly needed. EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!
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MarketPoint Sales Rep

Are MarketPoint reps safe for layoffs? Anyone, anything?
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Any good news?

Has anyone who was laid off in this final round found a new job yet? Internal or external?
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Special Consideration Pay for HCM RNs

Were a lot of HCM RNs laid off on Nov. 7th and then told they weren't needed after Nov 22, but still being paid for 60 days? That is interesting because my coach announced to us last week that they are offering us special consideration pay from now... read more
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December 6 meeting (HCM-RN)

Do we know what this is about? Business as usual or layoffs related? Any info would be appreciated.
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What's the latest on layoffs?

I'm noticing less chatter about possible layoff dates. Does that mean we at least safe for the holidays?
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Layoff Criteria

As far as criteria for the lay off, as other posters have commented, we will never know how we are chosen. For me, I do not use my health insurance, I do not take prescription drugs, so I don't cost them extra for this. I do maximize my 401K for the... read more
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A CVS-Aetna deal could force Wal-Mart to buy Humana, analyst says

A CVS-Aetna deal could force Wal-Mart to buy Humana, analyst says Wal-Mart could consider a deal for Humana, according to Leerink Partners senior health care analyst Ana Gupte. Buying Humana would cost more than $46 billion, she suggested. CVS is... read more
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The value-based care model

Einstein Healthcare Network and Humana Team Up to Offer a Better Patient Experience in Southeastern Pennsylvania for Humana Medicare Advantage Members Announcing new value-based care agreement. Business Wire article. Nov. 30th
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BBs presentation on 11/13 on hi page

Says specifically they are looking to buy a home health agency and to optimize HAH, and that is what Fle—ing was hired to do...
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Associates fed up and leaving

Was reteamed again. She doesn’t seem thrilled to have reteamed members. I’m done. Never worked in such a negative environment prior to Humana. Just trying to make it to January to see if I make next layoff list and if the January... read more
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From an article in Barron’s today

From Wal-Mart to Walgreens, Humana Could Have Its Pick of Suitors ByTeresa Rivas Nov. 27, 2017 11:37 a.m. ET Shares of Humana (HUM) are up more than 18% this year, but could go higher still if the company gets an attractive takeover offer. From... read more
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Humana hired someone to direct strategic planning for HAH

So much for all you doomsdayers who swore the program was being closed the first quarter of 2018. Seems my info was spot on about it continuing, just on a smaller scale.
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I know that not all are bad. I know that several try really hard and are Just as frustrated as we are. But seriously, why does it seem like so many are so bad? My coach hasn't worked more than 5 full days in the last 2 months. And no, I am no... read more
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Anybody survive PIP?

I was wondering if anybody here who was placed on PIP managed to survive? I've just been put on PIP (for bogus reasons) and from what I have read on this board, this means I'm as good as fired already. Has ANYBODY actually managed to go through PIP... read more
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Article that just came out

Humana updates policy on executive payouts after sale, merger of company Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:11 PM CST Updated: Nov 22, 2017 4:43 PM CST By Chris OttsCONNECT LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville-based Humana Inc. has updated its “change in... read more
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Latest news on layoffs?

I've been going through the board, but I can't find any significant info on the next round of Humana layoffs. Does that mean we can relax because nothing is coming, or am I just missing something? I remember somebody mention January at one point, but... read more
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This is not a bonus!

I really wish people would quit saying it's a "bonus." it's not a freaking bonus! IF (AND THAT'S A BIG IF), you get that pay out it's in place of your yearly pay rate increase. You're not getting a bonus, you're getting screwed. Because your base... read more
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Don't be discouraged if you are not hired yet

I spoke with a job recruiter, not the one Humana offered, but one I sought out on my own, and he told me even though there are many jobs posted in my area that organizations most likely will NOT hire new staff before the first of the year due to... read more
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Must SEE!

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Anyone heard about an increase in pips? Firings? Heard that humana didn’t layoff as many as they were supposed to so now they have turned to this route in order to get people out?
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Future of HAH????

Is HAH no longer available for next year? Are we all just going to be laid off in the end? Any info would be appreciated. This waiting game is killing me.
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I would love if we could actually see some proof of internal hire here. Could everyone who was hired internally after lay off please indicate so? Don’t need to know role - it isn’t about that - I just want to see how much of this help is real versus... read more
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HCM RNs, who gets your roster after 11-22?

I wonder what the plan is for those leaving and those left behind for roster management. We are already are getting RIT/Transitional mbrs back to call. Recycled NMAN mbrs as well. Anyone know the master plan- obviously not looking good for those... read more
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Reposting something...thank you, op, for this view of it.

There is no hiring block, in fact the company is incented to retain us. They have a team dedicated to helping those who want to stay to find other positions. This helps associates and also saves them from paying severance. As stated, the decisions... read more
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Jan 2018 layoffs

Article states additional 250 in January but doesn’t state which department /
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2018 severance??

I have read several posts on these threads where people imply if you are laid off after January 2018, you would get no severance. why are these comments being said? I doubt that Humana would change their severance package after so many layoffs this... read more
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Early release

I was in the group from another dept laid off as of 1/5 are we also getting a notice of an early release next week?
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